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Let the Sun Shine In (Before I Bite Someone’s Head Off)!

Hi! I’m happy! How are you? Ha…I know. That kind of intro to a post just makes me sound crazy. Pretty soon I’ll be handing out flowers at the airport in a melon colored sari. And right now? That doesn’t sound half bad because the clouds have parted and the SUN IS SHINING! For a […]

Enough Already With the Breastfeeding Outrage

After reading YET another article about people getting all up in arms over public breastfeeding, I feel the need to tell all you freaks and weirdos who think the act of nourishing a child is somehow sexual or exhibitionistic to GET OVER IT. Do you get all offended when you see a cat nursing kittens […]

What New Moms REALLY Want

Porn for New Moms is, from what I can tell, a book of photos of men doing what new moms most want them to do, which is to get off their asses and help (no offense, fellas) So yeah, it’s pix of hot guys holding babies, changing diapers and stuff like that and it’s fricken […]

Did Motherhood Steal Your Mojo?

There are lots of ways to spice up your sex life but I’m pretty sure that the video below is not the tool upon which you should be basing your strategy…unless you find that laughter is an aphrodisiac—in which case, grab the object of your affection and watch it together. Hell, you may even learn […]

Not to be a Sexist Jerk…

But have you read about the “Women’s Town” Chinese tourist attraction? It’s a town where women rule and men get in trouble for disobedience. No, seriously. The new motto of the town will be “women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse women’s requests.” Hmmm. I wonder if they’ll ever franchise and open one […]

Okay, Where are the Cameras?

I went to the 24 hour CVS tonight to pick up a few things, including some cough syrup and a decongestant because I have yet another kindergarten cold. As I exited the cold medicine aisle, marveling over how one human body can manufacture so much snot, I spotted Jennifer Weiner’s new book and stopped to […]

Giving Birth Wasn’t Enough?

Here at IzzyMom, there’s not much I won’t write about. Within reason, anything is fair game. That said, I’d like to discuss something that is causing me some serious distress lately. I know “crotch couture” has already been touched upon over at Motherhood Uncensored recently but seriously, what IS the deal with body hair after […]

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