Pins on a Map Book Review

Posted by on February 22, 2011

As someone who has taken very few trips with their children and none of any note, I found Pins on a Map to be thoroughly engaging.

Author David Boesch’s detailed retelling of how his family (children ages 7, 10 and 13), meticulously planned and executed their yearlong travel odyssey was not only inspiring and envy-inducing but also very informative.

Boesch and his wife considered things that would never have occurred to me and their respect for safety and travel rules is something that I will always keep in mind if we ever manage to get off this limestone rock.

I appreciated the personal and sometimes humorous feeling of the book and as a mom, even with our limited travel experiences, I could relate to all the ups and downs of parenting on the go. These details made this book much more interesting and compelling than some generic, impersonal guide of family travel do’s and don’ts.

Most of all, however, I loved how a yearlong travel adventure across 6 continents and 17 countries changed the perspectives of the entire family.

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