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The Internet Never Forgets

If you know me at all, you know I teeter on the fence between wanting to share and wanting to hide—under a big BIG black cloak of privacy. I do want to blog. I want to voice my opinions. I want to spill my guts. I want to pour my heart out. I just don’t want anyone I know in […]

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Every Day for a Month

Yeah, so this is kind of a cheaters’ way out of my first NABLOPOMO post but whatever. I’m doing it and you can look forward to all kinds of pablum here EVERY DAY for a month. If you have no idea what I’m talking about… NABLOPOMO is this thing where you commit to post every day for a month. It’s […]

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My BlogHer Pix!

Click any photo to view (Sorry Flickr peeps…I TRIED to put them all on there but I exceeded my monthly upload limit or some such crap. Picasa rules! Flickr drools!)

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Despite the Drama & Swagwhoring, BlogHer 09 Didn’t Suck

I actually considered writing this post on the flight home when everything was still fresh in my mind but then I thought better of it and took a nap. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE! Every time I come back from BlogHer I grapple with this post because I want to name every person I hugged, met, reunited with, saw eye-to-eye with, admired or […]

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The 3rd Annual People’s Party!

YOUR FAVORITE PARTY GIRLS STRIKE AGAIN! Just in case you haven’t heard..we’re havin’ another pre-BlogHer party and this? Is one party in which not a SINGLE nose will be pressed against the glass. No. Why? Because it’s the 3rd annual PEOPLE’S PARTY and YOU’RE ALL INVITED!  There WILL be free beverages of the adult variety (until we run out of […]

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On Tuesday April 7th, the world unexpectedly lost a precious little girl named Maddie Spohr, age 17 months. I wrote about Maddie’s passing a couple days ago and my heart continues to ache for Maddie’s parents, Heather and Mike Spohr. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through right now. In this dark and sad time, though, […]

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All I Can Tell You is That it Will Be Tons of Fun

The People’s Party, peoples party, blogher 09

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The Unsung Hero of Last Weekend

I was going to do the obligatory post-conference recap but really, other than to say I had got loads of lovely sleep, froze my ass off, ate way too much meat, had a lot of fun with my peeps from the “bad” table and beyond, met an awesomelicious new friend, enjoyed all the panels and got some cool stuff, what […]

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Streams of Consciousness

On my old blog, I would hate myself for doing a post like this; all meandering-ish, directionless—BUT ON THIS BLOG? I will do whatever dumb, ill-conceived thing I want! It’s a whole new game and I? Am a GAMECHANGER! Am I the only one who is already sick of that stupid word? Also sick of?  Social networking guru, webpreneur and […]

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Thoughts on a Tagline

Tagline. Notice I don’t have one. I mean it’s not like a requirement or anything but sometimes it can help illuminate a bit about the author. So…in keeping with the caffeine/coffee/I-stay-up-way-too-late thing that is the inspiration for this blog’s name, I started mentally toying with taglines. Best one yet: Always Up. Always Hot. lololololol I crack myself up. What? Think […]

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Say It Isn’t So

Last night, as I was searching in vain for a Twitter app for Facebook that actually works worth a crap (because NONE of them do) I came across someone gushing about Twitter and how it has rendered blogs all stone-agey and shit and how we don’t need them anymore because Twitter gives us, apparently, the ability to both express ourselves […]

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I Laughed, I Cried…

I spent HOURS on this post. Yes. Hours. So don’t be lame. Read the whole thing. I keep feeling like I should be writing something really deep. Or introspective. Or some brilliant analysis of the BlogHer experience. And I’d love to…someday. But what I wrote on this day is what I had to write. It’s what has been in my […]

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