Yes, They Make Your Butt Look Big

Posted by on August 25, 2009

Continuing with the ass theme of the past two weeks…

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Underwear with butt (and crotch) pads for men…  Hot or not?  Awesome or awful?

Frankly, I’d expect that sort of thing for women—we’re ALL ABOUT the illusion…makeup, fake nails, colored hair, highlights, spray tans, push-up bras, shapewear (remember when that shit was called a girdle?), Botox and yes, Booty Pop underwear  so we can all look like Kim Kardashian. Nothing surprising about any of that.

But why would any man don underwear with butt (or crotch) pads? I don’t get it…  I know popular culture has elevated the female gravity-defying ass to new heights, right up there with  oddly round gravity-defying breasts and a -5%  BMI but I had no idea men were concerned that their gluteus maximus might only be a gluteus minimus.

And how about when it’s time to strip down and your partner realizes your big booty was comprised of little more than foam?

That might that be a little…em-barr-ASS-ing. Heh.

So am I making a big ass deal out of nothing? (Sorry…I couldn’t resist)

Honestly, I *might* consider wearing padded underwear for some special occasion where my butt might be scrutinized. Of course I can think of NO such occasion off the top of my head but I reserve the right… Otherwise. no effing way because in addition to feeling ridiculous, it’s WAY too hot here and an assrash would be guaranteed.

Would any of you, male or female, wear underwear with butt pads?


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