My Very Own Mini Me

Posted by on August 11, 2007

We usually keep my daughter’s bedroom door closed and secured with one of those babyproofing thingamajigs that you have to pinch to turn the door knob because my son, cute as he may be, is a wrecking machine. And a very FAST one at that. He can destroy a clean room in about five minutes on a good day.

Unfortunately, my daughter frequently forgets to close her door and the other day my son got in there and made a pretty big mess. I was totally not in the mood to pick it all up (because I pick up their crap ALL DAY LONG) and left it, intending to deal with it the following day.

Well, that was about 4 days ago and now the room looks like it was in an earthquake. You can hardly walk around in there and it’s just painful to look at, let alone think about cleaning.

So last night I said to my daughter, who seems relatively unmoved by the disaster her room has become, “Do you like your room like this?”

And she replies, with no snark whatsoever, “Yes, I love tripping over all this stuff”

“Excellent use of sarcasm!!!” I exclaim, beaming. I’m so proud of her!  *dabs at misty eyes*


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