Shame on YOU, Target

Posted by on November 12, 2010

Obviously, criticizing this ad would have been more relevant before Halloween (and YES,  I may have been the last person in North America to see it) but regardless, I think it was really crappy and mean-spirited of Target to:

a) make kids feel bad about homemade costumes

b) make moms who take their time, energy and creativity to craft a homemade costume look like fools.

Seriously Target… do you really think this is the way to win over the “purse string controlling” demographic—by shaming them?

Let me put this in terms you will surely understand: You don’t bite the hand that pays your shareholders.


  • Allyson says:

    I didn’t see this ad and thank goodness I didn’t. I made both of my kids’ costumes this year. The reason? I couldn’t find what my son wanted – Cute train engineer (easy enough) and black cat for my 7 year old girl. Oh yes, there were plenty of cats out there, but none that weren’t so hoochie that I would let my young daughter wear in public. Maybe Target should worry more about the slutification of young girls (Have you seen their girls section?!)than the homemade costumes that moms make. We don’t have a lot of extra money to throw around these days, but I can think of other places to spend mine.

    • IzzyMom says:

      You make an excellent point…a lot of their girl costumes are just too sleazy for young girls (like anyone under 18!!!) Sometimes we have no choice but to make a costume when that’s what they’re offering and sometimes, a homemade costume is just better!

  • Dawn says:

    You know, I think there is a real cultural/socio-economic difference in Halloween Costumes. I certainly noticed it in New England.

    Kids whose family really couldn’t afford store bought costumes would tend to spend fortunes on those from stores. However, it was usually the children from the middle and upper middle class families who came in with Home made costumes. Granted, they had adult help and the costumes were usually pretty great.

    (cough, guilty as charged)

    BUT it always amazed me to see that striking difference. I noticed the same thing with kids who brought “lunchables” to school. They tended to be the families who really couldn’t afford it or could have been choosing much better food for the money spent.

    There is a real class gap when it comes to the appeal of store bought versus homemade.

    For lower income families, I think store bought = desirable ( because they are using “disposable income”). For upper income families home made = desirable (because they are investing time/energy).

    At any rate, we don’t have Targets in Canada.

    • IzzyMom says:

      Yeah, I think some of that goes on here, too. Although, I have also noticed a lot of the more affluent kids have super busy parents so they usually have store bought costumes, as well.

      We kind of mix it up, depending on what the kids want to be. I try to steer them away from ideas where a store bought costume will suffice because they’re usually so common and un-unique.

      Either way, Target sucks for making ANYONE feel bad about Halloween. It’s supposed to be fun, dammit!

  • kuba says:

    Oh man…. if my mom was still alive, she would’ve pitched a fit at that commercial….. she always insisted on making our costumes because she knew she could do a better job…. although we as dumb kids always *wanted* the storebought costumes, even though they were just a cheap plastic jumpsuit type thing with a really crappy plastic mask…. the only problem with this arrangement when I was really young, is that she would dress me up in something she wanted, not what I wanted…. the great embarrassment of my young life was when she put me in this “Great Pumpkin” costume, complete with tights, while my brother got to be the much cooler “Tin Man”…..

    • IzzyMom says:

      HAHAHAHA! That’s so classic. It kind of reminds me of a Halloween version of that awesome “Christmas Story” movie (you know—with the leg lamp?) I can totally see Ralphie’s mom making him wear a Great Pumpkin costume (anachronistic yes, but still, I can totally see it!)

  • Apryl's Antics says:

    My mom made us the best costumes ever out of things we already had at home. My brother’s spiderman costume was genius and made out of two turtlenecks and an old pair of blue tights.

    Target should be marketing the ingenuity of making your own costumes by selling the materials to do so AND selling costumes if you don’t have time to make them. Sheesh. They should have just asked us. Right?

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