Just Call me the Floss Fairy

Posted by on February 23, 2009

I’m curious…  Do ya’ll floss?

I do—religiously—and I’m always equal parts horrified and fascinated at what comes out of my teeth AFTER brushing. Seriously…who knew you could cram THAT MUCH stuff in there?

You may recall from my last post that I recently went out with my husband and an assortment of friends for his birthday. Can I just tell you…I saw a disturbing amount of tartar on the teeth of random strangers (and a few old acquaintances, too). Get thee to a dentist and scrape that shit off before you get gum disease, people!

Good dental hygiene is the cornerstone of my existence. I feel like flying around and handing out dental floss to the whole world. And yes, I know that’s a little weird.


  • Kelley says:

    You and me? Could totally be BFF.

    I would die without my dental floss.

    Oh and those cotton bud thingies to clean out my ears. Seriously how freaking GOOD does that feel? (Yes I know it is bad)

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  • Hannah says:

    Its not weird! Flossing is so important and its gross to think of all the people out there with crap in between their teeth!

    I like the mint floss that is soft, because I find the regular stuff hard on my gums. Which kind do you use?

    Hannah’s last blog post..Brightest Blue

  • Sarah says:

    I too am a huge floss person. Love flossing. Love the dentist. The greatest thing I can do for my children and make sure they have clean teeth too. I had a supermarket checker once tell me how white my teeth were and I told her my secret. Straws. Drink everything thru a straw. And, even though I love red wine, I often choose white because of less staining.

    Sarah’s last blog post..The Ladyrather Diary

  • Flossing is the only thing in life I do religiously. But then, I’m a victim of gum disease who learned the flossing lesson too late in life. THOUSANDS of dollars later, my gums still torment me. Use me as a cautionary tale if you must — but do not fail to floss.

    And can I just say that those little floss sticks are mankind’s greatest invention?! I can floss while I drive!

  • Me? Floss regularly? Nah. I do it once in a while. My hygienist has given up on trying to get me to be regular about it.

    I do brush regularly, though, and I use a tartar control toothpaste. Also, I get regular cleanings, so I’m in decent shape.

    Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Manic Monday – Fire

  • You can SEE tartar on people’s teeth? You’re goooood.

  • I love flossing too! But I floss first and then brush. That way you sweep all the gunk that comes out but doesn’t stick to the floss.

    And I can’t understand why there’s still tartar in my mouth at the dentist after flossing every day. I think I need to floss like 3 times a day to make sure that tartar doesn’t have a chance.

  • patois says:

    If this post doesn’t do it for people, I don’t know what will.

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  • verybadcat says:

    I floss, but I do it before I brush. Right? Wrong? Weird? Who knows.

    verybadcat’s last blog post..Cattails: Adventures of a Very Bad Cat

  • Maria says:

    Oh god I need to floss more. :(

    I want to plan a girl’s night out to that cabaret place in Ybor. Cause I haven’t been out in about a million years. You should totally jump on board.

    Maria’s last blog post..instant karma

  • heels says:

    I must confess- I have such a problem with sticking my hands in my mouth that I am not a very regular flosser. And yes- I’ve tried the little floss-stick thingies and they DO NOT work for me. I do floss every time that I eat popcorn, though, so I make sure to do so semi-regularly just for the excuse. However, I must be an AMAZING tooth-brusher, because my dental hygienist is convinced that I’m a regular flosser. I just don’t contradict her…

    I do LOVE going to the dentist and wish that I could afford to do so more than twice a year. At least quarterly would be good!

  • Kristabella says:

    I used to floss religiously. And then somehow, I got out of the habit. My dentist always told me to floss before you brush, because you stimulate the gums by flossing and it is better for the health of your gums, or something.

    Thankfully, I get regular check-ups every 6 months and my dentist is under the impression I do floss. I credit it to my electric toothbrush.

    Wow, I can’t believe I went on this long about oral hygiene.

    Kristabella’s last blog post..Why Is It Called Spam Anyway?

  • I’m kinda addicted to flossing. Even if I don’t need to, I like the process, you know? Like those crazy junkies. It’s the ritual.

  • Cara says:

    I floss every day as part of my nighttime ritual. I just started that about two years ago. Before that, never. Now, I can’t sleep if I forget to do it. My dentist said if he were stuck on a desert island and he had to choose between a toothbrush and floss, he would go for the floss. I guess that means it’s pretty important.

    Cara’s last blog post..All The Glitz And Glamour

  • terena says:

    I’m so religious about flossing I carry floss in my purse. I have this one spot between two back teeth that traps food, especially chicken, and no brushing can dislodge it. It is truly disgusting what comes out of that spot.

  • jennster says:

    i floss daily. I LOVE MY TEETH AND GUMS. and even though i’m a rockstar, they still sometimes give me issues. *cries*
    but i’ll do whatever i have to to keep those babies healthy!

    jennster’s last blog post..my life as i know it, is over

  • Jerri Ann says:

    As someone who wore braces 2 different times for long periods of time, I have this obsession with my teeth. Yet, genetics have never been to kind to me and I have horrible teeth. I brush a lot and I end up as a habitual flosser. Like I will floss four or five times a day for weeks, maybe months, then something happens to break my routine, and I do without for a little while. Then, something happens, the OCD kicks back in and I go back to that habitual stuff.

    My husband thinks I’m insane…….

  • i floss everyday but my husband doesn’t. drives me a little nuts.

