Moms Should Know When to Just Shut Up and Listen

Posted by on August 12, 2010

Soooo…the other day my daughter and  her friend were in her room playing this “Party Truth or Dare” game that she got as a b-day gift. It’s kid version so there’s no “I dare you to give so-and-so a lap dance” kind of stuff going on—well, not that I know of—I mean I didn’t look at EVERY card.

Anyway, my daughter and her friend are reading the cards and giggling and asking each other questions and then a question comes up that reads something like “Name one thing you’ve done that your parents don’t know about” and my daughter answers something not all that bad (but that I definitely didn’t know about) and they giggle some more and her friend says conspiratorially, “Your mom doesn’t know about that?” and before I knew it, the words were coming out of my mouth…

“I do NOW” I said loud enough for them to hear me,.


And then the door curtly closes shut.

And I sat here wondering why the hell I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut, particularly since this is just the beginning of such things.



I tried to find a non-pervy truth or dare image for this post and uh…I don’t think those exist. Let’s just say the internet is clearly MADE for perverts and if you are one of them and came here via some gross Google search, I hope you were totally disappointed.


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