WTF? A Visual Essay

Posted by on July 18, 2009

For your WTFing pleasure, I give you…


Why American Apparel? Why would you be party to such high-waisted wrongness? Wearing denim up to your ribs represents a very dark period in fashion history and should never NEVER be brought back. EVER.


One question, American Apparel... Do people actually buy these for their kids? They remind me of roller disco. And Toddlers and Tiaras. And Oscar statuettes. They frighten me.

scary baby shower cake

I'm sure the person who ordered this cake had the best of intentions but seriously...WHAT THE F*CK?!!!!!!! (click to see in scary full-sized enlarge-o-vision)

Yeah, it was more visual than essay. That’s because I’m busy fretting about my inability to find non-ugly, non-hurty shoes for the conference that cannot be named because it pisses people off. Also freaking out about the anomaly that used to be my face (I’m breaking out like a 14 year old boy…again).


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