Just What Your First Grader Needs… A Padded Bra

Posted by on September 11, 2006

Get your barf bags ready, people. The braintrust that brought the world Bratz dollz are at it again…

Bratz Twin Babyz Lingerie Dollz

Phoebe “Sugar” is described as “sweet and mild” and dressed in a fluffy pink jacket with pink and black underwear, while Roxxi “Spice” is described at ‘wild and spicy” and has an open fake leather jacket and skimpy red and black lingerie. Both dolls have baby milk bottles hanging off chains strapped to their legs.

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I’m not sure if these things are being sold in the US or not but in Australia, sales are expected to reach one million this year. WTF???

But WAIT! Grab another barf bag. It gets worse…

Target stores in Australia are also selling Bratz and Barbie padded bras for little girls starting at size 6 and if you look at it in the photo below, the first two sets on the left and in the middle are very mature looking. In fact, it’s not unlike lingerie that I own. But it’s for little kids which is just gross.

The padded Bratz “bralettes” were among more than 30 different junior bra styles starting at size six on sale at a city Target store visited by the Herald Sun yesterday.The Australian Family Association warned parents against sexualising their children. “We have a growing problem with pedophilia and people viewing children as sex objects,” spokeswoman Angela Conway said. ~The Herald Sun


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The sets in the middle and to the left are very similar to lingerie that I own except that they’re for little kids. It’s disturbing…

The spokeswoman for Funtastic, distributor of Bratz dolls said “The idea of the padding is for girls to be discreet as they develop.”

I can’t believe any self-respecting woman would propagate such a line of BS.

Target also stood by the underwear line. It provided “fashionable items that give girls modesty and style as they go through development changes”, a spokeswoman said.

Does anyone actually believe that load of crap?

The Australian Family Association is right to warn parents against sexualizing their children. I mean honestly, who would buy any of this stuff for their kids? Flame me if you must but I’m going to be uncharacteristically judgmental for a moment…

The people that buy and thus create a market for this kind of stuff are incompetent morons.

DO YOU HEAR ME? If you are buying this stuff for your kids, you really are an idiot. Grow up and BE A PARENT.

There is simply NO EXCUSE. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. Children are children. They are NOT little adults and they should NOT be sexy (unless, of course, you are in favor of child sexualization, in which case, I hope you’re reading this from jail.)

If you are as incensed as I am (and you should be) contact Target Australia and let them know your objections to padded bras for little girls.

You are not alone. Your voice matters. Make it heard.


  • Tony says:

    You’ve got to be kidding!!!
    I swear, what’s wrong with these people?

  • Who is buying this stuff for their kids? There has to be a market or they wouldn’t be making it, right?

    I don’t want to boycott Target – I love Target, but padded bras in a 6X is offensive.

  • That is plain disgustingly inappropriate! I’m speechless!!

  • krista says:

    This makes me want to cry in frustration.

  • Heaving gusty sighs over here. Puberty is hard enough to navigate – for both parents and kids – without all the artificial acceleration that we’re seeing.

  • Maureen says:

    How sad! I finally realized last night what I truly hate about the Bratz Babies. First they had the hoochie ‘Bratz’ teens, for pre-teens to play with & emulate. Now, they’ve got the Bratz Babies, so that these pre-teens can ‘play’ 16-yo baby-momma, since they’re all dressed up like that, anyway. Yay – now, they’ll have the underwear to go with the whole thing, play-acting what they want to be when they grow up.


  • Maniacal says:

    I refuse to ever by anything that comes from Bratz. I may be a liberal person, but those dolls are dresed like hookers, and WHY would you want to by your little girl a hooker doll?!?!?!?!?

    My daughter is NEVER getting anything of the sort, and if anyone ever buys it for her….it goes DIRECTLY in the garbage….mean mommy or not. *shrug*

  • fidget says:

    size 6??? my FOUR YEAR OLD wears a size six

  • tori says:

    My daughter loves those Bratz. So far, I have let her have the dolls that people give her because to make an issue might make her more interested in them if she’s anything like me, but the padded bras have gone way too far! Who in their right mind would buy these for the kids that would fit in a size 6? My daughter was only 5 when she fit in a size 6 and didn’t wear ANY bra, let alone a padded one! They should have a special pedophile alert that gets sent to the police when you buy one! Yikes!

