Enough Already With the Breastfeeding Outrage

Posted by on May 22, 2009

After reading YET another article about people getting all up in arms over public breastfeeding, I feel the need to tell all you freaks and weirdos who think the act of nourishing a child is somehow sexual or exhibitionistic to GET OVER IT.

Do you get all offended when you see a cat nursing kittens or a cow nursing a calf? Does that get your nether regions so worked up that you have to complain to their humans that it’s obscene and shouldn’t be done in public?

Do you have the urge to roll your eyes and complain loudly that said cat and cow should go feed their young in a public bathroom so your eyes do not have to be assaulted by the utterly (or udderly…heh) offensive image of…of… MAMMALS EATING???!!!

This latest and most tiresome shitstorm is about a poster, displayed in Manchester UK (in a hospital, no less) in which a toddler (fully clothed, you nasty pervs) is pretending to breastfeed a doll. Why? Because it’s completely NORMAL and NATURAL and that’s what the poster is trying to communicate. Of course, this LOGIC is completely lost on the folks who have so many issues and hang-ups that they routinely get porn and eating confused. Pity the poor fools…

Just imagine how much good they could do if they protested something TRULY outrageous like the systematic rape of women and girls in Darfur or the stoning to death of innocent women by fundamentalist Muslims or the disgusting abuse of food animals in factory farms right here in America.

But no…protesting the act of sustaining life the way nature and God intended it is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to eradicate because HELLO? It involves TITTIES and BOOBIES and HOOTERS and we all know those are to be used STRICTLY for profit and amusement. And think of American corporations like AT&T—how are they to continue making millions selling pay-per-view porn in reputedly family-friendly hotels if mothers are using them in public to titillate men FOR FREE?  Think of the implications! Think of the loss of revenue! They MUST BE STOPPED!


  • lindaloohoo says:

    right on sister!!

    what is wrong with our completely, oddly and misguidedly puritanical society on this issue?

    this offends people, but american idol, a family show that my four year old loves, promotes breast implanted bikini clad bitches strutting across the screen – sending the completely wrong message to our kids about what makes you popular? and every other commercial shows more skin than any mother i’ve ever seen breastfeeding.

    ok, your reference to darfur and the muslim countries was so much better, but dammit, i’m just not deep enough to come up with that . . .

  • Hilarious post. I wish people would just get over it too. Don’t we have SO MUCH MORE to discuss?!

  • kittenpie says:

    I don’t get the outrage, either. To be honest, it’s something I find a touch uncomfortable to watch for just a second until they get settled, but I put that right next to the fact that I also don’t love watching people place food in their mouths, either, it’s a touch icky. (That and I don’t like men walking around shirtless, either, so it’s not all about the tatas.) But I also know that’s just me and my weird thing, not something I should be putting on other people who are just doing what they ought to do. I would certainly not think I had any place asking them not to feed their child! My older baby’s habits with solid foods aren’t something everyone would want to see, either, but I’d hardly think I should starve him or go feed him in a dark corner somehwere. People are just so damn self-centred and arrogant, it’s amazing.

  • BigBaby says:

    I think that it’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone would have a problem with a mother nursing her baby in public. Unfortunately, I think that our society still harbours many people who would rather let their children see a movie loaded with acts of violence than witness a mother feeding her child in public.

  • madge says:

    I can’t believe it needs to be said again. Still.

    But it does.

  • patois says:

    Heh heh heh, you said “boobies.”

    –Beavis and Butthead, representing all those up-in-arms.

  • SciFi Dad says:

    My personal catch phrase when dealing with this topic: “Nursing mothers are not responsible for the sexualization of women’s breasts by western society.”

    Really, I don’t think I can say anything else.

  • I hereby promise to only use MY boobies for good and not evil. With GREAT power comes great responsibility, yo.

  • Assertagirl says:

    I plan to breastfeed my child when and where necessary and I plan to be proud of that.

  • Aprylsantics says:

    I think if people get offended, for instance, in a restaurant they should be asked to get up and finish their meals in the restroom.

  • Kim says:

    Even though I have never encountered a problem I know it happens. I will feed my son whenever, wherever needed. I have fed him on a tour in a cave, in Busch Gardens Tampa in front of parrots, next to strangers on a plane, while eating in restaurants, in the library, etc. I have been pleasantly surprised at the lack of reaction of people around me.

    I think part of it has been my confidence and nonchalance. If I make it look natural, it is.

    If anyone ever does react negatively to me, they better watch out!!!!!!

  • Susiej says:

    Enough! Don’t we have enough problems… like this whole North Korea thingy?!

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