Hot Wheels Harbor FAIL

Posted by on June 26, 2009

My son just had his 4th birthday and he’s at an age where he now LOVES little cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox etc) I mentioned this to a family member and so they got him the Hot Wheels Harbor playset. It’s one component of a whole Hot Wheels city and you can buy them all separately to make a complete city. At $39.99, however, I was less than impressed. For one thing, there are things mentioned in the instructions and pictured on the box that were either different or not in the box at all. Lame. Add to that the fact that the whole set is so incredibly flimsy that I’m putting it back together for my son every five minutes and I’m ready to trash the whole thing. That’s saying a lot because I’m a big believer in passing on or consigning toys whenever possible to keep them out of the landfill but this is one piece of junk I wouldn’t want to make someone else’s problem. Rest assured, if I’d had the foresight to keep the box, I’d box it up and send it back to Mattel with a note demanding they replace it with something of comparable value that won’t repeatedly fall apart and disappoint my son. The verdict on Hot Wheels Harbor? FAIL.


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