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I remember hearing awhile back that Disney’s squeaky clean teen queen Miley Cyrus had declared herself a virgin and intended to remain one until marriage. I think it was when she was seeing one of the less fortunate Jonas Brothers.

But then I saw a picture of Miley’s current boyfriend, 20 yr old model Justin Gaston, and I had to laugh a little about that very public pledge. I have nothing against virginity but COME ON!

He’s TWENTY…and let’s face it…he’s NO Jonas Brother.


I’m just sayin…



  • Maria says:

    I’d fuck him dry. She ain’t no damn virgin.

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  • Bethany says:

    I’m sure she is still a virgin. She’s under very close supervision at all times, for now at least. It’s not unheard of. I was a virgin till I married my dh and so were many of my friends and so are many of my friends daughters. not everyone in the world is a slut.

  • heels says:

    Being around him and staying a virgin would certainly have been a challenge for my 16 year old libido, and I married the first guy I ever slept with (and not because I had to!), so that’s saying something.

  • Chris says:

    What is that, a sixteen pack?

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  • ali says:

    i may have to add that lovely piece of ass to my list…

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  • Jennifer says:

    But, he’s wearing a cross!

    So I am absolutely certain that he will abstain from sexual intercourse until he is married.


    (And Bethany probably has personal contact with Miley on a daily basis. That how she is”sure” that Miley is still a virgin.)

  • Suebob says:

    Oh, they are SO getting busy. And if they aren’t, what a waste of young talent!

  • Here’s what I want to know . . . WHY is it so damn important — this virginity thing — that she feels compelled to declare it and the machine feels compelled to promote and protect it? Call me blasphemous, call me a slut, call me progressive, but isn’t the notion a bit antiquated? I’m not promoting promiscuity, I promise. I have a teenage daughter and I’m hoping she’ll keep it under wraps for a while for a good many reasons. But good grief, until we acknowledge that abstinence is a rather perilousl human construct, not a natural biological state, we’re doomed to blather pointlessly on ideological grounds. We’re not that far removed, you know, from cultures that sacrificed virgins. We’ve just moved on to sacrificing “sluts” (a la Britney and Paris) because we’ve decided the contemporary Christian God hates them (and fags, too).

  • Um, sorry. I can be a bit strident. Go ahead and burn me at the stake.

  • Chris says:

    Well, we’re talking Hollywood here. It could all be arranged to boost her street cred. He’s likely gay and just playing a part. Goes home to his sugar daddy.

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  • Sparrow says:

    (Is it wrong that I am thirteen years older than he is and I just made that photo my new desktop wallpaper?)

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  • Kuba says:

    this is a test…. I don’t know if I can actually reply here since I don’t have a blog of my own…. actually, I kinda envy all you guys for having the creativity to do that, I’m not one of those people………. anyway, if I see this, then I guess I can….. but I totally agree with Mayberry Magpie……my question is- who really gives a shit if she’s a virgin or not? I recall Britney feeling the need to (falsely) declare that she was one, and she kept that charade up till Justin Timberlake ratted her out on some talk show…. but WHO really cares if Miley is or isn’t? other than, as you pointed out, Disney…. I somehow doubt that some 16 year old is gonna abstain because Miley “Not Fucking” Cyrus does…… as to the original statement/question, I have to agree that since her boyfriend is TWENTY, unless he hasn’t already “unpopped the cork”, and doesn’t know what he’s missing, more than likely he wouldn’t be hanging around for long without the promise of, er, um, a booty call…. except maybe for the “glamour” of being Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend, what with all the attention, publicity-wise, that the person who fills that role gets….. :-)

  • patois says:

    My heart is racing just looking at that pose, with his finger and…

    Good luck with that Miley!

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  • I have no idea what else your post said because I was too busy drooling.

    I don’t get the hoopla over losing your virginity. Yeah, it should happen with someone who is important to you but I don’t think it’s this big, mythical thing that people make it out to be.

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  • kittenpie says:

    I always have to shake my head when these young, young stars make that declaration, because at 14, sure, that seems like an easy promise to make. A couple of years later… and you’re still stuck with a promise you’re not sure you want to keep anymore, but now it’s all so dreadfully PUBLIC and you’re going to be pilloried if you don’t keep it, no matter how reasonable it is to break it now that you are older and in a relationship – that doesn’t make you a slut, except for what the press is going to say about it will make it out like that. Why not just not talk about it, instead? Like normal people?

  • Hannah says:

    If she has sex now or later, I vote permanent sterilization for Ms. Cyrus so we don’t have to listen to any more terrible music that her future progeny could create.;)

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  • Holy hotness. I’ll give him my virginity.

  • I can’t say anything more awesome than “I’d fuck him dry.” That’s the awesome awesomity awesome of the day.

  • You know I kept coming back to this post, perhaps a double digit number of times, and maybe I saved it in my bloglines so I could just come back and try to read the words in the post – but no, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the photo. And I think if she isn’t getting carnal with that, than she needs to reassess her priorities.

  • Cara says:

    Sounds a lot like Britney and we know how that ended up.

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  • Angel says:

    Wowza. My sex drive has been kind of eh lately. Well, scratch that…REALLY nonexistent. All I needed was a look at some hot young ass, who knew?! *grin*

    Getting to the point though, I think that the outrage parents come out with when the Jamie Lynn’s get pregnant and the Britney’s paint on some latex for a video at 16 is responsible for the feigned asexuality of these young stars. After all, they are “role models” gasp! Come on. I have little girls..the oldest of whom is 7 and loves Hannah Montana and iCarly and whatnot. But I don’t think she, or I, for that matter, have any business even knowing, much less passing judgment on, whether they get busy in real life or not.

    You just have to talk to your kids about the shows they watch-make sure they know the difference between entertainment and reality. If every parent did that our society would be so much better off. But you have the parents who have tv babysitting their kids, and the parents who let their kids go on the computer without supervision or filters, (or at least talking to them about what they may come across), bitching about the examples these stars set and the horrible things their child *could* see and so forth. It irks me. They are people. They’ll try alcohol, and maybe drugs. They’ll have sex at some point. They’ll put their foot in their mouth, or dress too sexy, or walk around with their skirt tucked into their pantyhose. Big deal. All my kids knows is Hannah Montana. Not gossip about Miley. If she comes across gossip about Miley before she is old enough to “get it”, I’ll explain it to her. *shrug* If that’s all it takes to turn my kid into a mini-Miley, maybe it’s my parenting that needs to be examined, not Miley’s parents.

    And holy crap, the margarita I had at dinner has me typing your ear off, hehe.

  • Amanda says:

    Well, he’s f-ing somebody…

  • FishyGirl says:

    OMFG, how could you be around that on a regular basis and not just lick it every chance you get? How?!


  • Tracee Sioux says:

    LOL. Yeah. She’s a virgin. Then she’s got more restraint than myself.

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  • Kuba says:

    @Kuba, cool…. I guess I can!

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