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Streams of Consciousness

On my old blog, I would hate myself for doing a post like this; all meandering-ish, directionless—BUT ON THIS BLOG? I will do whatever dumb, ill-conceived thing I want! It’s a whole new game and I? Am a GAMECHANGER!

Am I the only one who is already sick of that stupid word?

Also sick of?  Social networking guru, webpreneur and mompreneur. These should be stricken from the LEXICON.

Wait, I like lexicon. It’s a cool word. (We shall not, however, discuss my abuse and occasional bastardization of the words “awesome”)

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t blogged a damn thing in over a week, it’s been a real humdinger (and I’m apparently an 87 yr old man). Naturally, this leads to guilt, which is SO absurd because really, who is making me feel guilty about not writing? The blog police? All my legions of fans? Heh. It’s actually rather  arrogant and self-important of me, don’t you think?

Tuesday was my husband’s 40th birthday. We were supposed to throw a big party this weekend but I’ll tell you a little secret… *stage whispers* I really don’t want to have a party. That means we would have to fix our “you have to flush it four times in a very special way” low-flow toilet which will cost a small fortune, so we just…haven’t. That’s  kind of a dealbreaker if you’re gonna have a ton of potentially drunk people at your house, right? I mean there’s no way a drunk person could flush the toilet four  times in a very special way…  And frankly, I don’t need to be judged on my toilet issues.

Also, I would have to clean extensively. I think I’ve already established in previous posts that I will do no such thing —especially since I’d have to clean it all AGAIN the next day. And? I never have fun at parties I’m hosting. NEVER.

I’m thinking since the Superbowl is this weekend, we’ll probably have a get-together out someplace that has a properly functioning toilet. Or two. This will probably happen after BlissDom which is next weekend. (Yes, despite the fact that I am neither blissful nor domestic, I’m going. Please find me and introduce yourself. I don’t bite but I might lick you if you smell really good. Whaaa? Is that a problem?)

So anyway, thinking that I would be expending tons of money and time on a party for the huz, I didn’t go ALL OUT for the huz’s birthday but it was nice… I made a kick-ass dinner (rare around here), baked an awesome triple chocolate cake and got him a few nifty things…one of which is this t-shirt. It’s so him.

I also got us him a French Press. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me how much BETTER coffee tastes when you make it in one those? Really, internet…I thought we were sympatico, that you would never keep such important things from me. You disappoint me *sigh*

* The awesomelicious Youtube vid I embedded was getting all glitchety so I had to take it down. Your loss ;)

This Resolution Sucks

One of my numerous New Years Resolutions:
To get more organized—not just with my stuff but in the management of my time (this should probably include not screwing around on the internet so much, yes?) and the running of my household (I know…so lame)

Current Resolution Status:
For three weeks I’ve been rolling this stuff around in my head, trying to make sense of just what it is I want to accomplish and also, more recently, to assess what I’ve accomplished thus far. Well, heh, that second part is gonna be a preeeeety short paragraph because right now, I have more excuses than progress to report. (See? See? Another psychological roadblock to actually getting stuff done…the old “I already know I suck at this, so no need to document” excuse. Gah. I really DO suck at this.)

Ohhh man. This is too hard. Maybe a nap and then we write? Yes? Pleeease?

No? *sigh*

Okay, I’ve been busying myself (because, you know, I have sooo much time to fill and not nearly enough tasks) with reading articles on the internet (THE SOURCE OF ALL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM) about getting organized, staying organized, and fighting clutter.

The problem? These articles are so…dry. So fact-filled. So utilitarian. So designed-to-actually-help. BLEH! There’s nothing sexy about decluttering in ANY of them. No earth-shatteringly easy secrets to organization that I could employ without even trying, either. And frankly? A distinct lack of of cute acronyms that I could actually remember in the heat of a clutter battle. Who writes this crap?

So yeah, I’ve been on this semi-passive quest for the holy grail of self-help materials; the quest for THE PLAN that will work best for me. That’s lazy person code for…the plan for which I have to merely breathe and be upright in order to execute effectively. As noted, I’m not having much luck—my life is still not organized, my time is still being squandered and frankly, all this domesticity is killing me.

I don’t know how all those Blissfully Domestic folks do it. The more I try to be pro-active and get caught up and be on the ball about stuff and just…DO…all the crap I was probably supposed to be doing anyway, the more made-of-suck I think this whole resolution idea is.

There has GOT to be a better way. But if anyone suggests a cleaning lady or a life coach, I might have to reach across the internet and pistol-whip you. And don’t think I can’t. We’re very high tech around here…

PS: Do men worry about this crap????

PPS: Please share your best get-your-life-and-stuff-under-control advice in the comments. Also feel free to share what DID NOT work for you.

Time for Change

Ever since I came home from attending a blogging conference where I partied like a rockstar with tons of amazing women and a great guy learned many valuable, useful and important things about blogging and got my photo taken with the always impressive Arianna Huffington, I have been feeling kind of…blah.

I’m not sure if it’s because this event that I looked forward to for months has come to pass or what but my blah-ness has manifested itself in a number of ways that are really bothering me. Chaos seems to reign supreme around here lately.

I’m turning into ADD-Mom, leaving a wake of unfinished stuff everywhere I go because I’m so easily distracted or tired from staying up so late. Things just aren’t getting done. My social commitments have been faced with reluctance. I have all sorts of personal appointments (that’s code for PAP smear, dental cleaning etc.) I need to make and go to but somehow, I just can’t find it within myself to care about any of it. I’ve come to the conclusion that this kind of thing feeds on itself and that I really need to do something.

So…today is the day. It’s just baby steps but I am going to do every item on my crap-I-HAVE-to-do list, I’m not going to get sucked into time-wasting activities online (much), I’m going to do my design work tonight but quit at a reasonable hour, I’m also going to give myself some down time (I can’t remember the last time I watched TV or read a book at night) and finally, I am going to bed early, which for me would be no later than 1:30am.

You might have noticed that I don’t even discuss cooking or cleaning. I can’t bear to. I loathe cooking dinner SO much lately that I get itchy just thinking about it. And cleaning? Hmmph. If I can just address the clutter created daily by my children, I would consider myself successful.

This is really more of a recipe for getting my life back on track. Staying up way too late (is 3am late?) and then having to nap every morning to make up for it, not having any down time and wasting a lot of time online (not including reading blogs, of course) are three things that need to change for good. I just realized that time management seems to be the common thread here.

Why doesn’t that surprise me?

So, friends and passersby, please tell me…do you have issues with time management? Do you find all your time getting sucked down the proverbial rabbit hole?

How do you deal with it?

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