The BP Oil Spill is Your Problem, Too

Posted by on July 5, 2010

You know what happens when news coverage of a shocking topic is on 24-7 for months? People become numb to it. They get tired of hearing about it. They feel powerless. Any outrage they may have felt is replaced by resignation.

I know this because it’s how I feel about the “war on terror.” But that’s been going on for almost 10 years. I think indifference is to be expected after that long as there is only so much emotional browbeating people can take every single night on the news. That indifference is, IMO, a form of self-preservation because who can maintain a consistent sense of active outrage for ten years? Most people just can’t.

But the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster (yes, I capitalized it—it deserves to be capitalized) is merely months old and yes, even I have reached my saturation point on many occasions where I just had to retreat and stop thinking about it.

That said, I can, to some degree, understand the indifference I encounter on, say, Twitter when we tweet horrific things about #oilspill but it hurts my heart to see how many people are COMPLETELY detached from what’s going on out there.

This disaster is NOT going away anytime soon and the effects are not going to be limited to MY backyard. The entire world will eventually be affected by this so even if you think this is not your problem because you live in the middle of the country where there are no beaches or fishing industry or stunningly beautiful marine life, you are wrong—it is hurting people YOU know. It is hurting YOUR breathing air. It is hurting YOUR food supply. It is hurting YOUR country.

Again, I understand how easy it is to allow yourself to detach from the intensity of this situation. I really do. I’m guilty of it myself at times but I have to ask…WHERE IS THE COLLECTIVE OUTRAGE? Why are we not standing together AS A NATION and demanding the cover-ups and cost-cutting and responsbility-shirking and victim-blaming STOP? Because THOSE THINGS *ARE* GOING ON.

That’s not to say people aren’t doing anything. There have been a ton of people doing things to try and help but honestly, insofar as I can tell, nothing is going to truly get any better until we demand that our governmental agencies, BP and the media cut the crap—helping BP to cover this up serves nobody’s interests except theirs.

People are getting sick, wildlife is dying, poison “dispersants” are being dumped into OUR water, trained and qualified volunteers are not being allowed to help, respirators are being denied, insurance and loss claims are not being acknowledged and NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE.

Well—and this is where I get nasty—I’m sorry that you’re tired of hearing about this and I’m sorry it’s not as entertaining as, say, The Bachelorette but if you want reality programming…THIS IS IT, PEOPLE. Get off your couch potato asses and write a letter, make a phone call, tweet something, call your representatives, sign a f*cking petition, write a blog post expressing your disgust and outrage—assuming you can muster any up—but please, for the love of your flat screen television, don’t ignore it.

DO SOMETHING—because at some point, this will be YOUR problem, too.

And if you do nothing, you really are letting the “terrorists” (read: BP) win because OUR indifference and complacency is what they’re banking on.


If you want to hear a first-person civilian account of what BP has been up to for the past two months or so, watch these videos. Kindra Arnesen, a Louisiana resident and wife to a Gulf shrimp fisherman, was invited inside the BP machine and apparently they forgot to censor themselves in her presence because she saw and heard things that will shock you.  These were already covered by some major media outlets already last month but they speak volumes about where BP really stands on all of this and if you haven’t seen them, you need to.

The first video discusses worst case scenarios in the Gulf regarding hurricanes, acid rain etc. and it’s heavy stuff. The second video is Kindra Arnesen discussing her time as an insider at BP.  As noted, what she saw and heard is jaw dropping. PLEASE WATCH BOTH!

These are not ranty, conspiracy nut videos appearing on some left-wing fringe group’s site (as Fox News would have you believe). The web site on which they appear is just a convenient place to send you to see both videos. These have been covered by the mainstream media already (in June 2010). This is the real deal.

We have to do something but like everyone else, I feel largely helpless in the face of such unfathomable tragedy. One thing I DO know? The people living right on affected waterways in places like Louisiana are getting sick from breathing the benzene—and dispersants, I assume. They need to be moved away from there.

Donations to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund will go, primarily, to help the fishermen and residents of the most affected parishes in Louisiana—Plaquemines, St. Bernard, lower Jefferson, Terrebonne, and Lafourche. Please make a donation—if 1 million people gave $10 each, it would do a world of good in helping the sickened residents and those who have lost their livelihoods to rebuild their lives.

If you know of any other reputable charities to help oil spill victims, please let me know.

Just a few of the MANY petitions out there, if you care to sign…

Allow Media Access to Oil Spill Clean-Up

Hold Big Oil Accountable to Paying Full Price

Tell EPA: Take Away BP’s Billions in Federal Contracts

I could post links all day and not even come close to being done so I’ll stop here and get this up. Feel free to share must-see links to news, video, blog posts, petitions etc in the comments.

And I apologize for being so harsh up there. I’m frustrated. I hope you understand.