  • Amy says:

    It’s totally sickening. I wanted to do a post about this kind of thing, since I was called a prude at the beach the other day when I commented that bikinis on children were wrong. But I don’t have time! I *do* dress my daughter conservatively, and I guess that makes me a prude. I just can’t believe any self respecting parent would buy those baby bratz. or worse–give them as gifts!

  • Izzy says:

    I wonder if the person who called you a prude would let a 6 yr old wear a padded fricken bra… Ugh.

  • I don’t understand the Bratz dolls, nor the padded bras in size 6. Marketing has truly sunk to new, low levels. I agree with you that it’s not about modesty. It’s about money. If companies made money NOT to sell that crap, they’d spin some other line to support it. Trying to sell it as “modesty” is really just BS.

    There are some things that should remain sacred, like the innocence of childhood. Children are entitled to that.

  • freezio says:

    Children are not little adults, it’s true, and not only should they not be sexy, but they need to have appropriate choices made for them by their parents. It’s so clear to me that this kind of business is fall out from the free-to-be-you-and-me / let-children-decide-who-they-are-and-make-all-their-own-choices mind set which was so popular among parents a generation ago. Parents need to make choices for their children even if it means resisting the peer-pressure of their peer group. Even if it means hearing “I hate you, daddy!” Children cannot grasp long term consequences. We need to help them with this sort of business.

  • Kate Sanford says:

    Thanks for exposing this and thanks for the Target link (used, btw). On the other hand, I’m feeling kind of sick.

    Who are these parents? And who were THEIR parents?


  • I just threw out a shirt from my SIL that had princess and espn or something weird on it – brand new don’t care.

    So, just imagine what I’d like to do with those bras.

    I’ll be writing. Oh don’t you worry about that.

  • Jenny says:

    I’ll be writing, too.

    I was at a 7th birthday party yesterday, and the birthday girl received 6 bratz dolls. It was horrifying.

  • Jenni says:

    I sent my complaint in… let them know this stuff if just disgusting.

  • Christina says:

    The padding is to help girls be discreet while they develop? WTF? So now we need to shame girls into believing that they need to hide their developing bodies? If they want them to be discreet, why stop at padded bras? Why not go for the burka?

    It’s obvious to me that being discreet is NOT the intention behind marketing padded bras to 6 year olds. I consider myself a fairly liberal person, but this is just sick.

    Yes, I’ll be sending a letter to Target. And no, my daughter will never have a Bratz doll anywhere near our house, or it will be thrown away.

  • Nicole says:

    Ah, this is terrible. I think in Europe they don’t even sell bathing suit tops for little girls (and not because the beaches are topless). I’m worried about why they think girls start developing at 6 – egads.

  • kittenpie says:

    Thanks for the heads-up and the link. You bet your ass I used it to let them know I was appalled that they would play so fast and loose with something as important as the safety of our children. Not that mine would get anywhere near a padded bra or those mini-whores known as bratz. She doesn’t even get shirts that say things like “sweet.” (and as Amy pointed out above, I think bikinis for little kids are not right either. Mine won’t be having one of those any time soon, I’ll tell you!)

  • Stacy says:

    OK… they’ve gone WAY too far with the padded bras. That’s just sick.

    I must admit, my 4-year-old daughter has these Bratz babies and loves them. Someone got them for her birthday. Whatever… so torch me. They’re just dolls. I’d never allow her the slutty bra though!

  • Mary says:

    I’m sure if you picked through my daughter’s things some people would object to some things and other people different things. We promote children having a childhood in our home which includes drawing the line at certain movies, etc. My daughter (6) has Barbies (the kind who have clothes on, not Halter-top Teacher Barbie) but she doesn’t have My Scene or Bratz dolls. She always asks for Bratz stuff but I just tell her no. I hate Bratz, I say. She doesn’t understand why but she knows it is a no go. And now the bras? I am speechless!

    I will find the address for Target headquarters and send an email or letter to them this week!

  • What a coincidence, I just blogged about my disgust at the clothes sold for girls just the other day! http://foldmylaundryplease.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!FD9AD75120A088E4!771.entry
    I write about it in my blog, but I’ll state it again here. A petition was started that will be presented to different clothing retailers around the nation. Please take the time to show your support for their efforts by leaving your “signature” in the comments. As of right now, they have 425 comments, so don’t think that your comment won’t help because it will! Please spread the word so that other moms and dads can have a chance to make their opinions heard.

    By the way, I sent in a thing to Target telling them that I feel padded bras for little girls is highly inappropriate.

