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The Return of Aunt Flo

“Aunt Flo” Ugh…I’ve always hated that expression that signified the arrival of of one’s period. Why can’t women just say “I got my PERIOD”? Today I got mine for the first time in 16 months. I knew it would return eventually but I was rather enjoying NOT having the bloating and the zits and the moodiness and everything else that […]

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Your Tummy is STILL Fat

My stepmom recently left a copy of US magazine at my house. I usually reserve my celebrity catch-up reading for the doctor’s office, but having recently given birth, I was very compelled to read about how celeb moms are under such pressure to lose their baby weight and of course, all about their personal dramas of postpartum weight loss. Hah! […]

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I Adore This Child

*An Exchange This Morning* 5 yr old: Mommy, can I have some more milk? Me: Can you wait a sec? I have to go to the bathroom. 5 yr old: You’re going pee again? Me: No. I’m going poop this time. Is that okay with you? 5 yr old: (ponders about this for at least 10 seconds) Okay. But hurry […]

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My daughter just lost her first tooth on 12/3. At the risk of sounding completely cliché, when did she grow up? How did it happen so fast? It really seems like yesterday that she was a newborn. It makes me sad to think about how fast the time passes. I always question if I’ve paid enough attention to every moment, […]

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