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  • Libby says:

    Compassion fatigue kills me. I think people just feel so small at times like these. They don’t realize even small actions matter.
    .-= Libby’s last blog post…Finally- The Real Use For A Yoga Ball =-.

    • IzzyMom says:

      They DO matter. and I commend you for commenting on this post. It’s gotten a fair amount of hits since I posted it earlier today and you are the first person to actually say something. I think this speaks volumes. People are, as you say. “compassion fatigued” but we all need to step back, collect ourselves and then jump back in and fight the good fight. If we don’t, who will?

  • Jen says:

    I got a pingback when you linked to my site, so I read your post. I just want to say “WRITE” ON, SISTER! I have to believe that most people just don’t have a clue the extent of all the madness that is taking place on the Gulf Coast. I have to believe that… because if I thought they knew and still chose to do nothing I would go mad.

    I’ve worked really hard to give people outlets, from pre-writing letters and linking to representatives, EPA, White House, etc. to my new Heal The Earth series.

    And yet, day by day, I watch our basic rights being stripped away… right in front of our AMERICAN EYES. The media ban? Does anyone understand what this means? Can anyone tear themselves away from their XBOX or iPhone long enough to understand we have LONG since lost any sense of “freedom”.

    I heard it said best yesterday: “Espousing the value of current-day freedom in America is like telling a dog to enjoy the fenced-in yard.”

    Folks, while you’ve been enjoying your Wii and HDTV you haven’t bothered to notice the fence that was erected around you. By the time you do, it will have long ago been padlocked.

    This was my long-winded way to say: Thanks for the great post!
    .-= Jen’s last blog post…Video- Our Suicide Economy =-.

  • starle says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post. Wish more people were writing similar ones.

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you for saying whats been in my heart for so long, but I could not find the right words to express it…..

  • JayMonster says:

    Yes, I know I am usually (and probably justly) coined a “crunchy granola type” but it baffles me how people can just ignore what they “can’t see.”

    Funny part is, these are the same people that later argue for less regulation, and to just “let business be” because “they will do the right thing.”

    This just goes to show… they won’t. Each and every person’s life is affected by one way or another by this, whether it be short or long term. And those that are responsible should and MUST be held responsible, but we all need to pitch in and try and help in one way or another. Sci-Fi shows aside, for now this is the only rock we got to live on, and we need to keep it viable for us and our children.

    Thanks for putting this out there, so well done, and yet so simple that anybody willing can (and should) be able to comprehend it.
    .-= JayMonster’s last blog post…The Bears- the Pitch and the Foul Ball =-.

    • IzzyMom says:

      “Let business be” ARRGGGHHHHHHHHHH! That always makes me so crazy. “Business” has proven time and time again that self-regulating itself does NOT work. Whenever money is concerned you will find blatant conflicts of interest. Why people don’t understand this basic concept is a mystery to me.
      .-= IzzyMom’s last blog post…BULLETIN- The BP Oil Spill is Your Problem- Too =-.

  • JenGid says:

    This post is awesome. I want to shout all of these thoughts from the rooftops! I loved the videos and will be sure to share, thank you.

  • Gwen says:

    You say it all so well and for those who aren’t coastal residents, don’t think the oil won’t come to your community. All the goop being picked up off the beaches is being shipped somewhere for disposal and a lot of those places are nowhere near the coast. If the disposal sites aren’t properly monitored and containing the oil and dispersant, then what? It seeps into the ground and water sources of that community. Here’s an article with more details that was in the local paper today —>

  • Jamie says:

    Thank you for this post…awesome. Awareness does NOT need to dwindle!

    • IzzyMom says:

      Thanks, Jamie. I appreciate your comment :)
      .-= IzzyMom’s last blog post…BULLETIN- The BP Oil Spill is Your Problem- Too =-.

      • Bandana says:

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  • Disturbed says:

    Despite the danger growing every minute and the environment being damaged with every barrel of leaking crude, we Americans are still arguing whether the IRANIANs are experts or not.

    Lets stop being skeptical about others abilities just because we have failed. failed our nation, our environment and our marine life.

    The world knows that the Iranians are experts in drilling and oil leak prevention and containment. Even the oil producing nations would bet for their skills in this crisis. It is us who are full of doubts. and the only reason for this is Israel. We see everyone who is Israel’s adversary as our enemy. Anyone who talks anti-Zionist becomes our hate symbol. Lets get out of this Zionist mindset and this Iranophobia. It is our nation and its environment at stake today.

    We need to rise above our political difference, they can be settled sometime else.

    Lets call for the IRANIANs now before its too late to do anything better

  • Kathy says:

    That always makes me so crazy. “Business” has proven time and time again that self-regulating itself does NOT work. Whenever money is concerned you will find blatant conflicts of interest.

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