  • Mary says:

    Done. Here is the text of my email:

    I am writing to say that I find the sale of Bratz padded bras for children objectionable. Of course, I have the power to not buy them and I won’t; however, I would hope that your company could be persuaded to see that it is unhealthy and unwise to market these items to our young daughters. My daughter is a size 6. She is in first grade. First Grade. She does not need a bra, much less a padded one linked to a line of overly made up female characters who take the name of “brat” upon themselves. I don’t want my daughter emulating in one single way anything this line of toys/clothes promotes.

  • Izzy says:

    I LOVE it!

    Great job :)

  • My daughter’s bday is coming up shortly and she asked for a Bratz doll. When I asked her why she wanted one she simply said because her cousin has several. Wow. Profound. This same cousin dresses like a mini Britney Spears and has an attitude you might find in the hood.

    I sat her down and told her in no uncertain terms would she be receiving a doll like that from me or anyone else. And then of course, I bribed her with ice cream and changed the subject. It’s just damn disgusting that I even had to have the conversation in the first place.

    Sorry I’ve been away. But I’m back now!!Thanks for checking on me.

  • TB says:

    Oy, who would flame you for this? You speak the truth sister.

    Good lord, it gets harder and harder to raise children doesn’t it? I keep hoping that soon we will have had enough and the pendulum wull swing back to a kinder and gentler time. It can’t get much worse.

  • Kristi says:

    Sickening and unbelievable. There is nothing modest about it.

  • mamatulip says:

    I’m just shaking my head. You bet your bottom dollar I’ll be writing.

  • Thanks for this great tip & for signing the Moms for Modesty petition. I officially no longer shop at Target.

    • Meagan says:

      I think you are missing the point. The padded bra actually could be a device promoting modesty. My daughter began developing at age 8 and I have to admit that I am uncomfortable about her nipples being suddenly noticeable through her clothing. She didn’t even notice the change, however. I do agree, though, that the padded bras being defended by the manufacturer as intended to provide modesty is most likely a crock. You can bet your bottom dollar that they are perfectly happy to sell them to skinny pre-teens (who may actually still wear a size 6) who just think they are grown-up, sexy, or cool.

  • Chelle says:

    They got a nasty email from me. I sure hope they read it. They ought to be ashamed.

  • FishyGirl says:

    My DD wears size 6. She’s in First Grade. I had a helluva time at the beginning of the summer when she needed a bathing suit – I couldn’t find one I thought appropriate. Finally got one at the Carter’s outlet, but she outgrew it by the middle of the summer. Fortunately got a Lands End suit affordably on closeout. I go crazy when I see the little girls in her school going in wearing miniskirts that barely cover their little behinds. She knows she won’t be going out of here dressed like that on my watch. And she has known for some time that any Bratz thing that comes into this house is a dead Bratz thing. I’m writing to Target about this – already had to gripe at them about having to hand over my personal information to buy a single bottle of Pediacare decongestant at the advise of my pediatrician – I can see having to do that if I want more than one box of the adult stuff, but one bottle of Pediacare?

    Damn if it doesn’t make me sound like an ultraconservative, which I’m not.

  • JavaJabber says:

    I have two daughters who are over 18 now. But, in raising them I was constantly confronted with “Mom, why can’t I wear that? (referring to their friend’s outfit of low riding jeans, bra tops, and more skin showing than necessary for a 13-year old).

    My answer always was that I care more about them and what happens to them than apparently their friends’ moms did. It was hard for them to conceptualize the notion that if you dress like a slut, you will be unwittingly telling people that you are, in fact, a slut.

    Fortunately, they listened. As they grew older, they understood. And to this day, while they don’t dress like the Amish women in my town, they are capable of dressing with style and panache without giving the outward appearance of having no respect or self-esteem.

    I am outraged by the very thought of Target selling bras for children and when I finish this post, I’m going to express my disgust directly to the CEO and anyone else I can.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Lisa B says:

    I LOVE Target but really, what in the HELL are they thinking? Will have to give them an asschewing here soon!

  • Mom101 says:

    It almost…aaaaalmost…makes me wish for boys.

  • J. says:

    Told ya!
    Remember when I bitched to you about the padded bikini bathing suits?
    Yep. Back to school shopping, enter the dread La Senza girl (gag) and there’s a million little padded bras.
    Over my dead body.
    Daughter got a bra, but you can be damn sure it wasn’t padded.
    This kind of stuff makes me sick. What are we teaching our daughters in their tender growing years? That they’re not good enough and better start padding it up?

