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I Don’t Want to Use the C Word But…

When I have a problem, I do what any rational person would do… I ask the internet. So, I have a problem. And while there can be much fodder for joking when you say someone is “crazy”…this is not a joke. A friend of ours is losing it. “It” being his mind.

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Not Smarter Than a Kindergartener

After I picked the kids up from school, I made a stop at a charity thrift store to drop off some donations. Being that close to the doors of a thrift store, where all sorts of treasures lurk, I fought the urge to go inside but my fetish for Danish modern enamelware and the possibility that some might be in […]

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Anywhere But Here: The Autumn of My Discontent

So…this is the time of year that I always become unsettled and want to make a major change RIGHT NOW. If my calculations are correct, it’s also the time of year I get pregnant—Note to self: DO NOT get knocked up. Anyway, it’s the fall, my favorite season, that does this to me every year. It’s a tiny bit less […]

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I’m Just Not Ready for Any of This

Ugh…today is a hard day and it’s only 10:45am. It started last night with the huz and I talking about our ten year old daughter who is starting to ask questions about Santa Claus. Of course we want to be honest with her but 1) she asked when our five yr old was around, so we really couldn’t and 2) […]

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30 Days of Truth – Something I Have to Forgive Someone For

There are lots of things people have done to me that, while I no longer dwell on them, I can’t say I’ve “forgiven” them. Even so, I do believe forgiveness is a gift you give yourself; to release yourself from the burden of being angry or hating someone. I just don’t think it’s always so easy, particularly when someone doesn’t […]

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30 Days of Truth – Something I Love About Myself

Okay…this is really hard. Much harder, in fact, than picking something you hate about yourself. Do I pick something superficial like, say, my hair? Because I do like my hair a lot. Or do I pick something practical like my independence? Because I do like the fact that I’m very independent and self-sufficient and clever. You could take away everything […]

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30 Days of Truth – Something I Hate About Myself
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I know some people that couldn’t come up with ONE thing they hate about themselves. I, on the other hand, have a list as long as my arm. Oh, how I wish I could be one of those people. And I think that statement pretty much sums it all up. I hate that I’ve spent my whole life wishing I […]

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I Think I Need a Life Coach (or a Drill Sergeant)

It’s that time again…that time of the month (I call it DMS for During Menstrual Syndrome) when I get an all-consuming desire to organize my entire life, experience massive amounts of guilt over my parenting and become thoroughly convinced that nobody loves me or cares about me—all while feeling more tired than I ever thought humanly possible and being busier […]

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Dear Universe, You Totally Win
Dear Universe, You Totally Win

So…my son didn’t get into the same school my daughter goes to. When we got her in there four years ago, the rule was that if one sibling was admitted, younger siblings would be admitted, too. Unfortunately, that rule has changed (due to class size amendments) so now I have two kids at two different schools. My son will never […]

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Social Networking Shame
Social Networking Shame

Social networking… Every day is like a mini class reunion—so much fun and yet so much potential for shame. Yeah, it recently occurred to me that when I meet up with old friends on Facebook I’m kind of embarrassed about never having left the town in which I went to college. I might as well just put “Hi! I just […]

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Please to be Interventioning Me

First off, let me say that I’m not a fan of McDonald’s. Other than the Southwestern salad, I find their food largely unappetizing. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t eat a fry or two because okay…their fries are pretty tasty. But the burgers are weird and have little hard things in them and the nuggets, despite claims to be all […]

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The feeling. It’s subtle but it’s there…quietly threatening. The only way to describe it is to say that I’m starting to feel disconnected from everything around me…again. I hear you, I see you, I talk to you—but it’s like there’s glass between us; between me and the world. It’s like a…precursor to depression; not as bad as the real thing […]

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