A couple days ago I took my son, daughter and my daughter’s friend to the movies. We went to a theater in our historic district which bears an uncanny resemblance to Bourbon St in New Orleans. There are bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shops all up and down 7th Ave, the main drag. I think the only thing missing are the booby bars every 100 yards.

During the day it’s pretty tame with mostly tourists and business people walking around, so as I searched for a parking spot on 7th Ave, I didn’t even stop to consider that my ten year old can now read or that 7th Ave isn’t the most kid-friendly spot in town.

While we were stopped at a light, I heard her say to her friend “Look! Look! Look at that sign.” Me being the nosy parent that I am, I turned to see what she was looking at. I saw nothing unusual so I asked her what she was talking about. She pointed to the window of  popular gay club that was too far back for me to see.

“What? What does it say?”

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Yet Another Mom 2.0 Post (Brimming with insight, hyperbole, superlatives, link love and win!)

It’s that time again; the time known as after-the-blogging-conference; the time in which I spend what few quiet moments I have mentally composing a post that will effectively convey my experiences at said conference (all while trying, rather  unsuccessfully, to hit the ground running and get back into parenting mode).

For the last few conferences I’ve attended, however, I haven’t written that post. I just didn’t have that much to report, which is a polite way of saying my personal experience really wasn’t awesometastic enough to make the effort. Continue reading »

Goodbye Baby Shmoo

Dear Shmoo,

I’m writing this while you’re still with me. I just don’t think I’ll be able to find the words later and frankly, I need to pass the time until the vet gets here. Sitting on the floor crying, like I have much of the morning, just makes my head hurt. But at least you’re here sleeping in my lap and we can spend this last bit of time together.

Not sure how aware you are of things but Daddy came home for lunch today, I told him we had to let you go and we cried.

You were the kitty that won him over, despite a raging cat allergy, seventeen years ago. All the other animals are gone. You are the last of my first babies. Soon that part of my life will be over for good. Continue reading »

Anatomy of a Mom Blogging Career

I’m super late getting this post up for the Ultimate Blog Party ’11. It’s something I’d been meaning to do but procrastinated on because I wasn’t sure what to put in this post.

Why would someone who has been blogging for almost six years have trouble with this task, you might ask—as an experienced blogger, I should have, always at the ready, a bio comprised of some key facts about myself and my blogging accomplishments, peppered with humor and garnished with just a dash of self-deprecation.

But here’s the thing…after blogging for this long, I realize I’m not cut out for constant self-promotion; I’m just not very good at it. And the old-timer in me is maybe a little bit snobby—I was a part of the first big wave of mommy bloggers. I’ve rubbed elbows with all the biggest names in that arena and some I even consider friends. And I, myself, was a fairly popular mommy blogger at one time. I had daily pageviews in the thousands, won awards, received accolades in major media outlets, been published in magazines, as well as a book and been treated like blogging royalty by big companies. Continue reading »

Thanks a Lot, Folks

Back when I was just out of high school, I had this really crappy job working at a dry cleaners. I went to my  college  classes in the mornings and in the afternoon, I went to work in what could only be termed as a kind of hell because seriously, in Florida, someplace that generates that much heat AND doesn’t have any air conditioning? Is hell.

But it was pretty easy and by the time I got there, the owner was gone for the day so it was just me and another girl my age. The  lack of supervision is what really appealed to me. I heartily disliked being micromanaged and having authority figures breathing down my neck all day and so I put up with the perpetual discomfort in exchange for a wee bit of freedom at work. Continue reading »

I’m Sorry We Made Fun of You, Gerabaldine

When I was a little kid, my friend had this kind of ugly, knock-off Barbie that was almost completely bald save for a few follicles of millimeter-long brown hair. I don’t know why she was bald but we named her Gerabaldine. And we laughed and laughed. What a hoot, right?!

I had actually planned on blogging about something only marginally related to my hair situation and not at all about my hair itself. But… I figure I’ll see some of you sooner or later and I won’t be able to hide it so…we may as well just go there and get it over with.

My hair is falling out. A lot. Continue reading »

Noise with Dirt on It

Yesterday, after school, I took my daughter to a new dentist…a grown-up dentist. Apparently our insurance thinks when kids turn 10, pediatric dentists are a specialty they shouldn’t have to pay for anymore.

This office was weird. It was so…mature feeling. And having just been at my son’s pediatric dentist last week, the differences were glaring—no toys in the waiting room. No kids shows playing on a TV. No balloons or goody boxes.

The waiting room was finely appointed in a way not suited for kids, the magazines were definitely of the non-kid-friendly variety (I’m looking at YOU, Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated Annual Boobies and Swimsuits Issue) and it was quiet. So very quiet. Continue reading »

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