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Posted by on July 25, 2007

Tomorrow I take off for BlogHer and I’m pretty excited and a little nervous, too. I hope it’s as much fun as last year. Unfortunately, I’m not at all packed yet but I have done many other important things, like buy shoes!

I did get some flats but not the ones I was referencing in my shoe post because by the time I got my lazy ass back to the store, my size was gone, which seems to be par for the course this week. And that reminds me…

Old Navy? I hate you. HATE. Your love affair with size 2 has got to stop. If you had a hint of a fracking clue, you’d notice that your racks are filled with those tiny sizes while all the normal sizes are gone. Why? Because like .03% of the population wears a 2 and the rest of us don’t. And all those skinny jeans? Pure evil. Make them go away.

Charlotte Russe? I LOVE you. You have clothes in all sizes and even though your stuff largely falls into the category of “cheap shit” that doesn’t hold up very well, I give you mad props for thinking of us females who don’t look like human lollipops.

Oh wait, I was talking about shoes, wasn’t I? Well, if you’re going to Blogher, just look for the cutest Skechers you’ve ever seen (well, that I’ve ever seen anyway) and you will find my feet in them.

I also plucked my eyebrows, including those weird LONG eyebrow hairs that drive me nuts because they go in the wrong direction but now you can see the bald spot in my one eyebrow. I have a scar and no hair grows there so I’ll be penciling it in like Joan Crawford. Please don’t point and laugh.

Oh, and I de-fuzzed my upper lip, which is pretty noteworthy as I rarely do it. And my roommate Dawn, who hates crusty feet, will be very pleased with my new pedicure. *sigh* The things I do for you people…

Monday was our 13th anniversary and we actually had a babysitter! That is HUGE. It was my neighbor(s) whom I’ve grown quite fond of, but sadly, they’re moving away. We finally find someone we trust enough to watch our kids and they’re LEAVING US!!! *dabs eyes, blows nose*

We just went to the movies, which may not sound like a hot date but considering we haven’t been out together, sans children, since before I was pregnant with P (over two years ago), it was major. We saw “Knocked Up” aka funniest movie I’ve seen in forever. If you haven’t seen it and can handle profanity and boobs and the sight of a baby crowning, you should definitely see it. Funny. As. Hell.

Now ya’ll behave for my awesome surprise blogsitters that will be here watching over the joint while I’m gone and be sure to show them some loooove! I told them you guys could stay up an extra half hour and that you could have some Oreos before bed but ONLY if you’re good, hear?

I guess I’m going to put off the inevitable and start packing my stuff. I leave you with a pretty photo of the gorgeous roses the huz gave me when he realized he almost forgot our anniversary and that I knew he almost forgot our anniversary!


PS: If you can’t see my right sidebar, now or ever, please drop me an email and tell me, k?

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