Wii Caved

Posted by on April 18, 2009

We finally joined the rest of the western world and got a Wii (secondhand from a friend) and for the last couple days, I’ve been slowly (because mah mad technonerd skillz apparently don’t extend to video games of any kind and my kids can attest to this) learning how to get around in and use it.

I’ve decided I really like Wii tennis. You get the satisfaction of wacking a ball, which I’ve always loved, but without all the sweat and sun, both of which I hate. My fair skin can’t take the blazing Florida sun and well, I think two words will sum up why I hate perspiring — BOOB SWEAT. While I wasn’t blessed with abundance in that department, I got way more than my fair share of sweat glands in that area. Well, actually, I don’t know if that’s true because I don’t ask other women about boob sweat but if that sweaty line that appears on my shirts, just below my bra, is any indicator… Um, let’s just say I hate sweating and leave it at that.

I also love Wii boxing. I never knew beating the crap out of a fake and not very human-looking person could be so elating, so…satisfying. Apparently, I have a lot of aggression to get out. Or maybe I just like boxing? Regardless, knocking out my two dimensional opponents has brought me a sick amount of joy these past two days.

Today, I finally ventured into Wii Fit territory. Apparently, I’m the most unbalanced person to ever walk the earth. The damn thing asked me if I fall down a lot when walking, which I DO NOT, thankyouverymuch!

Actually, like most people, I have one leg slightly longer than the other. Except it’s slightly more than just slightly. Apparently, the Wii doesn’t know that humans are rarely perfectly symmetrical. Nonetheless, I seem to have made it this far in life with my supposedly poor balance and compensate just fine. And I’m still mad about that falling remark, Nintendo!

The upside is that I’m in a normal weight range. The downside? I’ve gained three pounds since my last doctor’s appt in December. Looks like the Wii and I will be spending a lot more time together as I set my “goal” to lose 5 lbs. in two weeks.

I’m embarrassed to admit that after falling asleep with my son tonight for about 4 hours, I woke up to soreness in muscles I didn’t even know I had. Gah. No wonder I hate exercise. Where’s mah Aleve?


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