Someday I’ll Have My Little Dream Home

Posted by on November 3, 2010

In the handful of charmless cookie-cutter Florida suburbs where I grew up, most of us lived in one story houses covered with stucco known as “ranch style” homes. We had largely useless attics and non-existent basements, screened back porches known as lanais or patios and pools instead of backyards. We had nonsensical neighborhood names like Whispering Oaks Hollow, Cedar Knoll Acres and Forest Hills…despite an obvious lack of forests, hills or even mature trees at the time. The Florida ‘burbs were nothing like the places I’d always imagined I’d someday call “home.”

Front porches with swings, shady tree-lined streets, sidewalks dotted with children at play, picket fences and picturesque landscapes, attics filled with timeworn treasures and family memories—these are the stuff of my homeowner dreams…

I also confess a strange fascination for country living—and I say strange because if you knew me, you’d know I am not a country girl in any way, shape or form.  In fact, if I had to give myself one of those stupid labels favored by some politicians, I’d say I was a big-city liberal…but my love for the city and my political leanings in no way squelch my secret longing for a lovely country home with a wraparound porch, a big, big yard, a barn, farm animals (a horse, a goat, a llama, some bunny rabbits and a few chickens) and of course, a big old country kitchen. Country Living magazine is like house porn to me.

Maybe someday I will have my little dream home. Until then, pictures will have to do…

I love this one

But this one is my favorite!!!

This one is so simple and cute

Front porch love!

Two of my most favorite things: Awesome house with fabulous front porch...and HALLOWEEN!

Why do I love front porches so much? I’m not really sure but this video called “Front Porch Memories” makes me really happy…


  • Yep! We were separated at birth. I long for a big front porch. Porch swing, hanging plants, maybe a rocking chair or two…

  • Those houses are gorgeous! I also long for a big front porch, and dream of living in the country though I’m a total city girl, and I know I’d hate all the bugs that go with country living. But it looks so idyllic to me!

    I love porches because when I was growing up, we had a front porch and whenever it would storm, my mom would sit out there with us. SO much fun. I’ve loved storms ever since.

  • Apryl's Antics says:

    We have a front porch, but we never use it. We don’t really feel like hanging tough with the neighbors across the street. Also, it has a concrete slab floor, which totally screws with the creeky wood plank sound you would expect while you walk across it.

    While it’s nice to hear roosters crowing in the distance, the faint smell of chicken droppings after a nice summer rain can somewhat ruin the ambiance.

    I hope this makes you feel a little better.

    • IzzyMom says:

      Do you remember the house we lived in before we had kids? It had a front porch and we practically lived out there. And wonder of wonders…we actually knew our neighbors by name instead of “that annoying guy who stands in his driveway and talks really loudly on his cell phone”

      (Imagine living next to one of those huge poultry factory farms…GAG)

  • Jack says:

    I love the one with the Halloween decorations- I can see living there. That porch is begging to be used by me.

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