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He Does All His Own Stunts

First there was the doggy door incident where I turned my back on P for a minute to throw some laundry in the machine. I turned around to find him still chattering away in the general proximity of the patio but on the other side of the screen. AS IN OUTSIDE! Yes officer, that is correct. The last time I […]

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Halloween Lovers Anonymous?

Do they have 12 step programs for people that love Halloween too much? I may need one… The cards we sent… At the pumpkin patch! Also at the pumpkin patch! Our pumpkin! Our haunted house (made from a kit) The candy corn costume made by yours truly! Unfrosted ghost cakes for TQ’s class! One of many new decorations purchased months […]

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Okay, Where are the Cameras?

I went to the 24 hour CVS tonight to pick up a few things, including some cough syrup and a decongestant because I have yet another kindergarten cold. As I exited the cold medicine aisle, marveling over how one human body can manufacture so much snot, I spotted Jennifer Weiner’s new book and stopped to take a gander. I was […]

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

In an effort to be an engaged and involved parent, as I have generally been throughout my daughter’s life, I attempted to attend my first PTA meeting today. It seems, however, that once again the gods were conspiring against me and I didn’t heed the warning signs: • Torrential rain – Yes, when it’s raining so hard you can barely […]

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How to Make My Head Explode

A conversation with the pediatrician’s nurse yesterday… Nurse: Here are his percentiles (handing me a sheet with my son’s height, weight, head size and corresponding percentiles for his 9 month check up) Me: Are these the percentiles based on a 9 month old? Because he’s over 10 months now. He was sick twice when he was 9 months so we’re […]

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Raging Momvanner Ponders Toilets & Coffee

Occasionally I get email from you guys and you want to know stuff about me. And if it’s not anything too weird or personal, I’ll usually oblige and answer back, but I’m pretty well convinced that everything you ever really needed to know about me can be found in the comments I leave around the blogosphere… My comments on road […]

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Giving Birth Wasn’t Enough?

Here at IzzyMom, there’s not much I won’t write about. Within reason, anything is fair game. That said, I’d like to discuss something that is causing me some serious distress lately. I know “crotch couture” has already been touched upon over at Motherhood Uncensored recently but seriously, what IS the deal with body hair after pregnancy? There was a time […]

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Did I Really Say I was Going to Blog This?

I’m a fan of consignment stores. I truly think they are great. Without them, what would we do with all the assloads of baby and kid junk that we’ve acquired that they so quickly outgrow or get tired of? Yes, I know I can give it to the Salvation Army and many times I do, but I’ll be damned if […]

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A Tale of Two Balls

When my husband and I bought our first house, I kept noticing this weird smell around the toilet in the master bathroom. It was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. Until one day when I realized the smell was that of sweaty balls. Yes. You read correctly. The toilet had one of those plasticky toilet seats and we had […]

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More fun than a poke in the eye…

Thursday 1:15 am In case you were wondering what I did all day today, in no particular order… – Read daughter 2,817 books. Okay, it was more like 7. – Briefly considered going to the grocery store. Decided hunger was more palateable – Found daughter slathering herself from head to toe in body glitter gel. Decided there were worse things, […]

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Your Tummy is STILL Fat

My stepmom recently left a copy of US magazine at my house. I usually reserve my celebrity catch-up reading for the doctor’s office, but having recently given birth, I was very compelled to read about how celeb moms are under such pressure to lose their baby weight and of course, all about their personal dramas of postpartum weight loss. Hah! […]

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Not now…Mommy has a broken neck

As I sit here, I can turn my head in only one direction; left (Fortunately, I can use my computer. There is a God.) It all started early this morning when the devil baby decided to melt down after a rather pleasant time. He’s sick so I guess he’s feeling really crappy and I should have seen it coming. At […]

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