  • Flossing. I’m bad at that, or I should say, I was bad at that. I like those wooden or plastic stick floss things. I could never get the real hang of the whole string thing.

    Mia of General Hysteria’s last blog post..We Need More Clorox

  • Caffeinatrix says:

    Total addendum here, people…did you know you’re supposed to floss your kids teeth, esp when they start getting their adult teeth? The gaps close up and they get mad cavities in between their molars. So not kidding. And it’s hard to do but man, paying for THREE fillings, a space maintainer and an extraction? Also hard :(

  • Amanda says:

    I admit I do not floss as regularly as I should. I do however use mouthwash and brush my teeth obsessively. I even use the whitening strips. I make my 8 year old floss everyday because he just had a few teeth taken out due to cavities. :( I feel horrible. We use the colored sticks. I like them.

  • OK, I’m so overdue for a cleaning, it aint’ funny BUT my NY resolutions was to floss more often and I do. I’m now addicted trying out all the different things and I wish WISH that the Flossies weren’t so damn environmentally unfriendly with all the plastic because I love them. But my inner green lover goes for the yarn now (am I alone in loving the minty or cinny yarn?)

    I love LOVE (possibly even get horny) over clean teeth… perhaps I need to have an affair with a dentist.

    oh gawd…. you were talking about my teeth weren’t you….

  • Stacy Quarty says:

    I am so with you on this one! I floss twice, at least once a day and am equally obsessed with dental hygiene. I guess that’s what gum surgery and braces for the second time will do!

    I heard that Harrison Ford NEVER flosses! I used to have a huge crush on him but now am now forever grossed out. Eh… he’s not looking too good these days anyways. Maybe it’s because he never flossed!

  • Sparrow says:

    I actually prefer flossing to brushing. I do both, of course, but there’s something infinitely more satisfying about flossing.

    Sparrow’s last blog post..Checking In

  • mamatulip says:

    Okay, I just left a comment that took forever to post, and now I see “anonymous” and a big blank space above this box. Did you get my comment?

  • mamatulip says:

    Ack! Okay, I have to re-comment. :)

    You are my SOUL SISTAH. I floss on the regular. I carry floss with me in my purse, have floss in both bathrooms. When we first started dating, I told Dave I wouldn’t suck face with him unless he flossed regularly. I hate it when it looks like people have been chewing on Ricotta cheese. Ewww…floss, dammit!

  • magpie says:

    No. I just don’t.

    But this morning, I was at my boss’s apartment, trying to solve his internet access problem (he is a luddite) and I was on the phone with the cable company. Suddenly, I heard this weird noise. I looked up and he was flossing! Over my shoulder! In the middle of his living room. Click click click. Oy.

  • TB says:

    I’m a flosser. And my Sonicare toothbrush is something I really don’t think I could live without.

  • kittenpie says:

    I’m an on-and-off flosser, i have to confess. I’ll floss all the time for a while, then slack off for a while before climbing back on the wagon. On the whole, I’d guess I net more than half the time flossing, maybe 2/3, but with the babe, it hasn’t been so good, since I keep being so tired I don’t even get around to washing my face quite *every* night. It’ll get better again. Soon, I hope.

    kittenpie’s last blog post..Funny Bun-ny

  • Pirsey says:

    If you want to read a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for four from five. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thanks, anyway!

    Pirsey’s last blog post..The patch

  • Michele says:

    I love my teeth now, have definatly made me more comfortable and I smile alot more now :) :) :) :)

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    I really like Reach waxed Icy Mint the best, although I’d use any kind of string if I had to!

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    Ohhhh man, I want to lecture you so bad on the importance of flossing. But I won’t :)

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    OMG yes!!! It’s this crusty looking yellow stuff that collects at the gumline. It’s really noticeable when you take a photo of someone who has it. Poor people…they need a visit from the Floss Fairy ;)

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    Okay, I wasn’t going to tell anyone this lest I seem, I don’t know…obsessed? But I confess that I brush, floss and either brush again or swish/rinse with antiplaque stuff. I wonder about tartar, too. Like how do you just STOP IT? Short of not eating, of course!

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    I prefer to brush first because I don’t think I could handle the chunkitude factor but that’s just me. I usually rinse really good afterward and sometimes, if I’m feeling really compulsive, I brush again. Definitely weird.

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    Know what drives me nuts? When my husband brushes and flosses and then decides he’s hungry.

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    I tend to agree with your dentist, although you have to wonder how people on desert islands get those fuzzy little sweaters off their teeth every day!

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    My inner junkie loves the upper first molars. Soooo gratifying to floss them…

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    Never had much luck with the little sticks myself. But I have the hands-in-mouth thing down to a science!

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    What is the cabaret place in Ybor (apparently I get out even less than you do because I have no clue what that is!)

  • Maria says:

    @The Caffeinatrix, I just read about it in the paper, which is about as close as I get to actually going out.


  • Caffeinatrix says:

    Ohhhhh…I have one of those spots, too. It makes me crazy and also fuels my obsessive need to floss at odd times!!

  • Caffeinatrix says:

    When we’re old (us old? NEVER) and everyone else is wearing dentures, we’ll still have our real teeth because we FLOSSED! Hells yeah!

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    Oops, must have been a server hiccup because I didn’t get any comments from you. Sorry :)

  • The Caffeinatrix says:

    It sounds pretty cool! I wonder if they got the idea from Gossip Girl.

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