Sometimes You CAN Go Back and it’s TOTALLY AWESOME

Posted by on October 14, 2011

So, I took my daughter with me to see Duran Duran a few nights ago. Though she’s eleven and had no idea who they are, she was still excited at the prospect of going to a concert for the first time.

We got dressed in hip, understated shades of black and gray while my husband and son were at Cub Scouts and headed across the bridge to Clearwater. While driving, I couldn’t help but think of how many other times, back in my youth, where I’d been with friends in a car on the way to a concert; blaring the music of the night, speeding, drinking and behaving like dogs let off a chain. We were very irresponsible *nods solemnly*

This, on the other hand, is soooo very tame, I thought, as we talked about school, cheerleading and the boy my daughter has a crush on. If there was ever any doubt before, I am most definitely a mom now.

We pulled into the venue and though I planned on valet parking I’d apparently forgotten during the wild and crazy ride there to get cash. I sighed inwardly as the valet guy informed me the ATM was out of order and pulled away. We ended up circling the totally full parking lots 8,000 times looking for a non-existent parking space until I finally settled on a solidly illegal spot in front of some dumpsters while praying to the parking gods that I wouldn’t get towed.

We got our complimentary tickets from the Will Call window, graciously provided by Duran Social, and headed inside. I looked around and it occurred to me that my daughter would probably be one of the only kids there and this was confirmed by the kindly senior citizen taking tickets at the door.

I turned to her once we were inside and said “Prepare to be surrounded by a lot of people wayyyy older than you.”

We finally found our awesome seats, which were in the 14th row from the stage, dead center. Unfortunately, because we were held up with the parking debacle, we missed Neon Trees, which I knew my daughter would enjoy. No matter, though, because after sitting in said awesome seats for about 20 minutes, the lights came down, the smoke machines started spewing and HOLY CRAP!!! THERE THEY WERE!!! THE BAND I CRUSHED ON SO HARD WHEN I WAS 14!!!

Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran Concert 2011

We stood up from our cushy, velvety seats and I instantly started taking terrible pictures and video with my iPhone. I just couldn’t help myself because 14 rows away from me was ¡¡¡JOHN TAYLOR!!! whom I still regard as one of the hottest men in music.

Singer Simon Le Bon charmed the crowd with some between-song chatter and let me tell you…the man can still belt them out. For someone who had throat problems earlier in the month, he sounded fantastic. He’s also he’s still got those masterful lead singer moves that shout I’M A SEXY ROCKSTAR! OH YEAH! OH YEAH!

They played old faves like Planet Earth, Careless Memories and Hungry Like the Wolf, interspersed with newer hits like Ordinary World and peppered the whole show with some solid new material.

Just before they played Hungry Like the Wolf, John Taylor made a remark to the crowd about seeing a lot of lions and tigers AND COUGARS in the audience and though that line was probably artfully crafted to acknowledge that the crowd was mostly women 40 and up, the audience still responded gleefully, as did I, because when John Taylor talks, I’m listening. Also swooning a little.

While watching drunk, sweaty gen-Xers doing the bootygrind trio thing  (MY EYES!! Please poke them out!!!) and a couple that, much to my daughter’s extreme 11 year old irritation, wouldn’t stop making out for the duration of the show, it occurred to me that this was still SO MUCH BETTER than when I saw Duran Duran at a mammoth stadium show in 10th grade.

In all, they played about 12-14 songs, which just long enough for me and my up-at-6:30am-every-damn-day-self. For the encore, in which they played Wild Boys and the beloved Rio, John Taylor ditched his boxy white 80′s jacket and looked scorching in a black wifebeater and black pants. Unfortunately, my phone had died and I couldn’t take a picture. *sadface*

Nonetheless, it was a super fabulous show and I’m SO glad I went. My daughter and I both had a great time.

Below is my tiny, tiny video which is tiny, tiny because in my videotaping excitement, I forgot to turn the phone sideways. Durrrr. I recommend clicking the little icon with the four arrows so you can see it full-screen.


  • Julie Marsh says:

    John Taylor can call me anything he likes as long as Duran Duran keeps making music and touring. [sigh]

  • Sarah says:

    My show is in two days. I AM FREAKING OUT. I cannot wait!

  • Beth says:

    After all these years I still love me some DD. You are so super lucky. Thanks for sharing your night with us!

  • Libby says:

    I taught my 2-year old to sing “Wild Boys” and put her fist in the air. It was one of the best moments in my life.

  • Apryl's Antics says:

    Ahhhh. Eleventh grade. My first concert ever. I locked my keys in my car, borrowed a wire hanger from the Lakeland Arena office, and retrieved them. Then in the general admission area, I almost passed out from the crushing throng of girls (younger than I)pushing toward the stage. I cried half of the time and lost my newly acquired Duran Duran baseball jersey (Seven and the Ragged Tiger Tour). If Simon had only known I was there…

  • Liz says:

    Ah, man, what AWESOME seats!!! Sounds like you really had a great time and DAYUM yes John Taylor is still so, so HOT!!!

  • Jared Karol says:

    Thanks for bringing me back – my first favorite band. Never saw ‘em live though. LUCKY!!!

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