Monthly Archives: January 2009

Thoughts on a Tagline

Tagline. Notice I don’t have one. I mean it’s not like a requirement or anything but sometimes it can help illuminate a bit about the author. So…in keeping with the caffeine/coffee/I-stay-up-way-too-late thing that is the inspiration for this blog’s name, I started mentally toying with taglines. Best one yet: Always Up. Always Hot. lololololol I […]

I Want a Do-Over

There’s the moment you can tell someone is gonna hurl all over you and the moment they actually do. In between those two moments is that period where everything happens in superrrrr-slowwwww motionnnnn and you can do nothing but watch as your youngest projectile vomits all over you, your bed AND your favorite flat pillow […]

We’re Not Haters. Really.

We’re really not God haters or anything but I do have some issues with organized religion. To clarify, I’m not an atheist but I feel the institutions that commonly interpret and dispense the big guy’s “word” are so flawed that I just cannot, in good conscience, sit in a church and pretend like I’m down […]

Say It Isn’t So

Last night, as I was searching in vain for a Twitter app for Facebook that actually works worth a crap (because NONE of them do) I came across someone gushing about Twitter and how it has rendered blogs all stone-agey and shit and how we don’t need them anymore because Twitter gives us, apparently, the […]

It’s Monday and You Know What That Means

Gossip Girl watchers, come out, come out, wherever you are! In exchange, I offer you this exceedingly hot Blair/Nate clip (when he still thought she was all virgin-y and stuff) in honor of the three week Christmas pimp-out being officially over.

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