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Why I Quit the Blogging Game

Considering that the title of this post references the fact that I have, for the most part, quit blogging and all the associated bullshit, it probably won’t get a lot of eyeballs or comments but the best part of letting something go is that you don’t even care anymore—and I swear I don’t mean that in a bitter, sour grapes […]

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Should I Be Christmas Shopping or Doomsday Prepping?

Ugh. I don’t know what’s wrong got me so down but I have less than zero holiday spirit this season. Usually, I love Christmas and decorate the shit out of my house and bake cookies and do all that other Martha Stewart-y stuff  that I eschew the rest of the year. But this year, I just can’t muster the required […]

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Free-Range Parenting Fail or Accidents Happen?

My seven year old son has recently developed an interest in running which always makes me smile a little because this is not something I’d ever expect from him. Like his mom, he’s a very firm believer in never exerting himself too terribly much. Soooo…when he started asking to come along and run the track while my daughter and I […]

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Fact: Parenting is Hard and Life Sucks Sometimes

Part I The past few months have been so damned hard. There are days when I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I’m spread too thin. I’m emotionally exhausted. I feel like I have the world on my shoulders sometimes… Tonight, I got really angry with my daughter. I exploded. I yelled and screamed and said I hated my […]

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The Stories of Us

For a few years, I documented all sorts of things from my day to day life here…but the most important things I documented were about my children. Everything was new and exciting and there were so many firsts. Like a soda bottle that had been jostled a bit too much, I was always bubbling over with emotions and feelings that […]

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Noise with Dirt on It

Yesterday, after school, I took my daughter to a new dentist…a grown-up dentist. Apparently our insurance thinks when kids turn 10, pediatric dentists are a specialty they shouldn’t have to pay for anymore. This office was weird. It was so…mature feeling. And having just been at my son’s pediatric dentist last week, the differences were glaring—no toys in the waiting […]

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30 Days of Truth – Something I Hate About Myself
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I know some people that couldn’t come up with ONE thing they hate about themselves. I, on the other hand, have a list as long as my arm. Oh, how I wish I could be one of those people. And I think that statement pretty much sums it all up. I hate that I’ve spent my whole life wishing I […]

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I Think I Need a Life Coach (or a Drill Sergeant)

It’s that time again…that time of the month (I call it DMS for During Menstrual Syndrome) when I get an all-consuming desire to organize my entire life, experience massive amounts of guilt over my parenting and become thoroughly convinced that nobody loves me or cares about me—all while feeling more tired than I ever thought humanly possible and being busier […]

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Social Networking Shame
Social Networking Shame

Social networking… Every day is like a mini class reunion—so much fun and yet so much potential for shame. Yeah, it recently occurred to me that when I meet up with old friends on Facebook I’m kind of embarrassed about never having left the town in which I went to college. I might as well just put “Hi! I just […]

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Please to be Interventioning Me

First off, let me say that I’m not a fan of McDonald’s. Other than the Southwestern salad, I find their food largely unappetizing. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t eat a fry or two because okay…their fries are pretty tasty. But the burgers are weird and have little hard things in them and the nuggets, despite claims to be all […]

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Life, the Universe and Everything

I recently removed myself from a situation that was making me really unhappy. Actually, it was making me more than unhappy. I was stressed all the time; I felt distrustful of the people I was involved with and constantly felt enveloped in negativity. I had originally entered this situation at a friend’s request. It seemed like it would be fun […]

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Gawd Mom, That’s SO Dumb

When I was about eleven, a dog inadvertently came into my life. It was one of those things where a kid got a dog from God Knows Where and brought it home and their mom was all NO WAY! And then that kid had to find a home for the dog and asked another kid, who asked another kid (that […]

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