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The Truth MAY Set Me Free. Or It Might Just Make People Hate My Guts.

Can you even imagine being 100% honest ALL THE TIME? It’s been reported that 93% of Americans surveyed admit to lying on a regular basis. And yes, I lie, too. I lie about why I’m late picking my kids up from school; or why I haven’t returned phone calls from someone I really don’t want to talk to; or what […]

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Always with the Guilt…

I’m not an anxious person by nature. I mean I do worry about things but I don’t SUFFER from anxiety naturally. It’s actually a side effect of my antidepressant which…I’m pretty sure I can’t live without. So. I just deal with the unfortunate side effect of random anxiety. It doesn’t come every day. In fact most days I don’t have […]

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What? I’ve been busy…

Hello old blog…it’s been a while. I know I’ve been neglectful and I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation, I haven’t forsaken you for no reason. I’ve just been busy. Doing what? Oh well, you know the other blog?  NO, I don’t love my other blogs more than you. Stop saying that. You’re my first blog and nothing could ever replace […]

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And You’re Not Invited

Do you remember the first time you found out YOU weren’t invited to a party but all your friends were? (And I’m not talking about that revival thing that was being sent around on Facebook by an old (and very saved) friend. I wouldn’t go to that anyway—you see, God and I have an understanding… He doesn’t nag or guilt […]

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Mean Girls Suck

Every summer my daughter goes to day camp. She absolutely loves it and looks forward to it all year long. This year, the camp has started having theme days which are kind of like spirit days at school. Recently, the theme was superheroes and princesses and N was pretty psyched about it. As princess and superhero day approached, however, I […]

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Oh Crap! Grandma’s Coming!

One might have thought, from the title, that this was one of those wacky, sitcom-esque “Oh no! My mom’s on her way. Hide the porn/bong/vice of your choice!” kind of posts. Heh. If only… The real story is that my stepmom will be here in TWO days. She just called me up out of the clear blue and told me […]

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To My Mall Ratty White Trash Mom

Last Sunday on Mother’s Day, I awoke around noon and was greeted with a fantastic breakfast (that means BACON), fresh coffee, gorgeous pink Gerber daisies (my favorite) and the sweetest little treasures from my children. Accompanying the gifts from my daughter was a card/drawing she made at school that touched my heart—but also made me scratch my head a bit […]

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Oversharing Again

I force my children to watch Mystery Diagnosis with me every day. Okay…I don’t FORCE them, as in tying them up and propping their eyelids open with toothpicks, but I turn it on and if they don’t want to watch it? Too bad because Mystery Diagnosis is the most awesomely awesome show on TV (aside from Gossip Girl and Trust […]

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Hatelists: Everyone Should Make One

Don’t you sometimes just want to write a list of all the things/people you hate, piss you off or just plain annoy you? I do. But then I’m all “Oh, but that’s so negative. I don’t want to be THAT person…all I HATE THIS and I HATE THAT!” And then I hate myself for being so wimpy and spineless because […]

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Just Call me the Floss Fairy

I’m curious…  Do ya’ll floss? I do—religiously—and I’m always equal parts horrified and fascinated at what comes out of my teeth AFTER brushing. Seriously…who knew you could cram THAT MUCH stuff in there? You may recall from my last post that I recently went out with my husband and an assortment of friends for his birthday. Can I just tell […]

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Streams of Consciousness

On my old blog, I would hate myself for doing a post like this; all meandering-ish, directionless—BUT ON THIS BLOG? I will do whatever dumb, ill-conceived thing I want! It’s a whole new game and I? Am a GAMECHANGER! Am I the only one who is already sick of that stupid word? Also sick of?  Social networking guru, webpreneur and […]

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This Resolution Sucks

One of my numerous New Years Resolutions: To get more organized—not just with my stuff but in the management of my time (this should probably include not screwing around on the internet so much, yes?) and the running of my household (I know…so lame) Current Resolution Status: For three weeks I’ve been rolling this stuff around in my head, trying […]

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