Like Junk Food Truffle Pigs

Posted by on March 31, 2012

When my daughter was old enough to eat real food, I was very conscientious of what I fed her. I avoided giving her any kind of junk food or overly sugary stuff and encouraged fruits and whole grains and all that. I could hardly even bear for her to eat things that weren’t organic.

*cue record scratch sound effect*

Fast forward to 5th grade and the addition of a sibling, now age 6…

I always pack them healthy lunches but on the not-so-rare occasions when I am stupid enough to bring a bag of Cheetos or Dortios or Oreos into the house, they are like junk food truffle pigs.

They race in the door from school, wash their hands (possibly the ONLY thing they do without having to be asked ten times) and head straight for the kitchen to start rooting around for whatever crap food may be around.

Well, I’ve been busy this week and haven’t gone to the grocery store and it seems our junk food supply has run dry so yesterday, they had to share *gasp* a snack sized bag of Doritos while totally taunting each other (Haha! I got more than you! No, I got more than you! Shut up! Mommmmm! Sissy told me to shut up!) and when those ran out, the complaining started about  the lack of “good” stuff to eat.

Of course there is “good” stuff to eat, I tell my daughter. There are clementines and apples and pineapple and Baby Bel cheese and…  But to no avail, the complaining continues.

Me to daughter:  Jeez…you’re like an addict. Is that all you think about all day long—coming home and eating junk food?

Smartass Daughter to me: Yep!

Me: *dismayed look*

Me to Son: What about you, buddy?

Son to Me: Well…sometimes I also think about hot dogs  and turkey and pesto sandwiches


I forget all about the junk food ban I was considering…

My super picky eater thinks about my turkey and pesto sandwiches!!!

That’s kind of a WIN, right?!



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