The One Where I Eat My Words

Posted by on August 3, 2010

humblepieA couple years ago, I wrote a post about how I didn’t want my daughter to get involved in cheerleading even though all her friends were doing it.

I listed a variety of reasons why I thought sports would be a better choice and how all the cheerleading I’d observed involved a lot of inappropriate (read: stripper-like) dance moves and of course, the outdated gender roles issue—the boys  PLAY the sport while the girls cheer for them on the sidelines. I think you get the picture…

Well, two years later, my daughter is a cheerleader. She hadn’t ever shown much interest in any sports or physical activities other than cheering and gymnastics and honestly, we just can’t afford gymnastics so I finally gave in and signed her up to cheer.

She hasn’t cheered at any games yet but she’s been going to practice 4 evenings a week for a few weeks now and she seems to really love it. She’s also showing a lot of self-discipline and hasn’t complained at all about the rigorous practice schedule—unlike her mother, who’s ALREADY over it and totally dreading those 8:30am games every Saturday.

As far as my concerns about all the hoochie dance moves, the coaches don’t approve of them either so I’m heartened that we’re all on the same page in that respect.

I don’t know how it will be down the road but for now, I’m okay with her cheering. I’m glad she’s getting some physical activity every day and making new friends and I’m happy that she’s happy.

In other words, this is me eating my words along with a nice big slice of humble pie (although I reserve the right to contradict and/or totally recant everything I’ve said here at any time!)

I must now go pack for BlogHer 10! Hope to see you all there :)

PS: I wanted to let you all know that I recently resurrected Moms Speak Up


  • April says:

    I had to eat my words too a couple of years ago, but my daughter only ended up doing it for one year and then moved on to Choir. The things we’ll do for our children!
    .-= April’s last blog post…Choosing emotional balance =-.

  • Nicole says:

    My sister was in Poms all four years of high school and 4 years of college. She gets very upset if I say she was a cheer-leader. (Her: “Poms is DANCE SQUAD. We are DANCERS” Me: “Didn’t you cheer at games?” Her: “We PERFORMED not cheered.”)
    .-= Nicole’s last blog post…We’re so old school- they tore the school down =-.

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve heard this same story from a few of my Mom friends recently. I’m only a dog mom as of yet, so I’m not sure how I’ll feel when I have a teen. But, I tried out for cheer all 4 years of high school. It was a dream of mine and it never happened (I also never seemed to take a hint :) … looking back, I’m glad I never did it because I grew from the experience of not making the squad and trying again. Either way, I still think that being involved in school activities is important. Way to support either way :)

  • kuba says:

    I would call it less “eating your words” and more of a compromise…. as long as it’s making your daughter happy, gets her some exercise and maybe even some self-esteem, sounds like a good deal to me….
    .-= kuba’s last blog post…Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers @ Wells Fargo Wachovia Center Philadelphia July 31- 2010 =-.

  • Kelly Ozley says:

    OMG my daughter is 3 and already has pom poms and worries about being “bootiful” enough. I am in trouble.
    Kelly Ozley
    .-= Kelly Ozley’s last blog post…A Hex on The Ex =-.

  • pixielation says:

    From what I’ve seen of US cheerleading, it looks like it can be very hard work – intricate choreography and advance moves. It’s performing, rather than just cheering. Seems like Nicole’s comment backs up that thought!

    If she enjoys it and gets exercise, then it’s all good!
    .-= pixielation’s last blog post…More gin- Brown Owl =-.

  • Meredith says:

    I was a cheerleader before it became all booty dancing and bare bellies. It really was a wholesome kind of fun. Good to hear that your daughter’s coaches feel the same as you do about that. Good luck to her, I hope she continues to love it.

  • I would so love to have a daughter but there are many times that I’m glad I have only boys. It just seems like there is so much more to worry about with girls, and having BEEN a wild and crazy girl myself, I know it’s true!

    But I hope she has a blast and, uh…a glass of wine might help that humble pie go down easier. :)
    .-= Kathryn (@Kat1124)’s last blog post…I Know That Guy =-.

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