  • dennis says:

    I rarely try to copy another’s comments but Waya said it all. I honestly am speechless and a lot saddened.

  • I sent my email of disgust to Target tonight. THanks.

  • wordgirl says:

    Nooooooo! Not Target! I can’t believe they would do something like this, but since I don’t have girls, I’m never in the “girl” section. I only shop for women. This makes me sick.

  • mamaholler says:

    I have a gift certificate for target… and I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to spend it. I may have to give it back to the person who gave it to me and let them do it. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ANOTHER TARGET AGAIN. And I will be certain to let them know exactly why.

  • Ack, what? Ick. Oh my god. I’m speechless. Wait, no I’m not. This is disgusting. My kids are all under 5 and, well, they’re boys, but I was a girl once. It was hard enough being a little girl turning into a young woman without the added pressure of a PADDED BRA in first grade. Foul.

  • BizyMom2Many says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the bras. I have been disgusted for many years about the lack of modesty in clothing for little girls (I have 3, Lord help me!) This is a slap in the face to women everywhere. I love Target – really love Target!!!!! But I will shop at WalMart if they choose to support this trend.

  • Renee F says:

    I sent them an email. I could not find them(the bras) online. I intend to go to my local store this week, grab every child-sized padded bra and take it to the manager’s attention – I will hand them to him/her, take out my Target card and cut it up. It should make the point.

    BTW – No child that wear’s a size 6 should even need a bra.

    Now I need to find a new store. Is Kmart doing anything offensive?

  • Suebob says:

    Thanks for the contact info. I sent an email to Target.

  • Izzy says:

    I don’t know if they have them in the US yet. They DO have them in Australia with no plans to stop selling them.

    I was hoping we could make a pre-emptive strike before they start selling them here by showing them that American moms are not having it.

    Thanks for taking action!

  • Izzy says:

    You and me both, sista

  • Unfuckingbelievable.

    I’ll be writing. You bet your ass I’ll be writing.

  • ghandi rules says:

    wrote em.
    “Heard about your Australian stores selling padded bras for CHILDREN starting at size 6. So I guess we can go on record saying Target supports the sexualization of our children and makes stupid comments justifying it to the public. “Fashionable items that give girls modesty and style as they go through development changes.” Which is a pathetic way of saying we’ll sell anything to make a buck baby. Be a bigger person, or should I say a bigger corporation and pull this stupidity from your shelves.”

    Yeah, used a lot of your phrasing like ‘our children’ as I don’t have a stitch of one. The thought of making kids into sexy young women makes me sick.

  • Piglet says:

    I love you. Can I join your religion? Amen SISTAH!

    I am a step-mother to my daughter that lives with us full time. Her birth mother bought daughter her first bra at 7. SEVEN. That is only a drop in the huge bucket of crap.

    Love this post, I must continue it on to my blog, lest I write a book here.

  • Vicky says:

    I have a six mos old daughter and had a hard time finding her a bathing suit this summer that wasn’t belly baring or a monokini. I was sickened as I usually am by the array of “baby booty” clothes I see in stores. Babies, toddlers and young children as well as teens should not be sexy. This post really spoke to me as I was just writing mine about marketing to kids and unhealthy foods in schools. I’m so sickened by this. My daughter will not own Bratz, watch vapid tv, or wear belly baring ensembles. It IS the sexualization of children and it’s beyond sickening.

  • If we had a target in Canada I’d contact them again and again and again.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Heather says:

    That is sick and wrong. I will definitely be writing Target. It seems like it is very difficult to let children stay children these days. Why would people want a 6 year old to look like a little adult? I just don’t understand.

  • Chantal says:

    I feel sick to my stomach.

  • Kristen says:

    Good lord. You’re right – it’s revolting. As long as there are idiots in the world, there will be other idiots marketing to them. And ruining it for the rest of us.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Noooo, not Target. My next-door neighbor and both across-the-street neighbors have first grade girls, and none of them play with Bratz. They also dress appropriately in tops and jeans. Who are these parents that Target thinks will buy a PADDED BRA for a CHILD who wears a SIX?

    I know I’ve read that girls are entering puberty earlier, some as young as nine. But there are perfectly fine undershirts available if a girl feels self-conscious. Having also started puberty early, I remember my Mom buying me a “training bra”, once I got to an A cup. Which was in the SIXTH GRADE.

