Monthly Archives: April 2009


It’s with a sad heart that I sit down this morning to collect my thoughts. I didn’t sleep well, instead tossing and turning all night thinking about Maddie, the incredibly precious little girl I never knew but had heard so much about from her loving and devoted mother, Heather. Maddie passed away last night after […]

Sex Offenders: Let Them Rot

Apparently, the Supreme Court has blocked the release of 77 sex offenders who have served their federal sentences after the Obama administration claimed many of them remain “sexually dangerous.” The primary¬† issue is whether the government has the power to indefinitely detain prisoners who have served their sentences but could pose a public threat if […]

Hatelists: Everyone Should Make One

Don’t you sometimes just want to write a list of all the things/people you hate, piss you off or just plain annoy you? I do. But then I’m all “Oh, but that’s so negative. I don’t want to be THAT person…all I HATE THIS and I HATE THAT!” And then I hate myself for being […]

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