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For My Baby Boy

I actually gathered all the photos to make this video of my son about two years ago. I tried unsuccessfully to make it in iMovie but frustrated and supremely annoyed, I quit and for two years the pictures sat in a folder on my desktop. I wanted to make this little movie because somewhere, deep […]

It CAN Happen to You

After reading an article in the Washington Post questioning whether accidentally leaving a child in a car (resulting in the child’s death) is a crime, my heart ached and I felt kind of sick. I always do when I think about a baby or toddler strapped into their car seat either baking or freezing to […]


Son: Mommy, you my fwend. Me: Awww…you’re my friend, too, buddy Son: And TV my fwend. Me: *cringing on the inside* TV? Really? Son: Yes Me: Okay, but who do you like better—mommy or TV? Son: TV

Cooking Up Special Memories

When I was growing up, the first thing I really learned to cook that didn’t involve an aluminum tray was pancakes. I was thrilled to be able to make something I really liked and from that day forward, pancakes were my “specialty”. Mother’s Day? Why she’s getting pancakes, of course. Father’s Day? He’s getting pancakes, […]

I Want a Do-Over

There’s the moment you can tell someone is gonna hurl all over you and the moment they actually do. In between those two moments is that period where everything happens in superrrrr-slowwwww motionnnnn and you can do nothing but watch as your youngest projectile vomits all over you, your bed AND your favorite flat pillow […]

Little Enigma

About once or twice a year, I find myself writing about my how quickly my babies are growing up. I know it’s a well-worn path in the mommy blogosphere but I find myself there once again and I simply cannot suppress the urge to put my melancholy into words. My daughter is eight now. Eight. […]

You’re All Special, Wonderful, Winners

I recently threw a birthday party for my daughter. The shindig was held at a local park, because I’m cheap becoming a firm believer in the old-fashioned birthday party that doesn’t involve commercial characters, venues or entertainment or cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In other words? I’m no longer keeping up with the […]

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