    I’ll write them a letter, you bet. Thanks for alerting us to this.

  • Jenny says:

    i read about this somewhere last night. its sick. but then again girls are wanting to be more and more like the slut idols they see on tv and in music videos lately so its not really a surprise that they came out with this shit. but who knows. maybe there is a man behind the madness.

  • Allison says:

    Thank you for the info! I immediately went and wrote to Target. As a mom of three girls (a 9-year old and 3-year-old twins) and a baby boy, I am appalled! At this moment I am not even sure what else to say. What kind of a world will this be by the time our children are trying to raise their own? I sudder to think…..

  • metro mama says:

    Digusting. Thanks for including contact into.

  • Oh, The Joys says:

    This, like so many other things really frightens me for my daughter. How can I make sure that she just gets to be a kid and not a sexual object in a size 6 padded bra for eff’s sake?!

  • Banjeroo says:

    OK this is right up there with the talking Barbie that Mattel came out with that would say (among other things) “Math is hard!” I mean, for fuck’s sake. They yanked it from the shelves after a public outcry. There’s also marketing deoderant to pre-pubescents. Newsflash: kids don’t even have the hormones to have particularly stinky sweat. It’s just another nauseating money grab — all designed to make kids feel gross or bad or ugly for being the beautiful little humans they are. Why can’t these companies just let kids just be kids?

    If kids have to be grown-up in any way, how about starting with the basics, like self-acceptance, self-respect, personal responsibility, and kindness?

    Will definitely contact Target. Thanks for bringing to our attention (even though it’s depressing as hell).

  • dorothy says:

    Here’s my contribution – just sent it to Target.

    I’ve recently learned that you’ve made the decision to sell padded bras for little girls down to size six. I believe they Barbie and/or Bratz branded. As the mother of a 2.5 year-old, I’m incensed you would make such a decision. Selling Bratz dolls is bad enough – these toys continue in Barbie’s underdeveloped footsteps setting little girls on the path to liposuction and breast augmentation from a tender age. You can shut off the television. You can close the magazines. I’d hate to have to stop shopping at Target. But I will if you continue to make such uninformed decisions. I will be actively working to shut down the market for this item. Sincerely, Rita Arens http://surrenderdorothy.typepad.com

  • Mrs. Chicky says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth. That is a disgusting thing to market to young girls. Padded bras and lingerie dolls? WTF?!

    I’m going to read that link you posted.

  • Pendullum says:

    I cannot believe it…
    I just cannot believe it….
    The sad thing is…. is someone is buying it for their kids…
    Where I would love to add my name to a register that says that this is inappropriate on so many levels… It angers me to think that there is money to be made here. That Target and Mattell and whatever other company has done research and has found that someone would buy this product…
    I know that none of the bloggerers who read Izzy, Mothergoosemouse, Mommy off the record or any other mother bloggers would never buy such a product… So that has my mind thinking… just who would buy this…

  • JessR says:

    It kind of makes one pine for Cabbage Patch Dolls, even if they were overpriced.

  • mrs mogul says:

    That is a very provocative outfit! hOW COME DOLLS now look so trashy and cheap? Ohh the days of innocence gone. I miss my Bionic WOMAN doll!

  • Meagan says:


    Amen. I wanted to trackback but it wouldn’t work? can you look into that? Thanks


  • jozet says:

    “I don’t want to boycott Target – I love Target, but padded bras in a 6X is offensive.”


  • Cathy says:

    Okay, does anyone have a problem with the fact that Australia has a TARGET, but Canada doesn’t??

  • Renee F says:

    I just got a response from Target. The USA stores are not affilitiated in any way with the Australian ones. That is a relief since I am there ALL the time. After all these responses from us, I doubt they will try to sell such garbage here for awhile.

    Here is part of their response to me:

    I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but you have reached the wrong company. We do not carry the bras in question.

    Target Corporation, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, operates Target stores within the United States. Target Australia, a part of Coles Myer Corporation, owns the Target stores in Australia. Our two companies are not affiliated in any way.

    You can find contact information for Target Australia on their Web site at http://www.target.com.au.

    I hope that reassures some, and hope that Target in Australia gets it head out of it’s pouch and comes to it’s senses.

  • Izzy says:

    Thanks for the info!

