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Little Cavemen

On many occasions both before my son was born and when he was a baby, I mused aloud about how twisted it is that we give children, frequently boys, toy guns and other toys weapons to PLAY with. And of course, other mothers have consistently assured me that even when you shield your little boys from violence and guns etc. […]

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Imperfect but Proud

I know I’m not a perfect mom. Far from it, in fact. I yell at my kids sometimes; sometimes more than sometimes. I let them eat cereal and yogurt for dinner the other night. I let them watch plenty o’ TV. I look forward to bedtime with a fervor that is shameful and some days, despite my desire to be […]

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If Only Life Were Like TiVo…

Today my little girl is going on an adventure. Without me. Not that we haven’t been apart before but I’ve never been the type to just drop her off at something (besides school and close friends & family’s houses) and leave her well-being to someone else. It’s not that I’m overprotective… Okay, it is. Sort of. But still. I just […]

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Secrets & Lies

As I stand on the precipice of yet another Mother’s Day, I struggle with what direction I want to take in writing this post. Do I write about my mom again and how I feel about Mother’s Day when she’s been gone for 27 years? I fear there’s not much new to say on that topic and I really hate […]

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On Being a Holiday Poseur…

This past Saturday night I realized two things. I hadn’t gotten any Easter basket stuff for the kids and I had not a single acceptable thing to wear to dinner on Easter Sunday with my in-laws. If jeans and t-shirts were a viable option or wearing black on Easter Sunday wasn’t generally frowned upon, I’d have been all set but […]

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The Public Library Never Disappoints
The Public Library Never Disappoints

I don’t know what it is but a trip to the public library never fails to produce some story or anecdote and our most recent visit was no exception. I had taken P, now 21 months old, to story time at our local branch library. At first he wasn’t really into it, much preferring to wander around and turn doorknobs, […]

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He Does All His Own Stunts

First there was the doggy door incident where I turned my back on P for a minute to throw some laundry in the machine. I turned around to find him still chattering away in the general proximity of the patio but on the other side of the screen. AS IN OUTSIDE! Yes officer, that is correct. The last time I […]

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Just What Your First Grader Needs… A Padded Bra

Get your barf bags ready, people. The braintrust that brought the world Bratz dollz are at it again… Bratz Twin Babyz Lingerie Dollz Phoebe “Sugar” is described as “sweet and mild” and dressed in a fluffy pink jacket with pink and black underwear, while Roxxi “Spice” is described at ‘wild and spicy” and has an open fake leather jacket and […]

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Dear P, You’re 14 months old this week and the changes are coming faster than I can keep up with them. All over the house are little notes to myself about the new things you’re doing and learning. Of course, now that I want to commit them to a monthly post, I can only find a few. First, I want […]

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Breaking Away

My firstborn started kindergarten last Thursday. It was, of course, a big day. I made her pose for a couple pictures before school, wearing her new uniform, and then I took a few more when I picked her up. I was the picture of parental dorkiness, I’m sure, but I didn’t cry or get choked up like some do. This […]

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Lucky 13

Dear P, You’re 13 months old today! We turned your carseat around this week and you seem quite pleased to now be looking at the same things as the rest of us. When I reach around and grab your feet or pat your leg, you grin and show me all seven of your widely spaced teeth. I miss your gummy […]

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The Story of P

I wrote this for posterity, in honor of my son’s birthday. I’ll warn you now that it’s long. I purposely didn’t whittle it down because I want to remember it as it really was, long or not. If you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy it. Tomorrow (Saturday) my baby boy will be one year old. I can’t […]

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