Note To Self No. 473

Posted by on January 30, 2008

Dear Self,

I know you are a very caring mom and when your son comes to you and speaks the words “boo boo”, you never hesitate to immediately give the afflicted area a kiss to make it all better. However, in the future? You should make darned sure he is saying “boo boo” when he presents an index finger to you before automatically giving it one of your All-Better!™ mommy kisses because he might really be saying “poo poo” and actually trying to show you what he found in his diaper.

Additionally, I strongly recommend that you never cut a very long and audible fart while opening the front door to let the cat out. A male neighbor might be approaching on the other side. And I know you NEED to believe it’s possible but I don’t think that anyone would mistake that fart for a creaky door. I’m just sayin.

Warm regards,


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