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Cooking Up Special Memories

When I was growing up, the first thing I really learned to cook that didn’t involve an aluminum tray was pancakes. I was thrilled to be able to make something I really liked and from that day forward, pancakes were my “specialty”. Mother’s Day? Why she’s getting pancakes, of course. Father’s Day? He’s getting pancakes, too! With my mother’s assistance, […]

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I Want a Do-Over

There’s the moment you can tell someone is gonna hurl all over you and the moment they actually do. In between those two moments is that period where everything happens in superrrrr-slowwwww motionnnnn and you can do nothing but watch as your youngest projectile vomits all over you, your bed AND your favorite flat pillow that’s taken years to get […]

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Little Enigma

About once or twice a year, I find myself writing about my how quickly my babies are growing up. I know it’s a well-worn path in the mommy blogosphere but I find myself there once again and I simply cannot suppress the urge to put my melancholy into words. My daughter is eight now. Eight. When I was a kid, […]

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You’re All Special, Wonderful, Winners

I recently threw a birthday party for my daughter. The shindig was held at a local park, because I’m cheap becoming a firm believer in the old-fashioned birthday party that doesn’t involve commercial characters, venues or entertainment or cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In other words? I’m no longer keeping up with the Joneses or even trying. No, […]

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Naked Statue Men

Yesterday we were watching Rick Steves’ Europe. As you’ve probably already deduced, it’s a travel show about Europe. And in Europe there are lots and lots of museums that Rick Steves likes to visit and of course, edumacate us on the works of art contained therein: 8 Year old daughter: What’s so great about a naked statue man with no […]

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Have You Met My Son?

My son, my baby, turned three in June. And like every parent has said at least once, where has the time gone? When I started this blog he was not quite six months old. I don’t write about my kids a whole lot, at least not in depth, for various reasons and because of that, you probably don’t know much […]

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Things I Learned This Weekend

Things I Learned This Weekend — this weekend being the weekend of my son’s 3rd birthday party… I should note that the poor little tyke had been screwed out a proper birthday celebration for the previous two years thanks to the all-important family reunion beach thing, put on by the huz’s clan, that we’ve attended for the past 15 years […]

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Where Mothers Fear to Tread

My son fell off a swingset yesterday. He fell not from the swing itself but from the crossbar that holds the frame together. Factoring in his own height, he fell about five feet and hit his head on the concrete so hard I could hear it. Just thinking about that moment makes my eyes burn. He had climbed up there […]

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My Parenting Book Deal Should Be Coming Any Day Now

I was woken up this morning with a tampon being waved in my face, unwrapped and thankfully, unused. I guess my son took a detour to the bathroom before coming to wake me up and demand “chocktick mook.” Can you decipher that? It’s chocolate milk. Yes, I’ve become one of those moms who gives their kid chocolate milk (Shut up! […]

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Note To Self No. 473

Dear Self, I know you are a very caring mom and when your son comes to you and speaks the words “boo boo”, you never hesitate to immediately give the afflicted area a kiss to make it all better. However, in the future? You should make darned sure he is saying “boo boo” when he presents an index finger to […]

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My Very Own Mini Me

We usually keep my daughter’s bedroom door closed and secured with one of those babyproofing thingamajigs that you have to pinch to turn the door knob because my son, cute as he may be, is a wrecking machine. And a very FAST one at that. He can destroy a clean room in about five minutes on a good day. Unfortunately, […]

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Notes to Self

Note to Self #1: The next time you think of trying on your pre-preggers jeans to see if you’ve made any progress (because while you have not lost ONE SINGLE POUND, they ARE getting looser) you might want to check the calendar and make sure it’s not the day before your period. It will save you vast amounts of frustration […]

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