You Mean We’re Poor Now?

Posted by on August 1, 2013

My husband lost his job.

Well, he didn’t exactly lose it. I mean it’s not misplaced or anything. He just doesn’t have it anymore.

He is officially unemployed after 12 years at the same workplace. I can’t give you the details other than to say his job was in the IT field but he was at that job for a dozen years and honestly, I figured he’d retire from there.

But when your still kind of new-ish boss is having a meltdown every day over nothing and yelling and screaming at everyone on a regular basis and decides one day that he should take a swing at you because you told him you weren’t going to put up with him screaming and spitting and throwing violent tantrums anymore, well, it’s probably time to go anyway.

The guy was an idiot and his childish outbursts chased away the one guy who could actually run the whole department and do EVERY.DAMN.THING that needed to be done but as shitty as the situation turned out, I’m glad my husband doesn’t work there anymore.

He was coming home at lunch and complaining of chest pains at least 2 times a week, if not more, and while a lot of people don’t believe it, stress really does kill people.

So goodbye and good riddance to crazy bosses with anger management issues.

And hello to being poor.

For the record, it totally sucks.

I’ve been taking note of how things have changed for us almost overnight and writing blog posts in my head. Unfortunately, my head is not a very effective filing cabinet and I forget said blog posts :(

Nonetheless, I plan to chronicle our newfound status as the poor people on the block so stay tuned (and load many pages!) because I need that $5 a month ad revenue check more than ever.

And that last part was sarcasm. Sort of.


  • gorillabuns says:

    I am so sorry. We are self-employed. I totally get worrying about where our next paycheck will come from. Best of luck.

    • IzzyMom says:

      Thank you :) I can imagine self-employment might be stressful in that respect. But at least you’re your own bosses. No asshat boss can ever take that from you!

  • Same thing happened to us last year. Almost exactly.

    Thankfully my husband is now working in the IT dept of a NFP and so much happier.

    I wish the same for you. Sending you strength my lovely, cause the situation really freaking sucks.

  • kirida says:

    Oh I’m sorry. That sucks all around. Hope you guys find something better, with no jerky bosses.

  • I feel your pain. My husband was laid off again this past Friday. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone through this in the past 20+ years; we think this was job loss #10. We’re not sure. He’s a software engineer, so it comes with the territory.

    You’ll survive. We all do. For the record, each time it happens, I suddenly feel “poor” as well. It sucks.

    • IzzyMom says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s job. But as a software engineer, I’m sure he will find something else right away. I’ve noticed in my daily perusal of job sites, that people with his skills are in major demand. Good luck to you guys :)

      • My husband finally got a job. He started the Monday after Labor Day. He DID make a career change, which involved a rather significant salary cut, but it will pay off in the long run (pun intended). It will be a bit tight for now, but it will get better. Additionally, he has even more career options now should he get laid off again.

        I hope your husband finds work soon if he hasn’t yet, and I hope your business is going well. I must say, like you, our little family had a wonderful summer, having Dad home and doing so much together.

  • Apryl says:

    :(. It seems we’re always poor. It’s relative, I know. He’s very talented. I’m sure this will be an opportunity for him to find a happier place to be and hopefully, make some good dough.

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