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Katy Does Sesame: Yet Another Opinion
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So, as you’ve probably heard by now…Katy Perry taped a segment for Sesame Street, people complained and they scrapped it—all over the internet, people sounded off on the story. I watched the clip on while reading a post called “Katy Perry Cut From Sesame Street For Turning Moms On.” In said clip, Perry is wearing a strapless dress and […]

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The BP Oil Spill is Your Problem, Too

You know what happens when news coverage of a shocking topic is on 24-7 for months? People become numb to it. They get tired of hearing about it. They feel powerless. Any outrage they may have felt is replaced by resignation. I know this because it’s how I feel about the “war on terror.” But that’s been going on for […]

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Snippy Thoughts: Baby Edition

In chronological order… Baby Bump – For the EFFINGLOVEOFGOD, it’s not a BUMP. It’s a baby and a belly and just…JUST STOP SAYING IT. Because it bothers me. A lot. Push Presents – Um, newsflash—the BABY is the reward! But on the off chance that your new baby isn’t enough of a bonus for you, the long-term reward comes in […]

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Besties or Groupsies?

Should Adults Be Tinkering with Kids’ Friendships? I just read an interesting post today on Blogher about kids and best friends. In a nutshell, some don’t think it’s healthy for kids to have strong friendships with one person or, I suppose, a limited number of people and that adults (teachers, camp counselors etc) should intervene (by separating them) and encourage […]

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The Truth MAY Set Me Free. Or It Might Just Make People Hate My Guts.

Can you even imagine being 100% honest ALL THE TIME? It’s been reported that 93% of Americans surveyed admit to lying on a regular basis. And yes, I lie, too. I lie about why I’m late picking my kids up from school; or why I haven’t returned phone calls from someone I really don’t want to talk to; or what […]

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Really, Like, Deep Thoughts on Marriage…

I recently wrote this post over at Aiming Low today about the things men do that will cause them to NOT get sex and while I was writing it, it got me thinking about marriage. I got married in my mid-twenties. We were madly in love and you was all going to be sunshine and rainbows and good times. […]

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Dear Craigslist People

Dear Craigslist People, I know you turn to Craigslist to find a bargain (unless you’re one of those jackasses that posts nekkid pix of yourself from your Grandma’s bathroom…the crocheted poodle toilet paper cover is a dead giveaway, just in case you were wondering how I knew you were at your Grandma’s house perving it up in her bathroom. Also, […]

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What Kind of an Idiot Thinks This is Okay?

Ahhh…it’s that time of year again. Time for witches and ghosts and goblins and of course, the trashy, slutty costumes for little girls that make my blood boil. But…I’ve railed about those plenty in the past. Everyone who gets mail probably already knows of a certain national party store chain that carries an assortment of inappropriate costumes for elementary aged […]

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Me vs. The Giant Corporation

I have two kids and in the three years that we’ve had On-Demand movies with our Verizon fiber optic cable, it’s made me incredibly lazy in that I have no need to drive to Blockbuster and rent movies anymore. I just flip to the On-Demand menu and find whatever it is we want to watch. This is great when it’s […]

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Thanks for Nothing, Big Corporate Robber Barons

Okay, I finally got up the nerve to make the appointment for Asscam 09 (tomorrow & I’m terrified) only to find out that since it’s a diagnostic asscam instead of a screening asscam, it’s going to cost me a $300 copay because, inexplicably, it’s considered an outpatient SURGERY. Seriously? The woman from the insurance company says it’s because they invade […]

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Despite the Drama & Swagwhoring, BlogHer 09 Didn’t Suck

I actually considered writing this post on the flight home when everything was still fresh in my mind but then I thought better of it and took a nap. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE! Every time I come back from BlogHer I grapple with this post because I want to name every person I hugged, met, reunited with, saw eye-to-eye with, admired or […]

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WTF? A Visual Essay

For your WTFing pleasure, I give you… Yeah, it was more visual than essay. That’s because I’m busy fretting about my inability to find non-ugly, non-hurty shoes for the conference that cannot be named because it pisses people off. Also freaking out about the anomaly that used to be my face (I’m breaking out like a 14 year old boy…again).

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