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Fifty Shades of Grey Discussed Via Text Message

ME: So I’m at the airport and I bought Fifty Shades of Grey FRIEND: No! ME: What? I was bored and it’s a bestseller. How bad could it be? FRIEND: It’s a creepy S&M book ME: I know, I know. This is “viral buzz” working its evil magic on another unsuspecting reader FRIEND: You’re gonna be all ‘Team Christian’ ME: […]

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Do You Know This Song?

My kids have had this toy keyboard for EVER and for as long as they’ve had it, I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember what this one song is.  Nobody else has any idea what it is either and then one day I had this brainstorm to record it with my phone and put it on the internet because […]

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Is It Just Me?

Now, I don’t know what this says about me that I see ANUS MILE instead of A NU SMILE but I can tell you this much—I don’t have an anus fixation. In fact, I seriously can’t stand when someone says they’re “anal” when they really mean anal retentive…

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What the Real Mad Men Were Up To…
That's What Wives Are For!

I love to watch retro commercials and look at old print ads because they consistently amaze (and sometimes amuse) me. See for yourself…

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I Can’t Believe I Wasn’t Invited
found shopping list

I found this wrinkled, ripped up envelope, with what appears to be a shopping list for a party, in my front yard. How it got there and who these people are, I have no idea. But clearly my name is not on the list—which is probably for the best because there appear to be more girls than boys as it […]

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Wordless Wednesday: I Knew Those Dolls Were No Good!

I’ve always hated Bratz dolls but I spotted this poor topless Baby Bratz doll at a local thrift store and I actually felt a little sad for it.

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I took this screenshot myself…

The BEST word verification EVER.

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Twisted Toys: Sixfinger!

In other appendage news…  Awkward Boners—they’re EVERYWHERE! (hat tip to Danny)

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Creepy Kiddie Accessories 2.0

A long time ago, I recall seeing wigs for babies and being all What? The Hell. But in all fairness, at least recognizes that their wigs fall into the patently ridiculous/OMFG category. But lo, there’s a new kid on the wig block and they’ve made it their mission to insure no bald-ish baby girls are ever mistaken for boys, […]

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Walt Disney is Turning in His Grave *whirrrr whirrrr*

(Actually, Walt is turning in his cryogenic chamber thing and you can bet when they finally thaw him out and bring him back to life, he’s gonna be pissed about this) Every now and then, I feel the need to acknowledge the things I don’t understand. At the top of the list is Disney Eggs. Yes, I said Disney EGGS. […]

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Creepiest. Babies. Ever.

Prepare yourself for the weirdest, freakiest babies you’ve ever seen. Note their expressionless faces, their soulless eyes. Note their uncanny ability to sing like old pros while still unable to speak intelligibly. This is the devil’s handiwork, I tell you. We’re still asking why—WHYYYYY did our eyes have to see this? Okay, okay, I confess. The freakishly talented Stepford Babies […]

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A Mindsticker? WTF?

Friends and passersby, I give you what is quite possibly the stupidest (and most sexist) ad EVER made. And the soundtrack? OMG. It’s bad. Seriously, you HAVE to watch this 1970’s TV commercial for Tab, if only to hear them say “be a mindsticker.” In fact, I should have saved this one for WTF Wednesday because I can’t even believe […]

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