Monthly Archives: June 2009

Best Weight Loss Tip Ever

I’m not implying that any of YOU need to lose weight but if you ever need some inspiration to keep your eye on the ball and your ass in gear, just put on your bathing suit and look in the mirror. This is especially important if you’re putting on your bathing suit for the first […]

Discover & Donate

I love charitable endeavors that let you choose how you want to help, as is the case with the Discover & Donate widget (I have one in my sidebar for you to check out). Mom It Forward has a summer full of fun giveaways planned and is kicking it off with the mother load of […]

Creepy Kiddie Accessories 2.0

A long time ago, I recall seeing wigs for babies and being all What? The Hell. But in all fairness, at least recognizes that their wigs fall into the patently ridiculous/OMFG category. But lo, there’s a new kid on the wig block and they’ve made it their mission to insure no bald-ish baby girls […]

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