It’s For Your Own Good?

Posted by on December 17, 2007

In New Jersey, children who attend preschool or daycare will soon be required to have annual flu vaccinations (most of which DO contain mercury), despite protests from many parents who don’t think the government should be able to tell them what substances, toxic or otherwise, they must inject into their children.

Of course, I find this reprehensible because while it is in the public interest for all people to be vaccinated and I did choose to have my kids receive the normal childhood vaccines, having the government tell you can’t refuse something you feel could be irreversibly dangerous to your child is actually pretty scary.

I wonder how many people will object when they mandate that we must all be microchipped because it’s in the public interest?

But I digress, because what I really wanted to touch on besides the forced flu shots is water fluoridation.

If you want to talk about having something dangerous forced upon you without your consent, you need only turn to you kitchen faucet. In most counties, townships etc. in the US, water is fluoridated without the consent or permission of those who have no choice but to drink it.

So what’s wrong with fluoride? For one thing, it’s not medical grade fluoride. It’s actually a by-product of the phosphate industry that is considered toxic waste until they put it in your drinking water.

Additionally, fluoride is a cumulative poison. On average, only 50% of the fluoride we ingest each day is excreted through the kidneys. The remainder accumulates in our bones, pineal gland, and other tissues.

Is this bad?

Well, considering that fluoride is directly linked to thyroid disease, damage to the male reproductive system (and we wonder why male sperm counts are down 50% in the last half century?) and a whole host of other potentially dangerous health problems, I’d have to say yes. It’s bad.

Shockingly, the US Public Health Service first endorsed fluoridation in 1950, before one single trial had ever been completed.

Have you ever read your toothpaste tube? The directions state that you should NOT swallow toothpaste. Why? Because it’s NOT meant to be ingested — and yet we drink it in our water everyday.

The dental community acknowledges that fluoridated water does little or nothing to stop pit and fissure cavities, the most common kind of tooth decay and too much will actually cause dental fluorosis where the enamel of the tooth is eroded.

Both of my children’s baby teeth came in with enamel hypoplasia where the enamel was already damaged or missing. The dentist speculates that it’s actually dental fluorosis from drinking so much fluoridated water when they were in utero. Nice. Think my county water department will pay our dental bills?

Oh, and it’s totally in your breastmilk, moms. Your babies are being fluoridated whether you like it or not.


Does your drinking water contain added fluoride? If so, keep it away from infants under the age of one. This directive was issued recently by an unlikely source: the American Dental Association (ADA). Read the whole thing and see why fluoride is also now being considered a neurotoxin that’s dangerous to developing infant brains. It’s horrible.

I could go on and on and on about water fluoridation because the facts are really, REALLY jaw-dropping but in the interest of brevity, you can read about it at the Fluoride Action Network if you want more information.

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  • Aprylsantics says:

    Thank God I never filled that prescription for flouride drops when the kids were little. We had well water when they were growing up, so the pediatrician recommended supplements. I did use “Nursery” water, though. Nice. Between the flouride and the plastic bottle it came in, I’ve probably already done enough damage.

  • Angie says:

    My son has the enamel issue on one tooth. Also, it makes me wonder about other things that are on the rise like autism and food allergies.

  • yorksdevil says:

    Thankfully Britain has so far avoided water fluoridation. It is on the control-obsessed government’s “to do” list.

    On the subject of vaccines, a few years ago the uptake of the measles jab dropped. There are now more people dying of measles in Britain than for a great many years.

  • Mrs. Chicky says:

    I live in a town that flatly refused to have flouride in their tap water. I bitched about it when I started to get cavities (never had one until I moved here) but I was pretty happy when I found out I didn’t have to rely on bottled water for my kid.

  • kittenpie says:

    I must say that while I agree with vaccinations for *major* illnesses (ie. the ones that are easily spread and hard to get over, like polio, rubella, and so on that used to cause major misery in children) being insisted upon for school children (where germs are spread among LOTS of kids), I think flu shots for preschoolers being mandatory is not necessary. For one thing, daycare centres are smaller, with less kids, and the kids are typically only in contact with between 18-48 other children, not like a school where the mingling is larger. For another thing, these kids are in more protected environments at home, for the most part, not going out to different lessons and venues all over the place. They have less access to other germs in the first place. All this to say, it’s a much lower level of threat to larger public health than a school is. Not to mention that while flu CAN be fatal to some, it is overall less of a big deal to your average public whose health you want to protect. so yeah, while I also do get the flu shot for Pumpkinpie (since Misterpie is a teacher, I work with public, AND she’s indaycare, we are high-risk), I wouldn’t want to be told I had to quite yet. Save it for the polio.

  • b*babbler says:

    Yikes – I’ve never thought of the fluoride issue before, so this is pretty scary reading.

