Book Review: Laughing at Wall Street

Posted by on December 16, 2011

I recently received and read a review copy of Laughing at Wall Street by Chris Camillo. I was intrigued by the subtitle of the book, “How I Beat the Pros at Investing (by Reading Tabloids, Shopping at the Mall, and Connecting on Facebook) and How You Can, Too”

I’m a sucker for “rags to riches” and “ordinary Joe makes a million bucks” stories and found Laughing at Wall Street fascinating.

Basically, Camillo, who is not stockbroker, financial analyst, or hedge fund manager, shares his secrets for identifying trends in everyday life via Facebook, at the mall and by talking to people. Camillo also covers his methods for researching these trends and using the information to make investments in things before the big timers on Wall Street catch on.

Camillo discusses investment success in companies and products such as Guitar Hero, Crocs, Uggs and True Religion jeans…all companies well known to the average American consumer.

While I don’t have a head for business and have never fully understood all the nuances of playing the stock market, I think what Camillo’s book best accomplishes is removing some of the mystery of finding potentially successful companies to invest in and if I had some money to play with (and possibly lose) I’d likely consider following some of his methodologies and trying my hand at playing the market.



  • Grace Pamer says:

    This makes me want to grab a copy of this book. I am really short of ideas on how to play well in the market. I am a stay-at-home mom and an online writer so I really like to venture in a business and find potential companies where it is possible to invest money successfully.

  • Kacie says:

    I received a review copy of this book, and I’m searching to see if other people had similar reactions to mine.

    I did NOT like this book. I think it’s way too dangerous for people to think they have insider info. In the book, he points to Netflix vs. Blockbuster.

    Well, after the book came out, the Netflix CEO made some idiotic business moves and the stock took a HUGE hit. Was close to $300/share in July and today it’s trading at $92.

    I think it’s far better to invest in low-fee index funds or well-balanced mutual funds instead of hoping to luck out and strike it big. Just way too risky.

    • IzzyMom says:

      I will agree that the stock market is full of risk. I guess it boils down to whether you have the means and ability absorb the potential risks while seeking to hit it big. As for the book, I think, as with any advice, you have to take it with a grain of salt (and *really* do your homework if you want to play along at home).

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