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Fifty Shades of Grey Discussed Via Text Message

ME: So I’m at the airport and I bought Fifty Shades of Grey


ME: What? I was bored and it’s a bestseller. How bad could it be?

FRIEND: It’s a creepy S&M book

ME: I know, I know. This is “viral buzz” working its evil magic on another unsuspecting reader

FRIEND: You’re gonna be all ‘Team Christian’

ME: Do I have a choice? Who else is there?

FRIEND: See? You’re already becoming submissive

ME: I didn’t even start reading it yet (thanks to the chatty stranger next to me)

FRIEND: Apparently Christian Grey’s powers of domination are just that strong

ME: shut your whore mouth! I’m the boss!

FRIEND: Oh yeah, you’re Tony Danza!

ME: I’m NOT Tony Danza. I’m Judith Light but with way better hair.

ME: So wait…why do people hate this book so much?

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Do You Know This Song?

My kids have had this toy keyboard for EVER and for as long as they’ve had it, I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember what this one song is.  Nobody else has any idea what it is either and then one day I had this brainstorm to record it with my phone and put it on the internet because the  internet knows all.

So without further ado, I give you “The Song Which May Never Be Identified” and I challenge you to name that tune!

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Is It Just Me?

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What the Real Mad Men Were Up To…

I love to watch retro commercials and look at old print ads because they consistently amaze (and sometimes amuse) me. See for yourself… Get the whole story »

I Can’t Believe I Wasn’t Invited

I found this wrinkled, ripped up envelope, with what appears to be a shopping list for a party, in my front yard. How it got there and who these people are, I have no idea.

But clearly my name is not on the list—which is probably for the best because there appear to be more girls than boys as it is. It’s never fun to be the one of the sad, lonely few NOT making out with a boy *sigh*

ICE…BURR! (Yes, Virginia, ice really IS cold)

Well, I hope nobody got alcohol poisoning via the beer bong… (See also: Things only a mom would say)

found shopping list

Wordless Wednesday: I Knew Those Dolls Were No Good!

I've always hated Bratz dolls but I spotted this poor topless Baby Bratz doll at a local thrift store and I actually felt a little sad for it.

Wordless Wednesday

I took this screenshot myself…

The BEST word verification EVER.

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