On Being a Holiday Poseur…

Posted by on April 10, 2007

Picture 1.pngThis past Saturday night I realized two things. I hadn’t gotten any Easter basket stuff for the kids and I had not a single acceptable thing to wear to dinner on Easter Sunday with my in-laws.

If jeans and t-shirts were a viable option or wearing black on Easter Sunday wasn’t generally frowned upon, I’d have been all set but alas, Easter is the holiday of pastels and nice, lady-like attire, which are things that my wardrobe is sorely lacking. Not that I mind, though, because I just feel like a big fraud when I’m wearing such things anyway.

It actually reminds me of going home for the holidays during college and well into my twenties and feeling like such a misfit with my regular wardrobe that I would actually shop before my trip for something bland and suburban that would make me blend in a little better because being the thrift store-clad black sheep at those large family gathering? Is not fun.

Clearly, I still feel compelled to perform the same ritual before attending gatherings with my in-laws because I actually went to the evil empire (Wal-mart) on Saturday night (because Target was about to close) and not only procured Easter candy and related tchotchkes but also a few shirts in bright, peppy Easter egg-like colors with the intention that I could pair them with some bright, peppy capri pants that I secured for some other “Yes, I’m a total fraud” event. I even bought myself a pair of spring-friendly sandals since all my other sandals have seen better days.

So yes. I spent my Saturday night at Wal-Mart buying candy and clothes which is only slight less humiliating than the following Sunday morning conversation with my six year old daughter wherein we are discussing what I am going to wear to Easter since I’d said the night before that I didn’t have diddly squat –

TQ: Mommy, you can wear this shirt for Easter *holds up my new sky blue top* It’s perfect for Easter and it doesn’t even matter that it’s a maternity shirt.

Me: Wha??? Why do you think it’s a maternity shirt?

TQ: Because it’s GIGAAAAANTIC!!! *runs off laughing*

Kids say the darnedest things, don’t they?

And yes, I did don my “gigaaaantic” shirt for Easter and would you believe that for the first time ever everyone was dressed casually in jeans? Yes. Due to cool weather they dressed in jeans while I’m wearing this hideously bright blue shirt and coordinating plaid pastel capri pants and looking like a dorky Easter egg.

The moral of this story is?

Um… Be yourself?

Buy better clothes?

Be better prepared so you don’t have to settle for the rather limited selection at Wal-Mart?

Don’t be embarrassed about looking like a schlub in front of your in-laws because one day they will all surprise you and wear jeans to Easter dinner?

Select tighter shirts so your daughter doesn’t think you bought maternity clothes?

I need to go on “What Not to Wear”?





  • Christina says:

    Maybe tell the in-laws that they need to state the dress code for each holiday event up front, so you know how to prepare?

    This year I used the pregnancy excuse to not dress up, and to skip out on buying Easter candy and toys. Besides, Cordy is still too young to know what she’s missing, although this is the last year I can get away with that.

    (But we did stop by the after-Easter sales and snag all of the leftover Cadbury caramel eggs. Yum.)

  • toyfoto says:

    I have this same problem with the in-laws. They believe in “dressing” for dinner. In my family holiday meals were come as you are, in their’s it is get all gussied up. Dresses for women, jacket and tie for men.

    For the first several years I didn’t get the message. I continued to wear jeans and sweaters thinking it wasn’t a big deal. Of course now I wish I’d never caught on to the “are you really wearing that?” vibe because I now HATE family gatherings with a passion I’d never before known all because I have to look like someone I’m not.

  • Erin says:

    You crack me up!

  • Jennifer says:

    So that’s how you spell “tchotchkes”! Huh, who knew!?

    I’m sorry to hear you had to brave Walmart for nothing, well, not nothing. You got the much needed candy!

  • ugh. i spent easter uncomfortable in the clothes that I bought for last easter which I never wear because I hate them… what is it about holidays that make us act like idiots? at least I know I’m not alone!!

  • Hah! Definitely the kind of thing that would happen to me. Ehrm, did happen to me, at least the part about not having done anything about the kids’ Easter baskets until Saturday. I went to the store to rectify this only to find that there were NO MORE EASTER EGG DYE KITS LEFT!

    I had to improvise wih food coloring. Damn.

  • After reading this post I appreciate that I’m a guy and people expect us to dress poorly. Not that, that helps you out much though.

  • I’ll click for the furbabies every day. How awesome.

    I need a picture of the shirt, I think.


  • the new girl says:

    I have the same issue when I go to the inlaws. Being big and pregnant gave me a little sense of entitlement this year…I wore jeans and a gray shirt.

    I love kitty in the corner! It’s ASPCA day today, so it’s extra special. I’ll be clicking that and the google ads. So you get your cut. I know. I’m all about the philanthropy.

  • the new girl says:

    Pheedo, I mean.
    Hope you’re raking it in.

  • dennis says:

    hmmm, at least you stood out and you know that they’ll have a topic of conversation for years and years and years…

    uh, I don’t actually seem to be helping here, do i?

  • Oh, The Joys says:

    You, rock star of a mom, dressed up like a pastel Wal-Mart egg to please the in-laws? That is love.

  • RWA says:

    Hmmmm…better to be overdressed or underdressed?

