Tween Compliments Adult: Hell Has Officially Frozen Over

Posted by on January 9, 2012

Aside from wanting to be involved in my daughter, N’s, life (because she’s 11 and I know my opportunities will soon evaporate), I also find being around the groups of young girls in her extracurricular activities absolutely fascinating. They’re such strange creatures and the ever-shifting group dynamics are a better study in human behavior than any of the sociology courses I ever took in college.

So the other day, we were walking a long distance back to our cars after an overnight Girl Scout camping trip.

A few of the girls and myself were talking about these people I’d seen on 60 Minutes whose primary goal in life is to have a video go viral on Youtube—you know, for all those millions of Adsense pennies. It was an interesting conversation but it didn’t strike me as unusual or noteworthy in any particular way.

And then one of the girls says to me “N is so lucky to have a mom that doesn’t talk to kids like they’re three years old”.

How about them apples, huh?! I may have to cross stitch that onto a pillow or something.

Of course, I have reminded my daughter of this compliment a handful of times already, lest she forget how lucky she is ;)



  • Apryl's Antics says:

    Exactly! I’ve never been one to “romper room” at kids. I always felt it was condescending, but admit I sometimes regretted not speaking to my own children in that sing songy voice others seem to master so well. I think kids need to know you can relate to them without crossing the line of authority to friend. Kudos. I’m sure N will come to appreciate it, even though she might have difficulty acknowledging it. :)

  • sarah piazza says:

    i love that. good on you, for not talking down.

  • Rae Ann says:

    My mom, a speech therapist, used to say, “How do you expect them to learn to speak correctly if you are always using baby-talk?” As a result, I talk to kids – mine and others – like mini-adults. The result? They FLOCK to me. And my kids? Super rockin’ vocabularies!

  • Unknown Mami says:

    Oh you totally have to cross stitch it onto a pillow and put it on N’s bed.

  • Classic NYer says:

    Oh, may she never forget how lucky she is to have a mother who flaunts her non-condescending nature, haha!

  • pgoodness says:

    It’s the best being appreciated by the friends of our kids. I’ve always wanted to be that mom. :)

    I’ve always talked to the kids as if they were mini adults – they have great vocabularies that I take full credit for. :) One of my favorite memories is having my son say CHIROPRACTOR when he was first learning to talk. heh

  • Oh, I thought YOUR tween had complimented you. Now that would have been remarkable. Still it’s nice to know her peers think you’re cool.

  • Oh yeah, cross-stitch worthy, indeed! *fist-bump*

  • When my son was starting kindergarten, his teacher told him that they were going to go into the class and start with story circle and then work on “centers” (listening center, writing center, etc.). She asked him, “How does that sound?” He responded, “Well, I’ll need to ponder that.”

    She was flabbergasted. Now, at age 12, his peers tell him, “I still don’t understand half of what you say. Use smaller words.” He responds, “I can’t. I’m not stupid.”

  • I’d at least print it and frame it in her room for sure!! That is great that you have the open communication with your daughter AND her friends as well.

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