  • Christina says:

    Oh, that flu shot issue has me really pissed off. Good thing I don’t live in NJ.

    I feel so torn sometimes – bottled water is bad, but so is my tap water. We filter our tap water at home, but I don’t know if fluoride is filtered out or not. I’ll have to check on that.

  • barbex says:

    Here in Germany they still prescribe fluoride for infants for their teeth and I was always looked upon for not giving it to my kids. But I had looked up what fluoride does and it’s bad for the bones and the joints and what not.
    Nobody could tell me how the fluoride is supposed to know that it should go to the teeth! No thank you, I don’t believe in intelligent ions!

  • Shelley says:

    I definitely think something like fluoridation should be a personal choice.

    When dentists are recognizing it’s lack of effectiveness and the research proves it’s not entirely safe and the government still forces it on you, it’s just wrong.

    We avoid mercury in fish and lead in our toys and gasoline but it’s okay to force something that’s also known to be dangerous on people who have no choice to accept it unless they want to dig a well?

    Doesn’t anyone ever wonder why so many people in America have thyroid cancer or why so many people are on thyroid replacement medication? Even most elderly cats in America develop thyroid conditions. That’s not normal for humans or animals but they all drink water, don’t they?

  • Izzy says:

    There is a special type of filter that you need to remove fluoride. A Brita or Pur doesn’t cut it. I think it might a reverse osmosis filter. Whatever it is, I plan on getting one in the near future. Just thinking about my poor kids’ baby teeth is enough of a reason for me. I drank TONS and TONS of water when I was pregnant with both of them.

  • I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I need to do more reading, but it sounds bad. Especially that part about the ADA not recommending it for infants. What about people using formula? Chances are they are using flouridated water from a BPA-laden formula can and warming it in a BPA-laden plastic bottle. Sucks.

    Anyway, I don’t like anything being forced on me, like you said. If there are some benefits to taking flouride, I’d rather the gov’t do public awareness campaigns to educate us about it and then we can decide whether we want to take a supplement or not. As an aside, I have thyroid problems. Perhaps it’s all the flouridated water I drink…great.

    And the flu shot thing REALLY pisses me off. That is one area where I think gov’t is getting way too involved.

  • Gina says:

    If you have a water softener and good reverse osmosis filter in your home, you’ll be filtering out the flouride. We had one and our kids still had horrible baby teeth, so it’s not the flouride’s fault. Prescribed fluoride is medical grade and can be a very good thing for children who show a need for it. My daughter applies it to her teeth, waits about 3 minutes, then spits without rinsing. It’s not a cure-all, but we haven’t had to do any more baby “root canals” since we started her on it. As for flu shots, I think that should be a personal choice but I can understand the reason for it. Too many parents will take their sick kids to pre-school rather than take time off work and that exposes everyone – staff and children – to more illness. So, do you want them to install runny nose and fever police at the door to every day care? It’s the same result in the end.

  • Lela says:

    I have no idea if we have flouride in our water. We usually stick to bottled anyway, the tap water tastes funny.

  • Oh wow! That’s insane.
    I am going to kick my hubby in the @$$! I always tell him I hate drinking tap water and he didn’t want to buy any bottled water. Specially during my whole pregnancy.
    I’m sticking to bottled water now.

  • Tahoe Mom says:

    How is what’s going on in my mouth or the mouth’s of my children any business of the government?

    What the hell do they care if I get a cavity or not?

    If they really gave a shit about people, they’d so something about actual healthcare instead of worrying about the state of my teeth.

    The last time I checked, oral hygiene was a personal matter, not a public one.

  • Izzy says:

    Actually enamel hypoplasia is more than just horrible baby teeth and there is more than one suspected cause for it, one of them being environmental exposure to various chemicals and fluoride falls into that category.

    My actual point was not about whether we’ll have the flu and fever police at school or whether mandatory flu shots are a a good or bad thing.

    My point is that the government has clearly crossed a line when they start mandating that you must inject something into your child that you feel is dangerous or when they decided it’s for our own good that we have to consume way more than the “safe” level of fluoride in our drinking water. It’s not like you can just go to another water source if you don’t like it (and the onus shouldn’t be on me to spend $500 on a water filtration system). You have no choice but to accept it.

    As I said…how will you feel when the government says you have to be microchipped for national security or your own good or whatever?

    It’s the very same line and I’d prefer they not cross it where my teeth and body and those of my children are concerned.

  • g-man says:

    Wow! I had heard before that it was ineffective, but didn’t know that it was down right dangerous. I’m glad my kids are over 1. Scary stuff that.

  • FENICLE says:

    Great post Iz! I imagine there are a lot of things linked to the chemicals we ingest…I like that you pointed out sperm counts. I know I’ve read a lot on fertility being affected by the millions of women who use birth control pills and go against their bodies natural levels for years on end…

  • Shannon says:

    Preach it girl! EVERY time I take my kids to the dentist she tries to persuade me to give them flouride tablets. Last time when she asked me why, I told her point blank, “Well, they’re poison.” She scoffed, of course, but hopefully she’ll shut up about it now.

