The Dyson Slim DC18

Posted by on March 22, 2007

When my Dyson Slim vacuum cleaner arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it out because the Dyson brand’s reputation led me to believe it would be an amazing piece of floor-cleaning technology. I wasn’t disappointed.

My husband put it together and he remarked on how well engineered it was and how well the parts fit together. He ought to know. He’s put together our last THREE vacuum cleaners.

In between the time when the Dyson was delivered and the time that my husband came home and put it together, I had vacuumed my carpet (with my old vacuum cleaner) because my mother-in-law was coming over that day.

However, when I took my shiny new Dyson for it’s inaugural spin around our living room and office, I was horrified to see how much stuff it picked up. I had JUST VACUUMED a few hours before. Our former vacuum cleaner, a bagless “cyclonic” type, was only about three years old. It was shocking to see how poorly it had been performing without my even realizing it.

What else do I love about the Dyson Slim? Mo more buying filters! You tell yourself when you’re considering buying a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner that you’ll buy the filters and you probably have the best of intentions but seriously, that gets old SO fast.

My former vacuum cleaner required 2 filters and it was about $30 for both. After the first time buying filters, I was very resistant to doing it again because it’s SUCH a rip-off. I’m ecstatic to never have to even THINK about those stupid, overpriced filters again.

The Dyson Slim is just an awesome piece of machinery. It’s lightweight (15.7 lbs), has a low profile that gets in those tricky spaces, it steers really easily AND it does all floor types so I can vacuum my hard floors, too, which I absolutely could NOT do with my old vacuum cleaner. It would suck up Cheerios only to spit them right out the back side. My Dyson would never do something so undignified!

Simply put, I adore my Dyson Slim. No, really, I’ve even considered kissing it—that’s how much I love it. What? You’ve never kissed your vacuum cleaner?

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