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30 Days of Truth – Something I Have to Forgive Someone For

There are lots of things people have done to me that, while I no longer dwell on them, I can’t say I’ve “forgiven” them. Even so, I do believe forgiveness is a gift you give yourself; to release yourself from the burden of being angry or hating someone. I just don’t think it’s always so easy, particularly when someone doesn’t […]

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A Delicate Dance

I know she wants to hear from me and I always promise that I won’t let so much time go between calls. But I do and I don’t know why, although I have my theories. I always tell her she can call me whenever she wants; that no time would be a bad time to hear from her. But she […]

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What About MY Rights?

I only found out I was adopted about five years ago and it was completely by accident that I came across the irrefutable evidence scrawled on the back of a photo of my dad and myself (as a baby) where I was referred to as his “adopted” daughter by someone whose handwriting I didn’t recognize. You could have knocked me […]

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I Has a Secret…

Despite my own history with adoption secrets, I still find this oddly amusing. But then again, who can resist a good LOL Cat?

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Secrets & Lies

As I stand on the precipice of yet another Mother’s Day, I struggle with what direction I want to take in writing this post. Do I write about my mom again and how I feel about Mother’s Day when she’s been gone for 27 years? I fear there’s not much new to say on that topic and I really hate […]

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