  • tori says:

    Where is the photo to go along with this???? Moral of the story is, if you post this, you need to include the picture! Or always be yourself, whichever moral you like better.

  • Okay, I admit it that I wore a brightly colored dress to church on Easter Sunday (photo on my blog as proof), but I did it because I bought the dress for my SIL’s wedding last summer, and I didn’t wear it. I wore a black dress instead. Hey, it was a nighttime wedding, and she’s very into fashion. More than half the women there were in black!

    I’ve worn black on Easter, but I usually wear it with something bright like sapphire blue or hot pink. That’s just me. I’m a jeans person, too, so maybe you could’ve worn the blue top with jeans – kinda a half compromise, you know.

    And the click site? I’ve clicked on the Hunger Site and all of the affiliate sites for years. Good reminder!

  • Oh boy. I did that for about 10 years of my married life, and then I decided to give it up. This year, I wore a black sweater, jeans and boots. Nobody gave me the evil eye, but I sure stood out among all those Southern folk in their Easter Sunday best.

  • “Because it’s GIGAAAAANTIC!!!”

    That’s great!!

  • Kate says:

    My son told me the other day that my legs were “HUUUUUUUUUGE!” Not to self: don’t turn to the kids for self-esteem building exercises.

  • Pendullum says:

    Luckily, and because there is a god in heaven… My MIL lives down in Florida…and could not make it up here for Easter… so no pastel colours were killed in order to make her happy…
    I say gloating… but with a great deal of love and empathy in my heart for you dear Izzy…

  • It’s wrong of me to laugh at you, right?

    Cuz I’m laughing, picturing you in that hideous get up. Would have been sooooo perfect if you had added your fanny pack.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I’m sure you looked lovely! I wore a pink twinset (do people still call them that? A cardigan with a matching sleeveless sweater underneath?) and a pair of khaki pants. And then the only shoes I could find that weren’t my beat up sneakers or old black Naturalizer walking shoes were a pair of BLACK SANDALS. So that’s what I had on my feet.

    I clicked the link. Great cause!

  • Fenicle says:

    My family doesn’t go all out for holidays…but generally we dress nice – like sweaters, blouses, khaki’s, nice jeans, etc…Last year at Christmas my mom arrived wearing old sweatpants & a very old stained with bleach sweatshirt that had holes in it. WHY? Because she didn’t feel like dressing up & this was comfortable. I decided I need to be more like her! Not give a damn!

  • I totally wore black on Easter. Screw it. It was less than 40 degrees here. But, I often wish I could get picked for What Not To Wear. . .

  • Black’s okay for Easter if you accessorize with a pink fanny pack.

  • TB says:

    I feel you. My in-laws get dressed up for normal dinners and it really sucks for me right now because I literally have about five things that fit that I rotate through. I REFUSE to buy any more maternity clothes and I’m not buying any new shoes until I can determine if my feet have actually grown or are just swollen. So dressing for Easter dinner was a real challenge.

  • You have me laughing Izzy. Although I was ahead with the Easter basket stuff, I ended up dressing head to toe in black for Easter because it was freezing cold (we even had flurries) and my original plan was blown to hell. I did throw a crochet khaki color sweater over top of it but even wore a black coat. You were probably the envy of the get-together, Easter egg look-alike or not.

  • Mom101 says:

    I think every holiday should be casual, especially when it’s dinner at home. Put the energy into cooking one more dessert. (Says the pregnant woman with no wardrobe and a hankering for pie)

  • nila says:

    I hate dressing for holidays. I like to host so that I can stay in sweats if I so choose.

    We skipped the baskets this year. Instead we bought them a new Wii game and they were thrilled. It was so much easier than putting baskes together. Life just gets easier as they get older.

  • julia says:

    I’ll nominate you if you’ll nominate me. I so need that show. My wardrobe is pathetic – long sleeve, snot-stained t-shirts, ancient sweaters and jeans…well, I don’t even want to talk about the jeans. Ugh. De-fucking-pressing.

    But I have cute shoes. I have nothing to wear the shoes with, but by god, I got ‘em.

    I’m going to click now.

  • piglet says:

    i was totally in walmart on easter-eve too. in addition, since they were out of chocolate bunnies, i made three more stops until i found a chocolate bunny.


    that whole dressing thing sucks ass doesn’t it?

  • Jenny says:

    Be yourself. Amen sister.

    Now I’m off to click your kitty.


  • jess says:

    I can’t believe you found a pastel shirt at walmart, actually, i can’t believe you found easter candy on saturday night.

  • Mom101 says:

    I can’t resist but point out what a chuckle I get seeing your headline about Easter Sunday next to the blogHer ad about The Modern Jewish Mom’s Guide to Shabbat.

  • Amanda says:

    Ok, I clicked. Now, let me run something past you as I am feeling like there is a chance for a bit of colluding.

    I’ll take back the underwear of mine that my daughter insists on wearing like a pageant sash regardless of whether they are freshly laundered or, ahem, waiting to be laundered, I’ll put them on beneath my jeans with the hem let out to make them not too short (not an effective way of compensating for long legs) and I’ll pose as a college chum of yours who reconnected with you via your blog and was horrified to see how you look. I’ll submit your name to WNTW in the interest of boosting the esteem of mommy bloggers every where. Shut up! this is so totally a great idea.

    Mid-dad Monday wanderlust.

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