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Social Responsibility

Awhile back I wrote about a movement of sorts to get Bratz doll books out of school-sanctioned book fairs and it was a post that really seemed to resonate, for better or worse, with a LOT of people. Rather than rehash the whole issue, you can read about it here if you’re not already familiar with it. One of the […]

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You Shouldn’t Taunt Crazy People

Oh. Mygod. I have to blog about this demented, idiotic woman that I encountered today, if only to be vindicated by the very smart and attractive people of the internet. I’ll try to keep it brief (although it bears repeating that brevity has never been my strong suit.) Okay, so I’m driving down a neighborhood street and on the opposite […]

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The End is Nigh

We can now exhale as the end of the Bush Inc. is FINALLY upon us. For a recap of the past eight years in eight minutes, go to Red Stapler and watch the video. If your head doesn’t explode halfway through, I’ll be surprised because mine certainly did. How I’m able to type this with no head is one of […]

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I remember hearing awhile back that Disney’s squeaky clean teen queen Miley Cyrus had declared herself a virgin and intended to remain one until marriage. I think it was when she was seeing one of the less fortunate Jonas Brothers. But then I saw a picture of Miley’s current boyfriend, 20 yr old model Justin Gaston, and I had to […]

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We’re Not Haters. Really.

We’re really not God haters or anything but I do have some issues with organized religion. To clarify, I’m not an atheist but I feel the institutions that commonly interpret and dispense the big guy’s “word” are so flawed that I just cannot, in good conscience, sit in a church and pretend like I’m down with it. That said, I […]

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You’re All Special, Wonderful, Winners

I recently threw a birthday party for my daughter. The shindig was held at a local park, because I’m cheap becoming a firm believer in the old-fashioned birthday party that doesn’t involve commercial characters, venues or entertainment or cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In other words? I’m no longer keeping up with the Joneses or even trying. No, […]

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Have We Learned Nothing from Britney?

Um yeah, it’s me…weighing in on the already somewhat yawnworthy topic of Miley Cyrus’ photos in Vanity Fair because the world really NEEDS one more opinion on the matter. Simply put, I think the photos were inappropriate for a fifteen year old girl. Really, the one with her dad kind of made my skin crawl. They really looked more like […]

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Scenes from a Mall

In previous odes to jeans on this blog, I’ve totally spouted off on the unattractiveness of the low-rise jean. I went on and on about how they make your butt look bad and that if you’re not a toothpick or a supermodel but rather an ordinary woman with some actual flesh on her hips, you’ve probably been sporting the dreaded […]

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The Free Ride is Over, Mama

In a recent discussion with my mother-in-law, I lamented over the fact that her late husband told us he’d set up a pre-paid college plan for my daughter but as it happens, he didn’t. It’s put us way behind in saving for college. And yes, I’m kind of irritated. Now as in-laws go, I could have done worse and for […]

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It’s For Your Own Good?

In New Jersey, children who attend preschool or daycare will soon be required to have annual flu vaccinations (most of which DO contain mercury), despite protests from many parents who don’t think the government should be able to tell them what substances, toxic or otherwise, they must inject into their children. Of course, I find this reprehensible because while it […]

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What About MY Rights?

I only found out I was adopted about five years ago and it was completely by accident that I came across the irrefutable evidence scrawled on the back of a photo of my dad and myself (as a baby) where I was referred to as his “adopted” daughter by someone whose handwriting I didn’t recognize. You could have knocked me […]

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Instant Karma

Do you believe in karma? I do. But until tonight I’m not sure I would have said I believe in INSTANT karma. See, I have this neighbor with a pool and this morning as I was sitting out on the back porch enjoying some coffee and reading a magazine while I had the whole, peaceful house to myself, I started […]

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