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Sometimes You CAN Go Back and it’s TOTALLY AWESOME

So, I took my daughter with me to see Duran Duran a few nights ago. Though she’s eleven and had no idea who they are, she was still excited at the prospect of going to a concert for the first time.

We got dressed in hip, understated shades of black and gray while my husband and son were at Cub Scouts and headed across the bridge to Clearwater. While driving, I couldn’t help but think of how many other times, back in my youth, where I’d been with friends in a car on the way to a concert; blaring the music of the night, speeding, drinking and behaving like dogs let off a chain. We were very irresponsible *nods solemnly*

This, on the other hand, is soooo very tame, I thought, as we talked about school, cheerleading and the boy my daughter has a crush on. If there was ever any doubt before, I am most definitely a mom now.

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A Pathetically Bad but Totally Heartfelt Poem for Blogger Suebob’s Birthday

Sue, I have known you

for so long

If I were more musical

I’d write you a song

Instead you get this

Please don’t feel dissed

We don’t “talk” every day

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Dolphin Smooching and Other Cool Things

I’ve lived in Florida my entire life. I’m a native. I practically grew up in the Florida Keys, spending innumerable weekends down there at my grandparent’s house and later at my parent’s place. But even being that lucky…there is one thing I’ve never, ever done—swim with a dolphin.



Two weekends ago, I finally got to do both at Discovery Cove and let me tell you, it was both amazingtastical AND surreal. While holding onto her fins and having her pull me through the water, all I could think was I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM SWIMMING WITH A FREAKING DOLPHIN—A 25 YEAR OLD DOLPHIN!!!

Also? I got to kiss her!!!

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Someday I’ll Have My Little Dream Home

In the handful of charmless cookie-cutter Florida suburbs where I grew up, most of us lived in one story houses covered with stucco known as “ranch style” homes. We had largely useless attics and non-existent basements, screened back porches known as lanais or patios and pools instead of backyards. We had nonsensical neighborhood names like Whispering Oaks Hollow, Cedar Knoll Acres and Forest Hills…despite an obvious lack of forests, hills or even mature trees at the time. The Florida ‘burbs were nothing like the places I’d always imagined I’d someday call “home.”

Front porches with swings, shady tree-lined streets, sidewalks dotted with children at play, picket fences and picturesque landscapes, attics filled with timeworn treasures and family memories—these are the stuff of my homeowner dreams…

I also confess a strange fascination for country living—and I say strange because if you knew me, you’d know I am not a country girl in any way, shape or form.  In fact, if I had to give myself one of those stupid labels favored by some politicians, I’d say I was a big-city liberal…but my love for the city and my political leanings in no way squelch my secret longing for a lovely country home with a wraparound porch, a big, big yard, a barn, farm animals (a horse, a goat, a llama, some bunny rabbits and a few chickens) and of course, a big old country kitchen. Country Living magazine is like house porn to me.

Maybe someday I will have my little dream home. Until then, pictures will have to do…

I love this one

But this one is my favorite!!!

This one is so simple and cute

Front porch love!

Two of my most favorite things: Awesome house with fabulous front porch...and HALLOWEEN!

Why do I love front porches so much? I’m not really sure but this video called “Front Porch Memories” makes me really happy…

If Only I Drank Wine

I spotted this bottle while grocery shopping with my kids (See also: reason #347 to drink wine…preferably WHILE SHOPPING).

But alas, I can’t drink wine anymore. It makes my stomach burn and then I get all flushed and hot (like temperature hot…not LET’S DO IT!!! hot) and then I fall asleep.

But if I WAS going to drink it, I’d buy this one based solely on appearances because when it comes to wine, cool name + interesting label = SOLD!

I’m a marketing department’s wet dream…

My Favorite Store

A photo taken for me by my friend Kuba

A photo taken for me by Kuba

Scenes from a Mall

In previous odes to jeans on this blog, I’ve totally spouted off on the unattractiveness of the low-rise jean. I went on and on about how they make your butt look bad and that if you’re not a toothpick or a supermodel but rather an ordinary woman with some actual flesh on her hips, you’ve probably been sporting the dreaded muffin-top, too, possibly without even knowing it.


But after a recent trip to the mall, I’ve observed that the tides are turning and waistlines are rising. And rising. And rising.


And while these high-waisted Levis may not look so so bad on this model, I assure you they are still the devil’s handiwork for they will lead to…


…the return of the *ominous pause* MOM JEAN!


And could usher in jeans like these, lace insets notwithstanding.

Look. At. Them. They’re up to her (his?) RIBS!



And yes, celebs ARE doing it but it’s obvious their stylists have deep-seated contempt for them because why else would they let them out in public in these things?


My fear is that these high waisted, tapered leg jeans will open the door to…PLEATS *gasp*


And those…


…will lead to high waists and pleats and tapered legs and buffalo plaids and STIRRUPS!!!


I’m proud to say I never EVER owned a pair of stirrup pants.


But I did own lots of these. And I loved them. They’re good butt pants.

Heidi Klum’s Jordache, however, are NOT good because they’re skinny-leg jeans. Incidentally, she’s their new model in a campaign designed to make Jordache cool again. Um…didn’t anyone tell her that for years Jordache were sold exclusively at Walmart? I don’t envy her task.


But I’d wear those evil skinny-leg Jordache from Walmart before I’d ever let a Kenny Rogers song touch my butt.

Your eyes do not deceive you… That’s him, right there on the hip pocket.

You gotta know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em
Know when to give them to charity — and then run…


One of my concerns amidst these extremely high waistlines is that my beloved mid-rise jeans will go away for another 20 years.

Let me just tell you that I was wearing Levis 501’s 15 years ago because I could wear them down on my hips with a fitted shirt and a funky belt and avoid the whole stick o’ denim right up under my boobs look. But today’s jeans are so much better than 501’s and I’m just not ready to give them up.


This is me in my mid-rise jeans. Don’t I look hot?.

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