Peppa Pig on DVD

Posted by on October 16, 2007

Meet Peppa Pig! She’s five years old, loves to play games, fly kites, play dress up and jump in mud puddles and she does a funny little snort when she’s excited!

Originally an award-winning British show for the preschool set, Peppa Pig has just made her US debut with the DVD Peppa Pig: Muddly Puddles and Other Stories in which she learns lessons about life, family and friends in twelve colorful episodes.

My son is two and a half and was immediately taken with Peppa and her little brother, George and even my seven year old has enjoyed watching the Peppa Pig DVD.

I liked it because it’s a fun, low-key show without a lot of fast-moving imagery, overstimulating graphics and sound, obnoxious singing or syrupy sweet and preachy story lines and yet there is always something for children to learn or glean from it.

I would put it in the same category as Oswald (Nick Jr.) and maybe the earlier episodes of Curious George (PBS), which are really the only two kid shows that don’t make me want to close my eyes and plug my ears as I run from the room (I’ve been watching children’s programming for seven LONG years!)

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