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Posted by on December 4, 2007

I recently got a Flip Video Ultra camcorder and to put it simply, I’m in love. It’s about the size of a cell phone (okay, a cell phone from 3 years ago) so it’s infinitely portable and it will take thirty to sixty minutes of video, the quality of which is far better than my little Nikon camera.

The kicker is that it plugs right in to your computer with a little USB thing that flips out of the side of it (it FLIPS! Get it?). NO cables or cords are necessary and get this — the software needed to get it into your computer and onto Youtube, MySpace etc. is built into the camcorder so no more install disks or any of that nonsense. It’s really so idiot-proof that anyone (you know, like your barely computer literate in-laws for example) could use it.

It also comes in different colors, for the style conscious, and a few different configurations for the price conscious. Additionally, Flip Ultra Video was recently touted by Oprah for it’s awesomeness and I recently heard someone on the radio talking about it, too.

I do believe this is THE HOT GIFT of the season and while I personally won’t be dropping $120-$150 on one for anyone, you can bet teens, tweens and proud new parents everywhere will be sporting one of these after the holidays.


  • topher says:

    Hey there-

    My sister got this for xmas-I played with it all week…and now I’m buying one too.

    on a side note-

    I’ve got a product that I want to share with you..I’ll even butter you up with some free samples- I’m too stupid to find a better way to contact you other than leaving this comment!


  • Lisa Hanson says:

    Your blogs are hysterical. Wish I had money to butter you up with but I do have a book that I just got published. Visit it at my site and let me know if you want a copy!

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