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Some Unsolicited Advice For New Moms

Tonight I noticed someone did a Google image search that brought them to a photo of my son right after he was born which, by the way, really creeped me out. I clicked the link that led me to a post I wrote when my son turned one; a re-telling of his birth. As I read the post, I realized […]

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Should Child Rapists Be Spared?

Apparently the Louisiana Supreme Court thinks not because last week it upheld the death sentence of a man convicted of raping an eight year old girl. The specifics vary but capital punishment for child rape is legal in Georgia, Florida, Montana, Oklahoma, Louisiana and South Carolina. Texas also just passed a bill and it is expected the Governor will sign […]

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Not to be a Sexist Jerk…

But have you read about the “Women’s Town” Chinese tourist attraction? It’s a town where women rule and men get in trouble for disobedience. No, seriously. The new motto of the town will be “women never make mistakes, and men can never refuse women’s requests.” Hmmm. I wonder if they’ll ever franchise and open one up over here??? The article […]

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Our Kids Deserve Better

The topic at hand today is Bratz dolls. Well, no. It really isn’t Bratz dolls so much. It’s more about how our society has become so numb to the constant sexualization of girls that it’s hard for some to even recognize it anymore. And it’s about one small thing we can do to stem the proverbial tide. So what am […]

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I Want Something Better

(I’m going to try to keep this from getting too lengthy but if you’re a regular here, you probably know that’s near impossible for me so I’ll just apologize in advance for any long-windedness.) The topic at hand today is Bratz dolls. Well, no. It really isn’t Bratz dolls so much. It’s more about how our society has become so […]

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Remember My Ball Gag? Ann Coulter Needs to Borrow It.
Remember My Ball Gag? Ann Coulter Needs to Borrow It.

I’ve never cared for this woman. I find her to be incredibly obnoxious and once again, she totally justifies my opinion. She’s like the Howard Stern of the political world, saying anything to get a rise out of people and generate some press for herself. If you haven’t seen this video of her calling presidential hopeful John Edwards a faggot, […]

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An Open Letter to Parents Shopping with their Kids

Dear Moms & Dads Out Shopping with Your Kids, I know that sometimes it seems like a good idea to have your three and four year olds out shopping with you after 10pm at night because… Well, I don’t KNOW why this would seem like a good idea to you but judging by the sheer number of families doing it […]

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Damn that Dirty Dancing!

Apparently St. Paul schools are cracking down on dirty dancing (aka freak dancing) at school dances. I’m curious to know what you all think about this. Now don’t get me wrong. I think freak dancing and all it entails is pretty gross and tasteless and I would probably have a friggin’ cow if my daughter was doing it and I […]

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Just What Your First Grader Needs… A Padded Bra

Get your barf bags ready, people. The braintrust that brought the world Bratz dollz are at it again… Bratz Twin Babyz Lingerie Dollz Phoebe “Sugar” is described as “sweet and mild” and dressed in a fluffy pink jacket with pink and black underwear, while Roxxi “Spice” is described at ‘wild and spicy” and has an open fake leather jacket and […]

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Let My Kid be a Kid, Dammit!

While I’m pretty easygoing about a lot of things, anyone who has read my blog for a while knows I have a few, uh, issues that consistently raise my hackles. One of them is how the world has no regard for the fact that I am raising a CHILD. A child that I want to REMAIN a child for a […]

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s BlunderMom!

We all know the media exaggerates stuff, especially when it comes to celebrities, but there probably IS a kernel of truth to everything that’s been said about Britney Spears and her less-than-stellar parenting skills. Hell….there’s probably an entire cornfield of truth to all of it. I have to admit, however, after the week I’ve had, that I actually feel a […]

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Dude…that’s rude

My daughter has beautiful eyes. My hub has blue eyes and I have brown and hers are this gorgeous hazel-ish color. I totally covet them. Being adopted, I’ve never looked like anyone in my family. And even though I didn’t KNOW I was adopted for like, my whole life, I was keenly aware that I shared no resemblance to anyone […]

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