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A Pathetically Bad but Totally Heartfelt Poem for Blogger Suebob’s Birthday

Sue, I have known you

for so long

If I were more musical

I’d write you a song

Instead you get this

Please don’t feel dissed

We don’t “talk” every day

like we used to Get the whole story »

Everthing is Amazing, Nobody is Happy

This is a great video. This guy is funny and so spot-on about how ridiculously spoiled we all are…

Bribery…It Works

I just bribed my children with Blendinis from Rita’s to pick up the obscene amount of toys they left all over the house today. I’m not sure what chapter of the Parenting Mistakes You Will Live to Regret handbook covers this but I’m certain it’s in there….



Check out this pic of President Obama lookin’ so cool and GQ on Inauguration Night. I love it.

Look at that Smile


I know how you feel, Mr. President. I’m pretty fricken stoked, too.

I really wanted to write something thought-provoking and heartfelt about today but really, it’s all been said already—by every talking head on TV, by every person interviewed and all over the internet. So…I’m just going to keep it short and sweet and say that I’m trés excited and hopeful and extremely proud of our country today.

The End is Nigh

We can now exhale as the end of the Bush Inc. is FINALLY upon us. For a recap of the past eight years in eight minutes, go to Red Stapler and watch the video. If your head doesn’t explode halfway through, I’ll be surprised because mine certainly did. How I’m able to type this with no head is one of life’s great mysteries; a miracle, if you will…

It’s Monday and You Know What That Means

Gossip Girl watchers, come out, come out, wherever you are! In exchange, I offer you this exceedingly hot Blair/Nate clip (when he still thought she was all virgin-y and stuff) in honor of the three week Christmas pimp-out being officially over.

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