A Pathetically Bad but Totally Heartfelt Poem for Blogger Suebob’s Birthday

Posted by on July 6, 2011

Sue, I have known you

for so long

If I were more musical

I’d write you a song

Instead you get this

Please don’t feel dissed

We don’t “talk” every day

like we used to

But that doesn’t change

how I feel about you.

What I love about Suebob

is she cares so much

She does good deeds

and sows the seeds

of justice and truth

and love and compassion

For her, giving a damn

is always in fashion

She’s the bomb diggety

through and through

Happy 50th Birthday, Suebob Davis

We all love you!

SueBob Davis - Red Stapler

If you know Sue, you already know she’s awesome. If you don’t know her, well, you should get to know her right away.

Deliver your 50th birthday wishes to Sue via Twitter, Facebook, and/or on her blog!





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