    Along similar lines, I recently read that some towns are testing their wastewater to look for traces of illegal drugs. Next stop: testing of the pipes coming out of your home to determine exactly what you’re doing in the privacy of your own home.

  • bitsy parker says:

    Always learning something from you. Of course, it’s too late for my mercury laden and over flouridated children.

    P.S. My husband got a blood test that showed he had high levels of arsenic. Wonder what causes that (like you are my doctor now!)

  • Wow, every time I think about this, I’ll want to vomit… As a breast cancer survivor, I was convinced we are poisoning ourselves with our everyday water. You just talked me into believing I’ve been right… (here’s an argument I didn’t need to win) and the shots..I’m with making me sick… I’m beginning to feel like I live in a police state.

    What can we do…?

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call your gram

  • Gina says:

    Maybe I should have clarified – my daughter had no enamel on her molars and we had no flouride in our water before or after her birth. You can’t blame the flouride for everything and, in Arizona at least, the flouride used in drinking water is medical-grade, not industrial.

    So, fine, no one should have anything forced on them. Here’s the deal, though. Governments fouridate water because poverty-stricken children with very poor teeth due to malnutrition or other factors don’t get adequate dental care. It’s impossible to segregate water into poor versus affluent users, so everybody gets the same water. Give them a toothbrush and toothpaste in semi-annual school check-ups and teach them to brush? Sure, that’s helpful, but what about their teeth before they reach school? Are teeth a luxury that only those whose parents are responsible, educated and insured should be afforded? This isn’t micro-chipping. You can opt out by putting a few dollars a month (probably less than you pay for over-priced bottled water) into the purchase of a sub-micron water filter.

    As for the vaccinations, can any state enforce the rule if the parent submits a written protest with a valid explanation of of his or her objection? Kids can even be admitted to elementary school without the MMR after being granted an exception in most states. So, what are the rules for private institutions? Can you place your child in a home-care situation and forego the mandatory vaccination?

  • Izzy says:

    The difference between regular childhood vaccines and flu vaccines is that mercury has been removed from all childhood vaccines and it has NOT been removed from most flu vaccines. That’s a pretty big difference. If you choose to give the government that kind of power over your life, that’s your business. Me? I’d rather not. And the microchipping metaphor is an example, not an absolute but if you think it can’t happen, you’re fooling yourself.

    As for for fluoridation, first let’s establish that I am not affluent. Second, there is fluoride in bottled water, too unless it’s been distilled and I still won’t buy it because hello? Plastic! We have enough plastic junk in this world and I’m not going to add to it by buying bottled gallons and gallons of water, not to mention plastic containers leach toxins into whatever liquid is in them. Everybody knows that.

    Furthermore, why should I have to pay ANY money at all, whether it’s a few dollars a month or several hundred for a water filtration system? I pay taxes and I pay a water bill every single month whether I use one drop or not. The point is not everyone wants the government “medicating” them via their water source, especially when it’s a substance that is known to be dangerous to human health. You may argue otherwise but there’s plenty of published and peer-reviewed research out there to prove it and even the EPA and ADA know this.

    I want a choice in whether or not to ingest fluoride and if the my city water dept. wants to supply a filtration system to every single person who feels the same way, then great but to use the argument that impoverished people need fluoride in the water is absurd. If a grown person is too stupid to brush their teeth or their children’s teeth, why should everyone else have to suffer for it? How about making the people you refer to go to MANDATORY personal hygiene classes instead?????

  • Izzy says:

    Ha! Police state is right, particularly with the current administration. Can’t WAIT for Nov ’08!

  • After reading this, I think I need to thank my husband for dropping a few hundred dollars on the fancy-schmancy filter he bought.

  • Great post, Izzy. I love how knowledgeable you are and how you talk about issues that matter.

    And P.S. RIGHT ON Tahoe Mom with your comment too. I could not agree more!

  • You go, Izzy! My pediatrician just offered me fluoride drops at my baby’s last well visit because our water is not fluoridated. I told her a little about the dangers of fluoride, but I didn’t know the stuff was as dangerous as that. She was pretty skeptical, and told me I should be prepared for cavities. Hey, but at least his swimmers will work! It really chaps my ass that I have to school my own pediatrician (who is normally more left-of-center).

    Thanks for a wonderfully informative post.

  • I need to read up on flouride, because this is seriously scary…

    But in general, I don’t doubt that all of us our poisoning ourselves every day with ordinary household items we trust as safe.

    The increase in autism, alzheimer’s, allergies, and countless other congenital ailments is rooted in our environment. I have no doubt – just need the proof.

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