  • Melanie says:

    It’s terribly saddening; this trend has been emerging in retail establishments for quite some time.
    I have a 12-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old daughter, and for as long as I can remember I have had to eschew skirts (waaaay too short unless you visit boutique-style specialty children’s stores) and in many cases girls’ jeans… and for the last three years we have bought exclusively from the boys’ section for jeans and tee-shirts. Because I’ll be damned if I’ll let them wear tee-shirts with mottoes like “HOT Chick” or “I’m The Princess” or whatever.
    Fucking sickening. And yet every year the clearance racks don’t have tons of minis for preteens – instead, the clothes that end up not selling are the modest shirts, loose-fitting pants, or ugly fabrics. Those little slut-skirts sell like hotcakes, and I feel the way you do, Izzy – GROW UP. BE A PARENT. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB. PROTECT YOUR KIDS.
    And never will my daughters ever own a Bratz anything. It’s scummy.

  • Kris says:

    What is this crap?

    The fact that parents are actually buying this…these slutty dolls-I don’t understand.

    What happened to, you know, regular Barbie? Is she not hooched up enough?
    Miss 12 Dancing Princesses Barbie looks downright plain against those Bratz dolls, dont you know…
    In light of this, I wouldn’t mind buying Barbie for my daughter.

  • lildb says:

    allow me to add my vomit to the ever-growing pile (almost typed bile — heh).

    I’m writing. even if they’re already trying to deny any connection to the Aussie Target. whatever. they’d sell poo-on-a-stick if they thought there was a market for it. bastards. *grumbles*

  • Oh. my. God. Is this a practical joke? Is it April Fool’s Day? People are selling this stuff and other people are BUYING it?? I’m writing Target. Now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • Nila says:

    This is scary! Boob bowls are only supposed to be for grown-ups.

    I wonder who manufactured this crap. We’re all pissed at Target, but who’s the genius that designed and produced it. I’m sure Target won’t be the only ones selling this crap.

  • krista says:

    hey, baby George tagged P. FYI.

  • Anne says:

    I never ceased to be amazed by how messed up this world is. I am linking over to Target Australia immediately. Small voices add up to one big shout!

  • Arabella says:

    These products are so unbelievably outrageous that I don’t know what else to say. Who thought these up????

  • Buffy says:

    I. Don’t. Believe. It.

  • Amie says:

    Good god, my daughter is SEVEN and she wears a size 6. Thankfully, the only interest she has in breasts and bras right now is using mine as either a sling-shot or a hat. I’ve seen items like that before, and think they’re COMPLETELY apalling. I’d throw myself off a bridge before buying one of those things for her. It’s disgusting, and it’s creepy.

  • Allysun says:

    This is so entirely aggravating. I feel like so much of my mothering bandwidth is taken up by having to protect Annabelle- and she’s only 16 months for Christ sake!

    I went to the Australian contact page and it looks like we can’t contact them via email – Is that correct? I think that’s bullshit… what can it possibly take to get TARGET online?

    I will track down the US corp and send them something right now.

    The overt sexualization in our society and how it is perpetuated in schools is really convincing me to send her to private school. I know that’s not a solution, but when she gets out there in the world and the exposure can’t be filtered through me, what are my choices? Thankfully I have a while to think about it. (I don’t think we have nice public schools here like you.)

  • What ever happened to Underroo’s, nice innocent, happy underroo’s. Unbelieveable!

  • It makes me ill.

    Children are growing up fast enough these days without added lures like padded “bralettes.” The last thing this world needs is more encouragement for young girls to aspire to images of Bratz-like hos. Great post and call to action!

  • Mel says:

    Gross. No Bratz dolls in our house. And no shirts that say inappropriate things. I saw a girl about 8 or 9 yo with a t-shirt that said “I stole your boyfriend” What the? And don’t get me started about the pants that say “sweet” or “angel” across the butt for little girls. Target in the US may not have padded Bratz bras, but have you taken a look at what they do have? I’m hardly a prude, but there is no way in hell my daughter will be wearing any of those bras….the ones they have hanging next to the My Little Pony panties we buy. Yuck.

  • Lisa says:

    I hate those things. I got rid of all of ours this summer in our yard sale – we had one Baby Bratz, but honestly, people gave them to the girls as gifts. I think we bought a few Lil’ Bratz way back when, but that’s it. Sleazy ass dolls!

    US or Austrailia…the stuff out there for my girls is ridiculous. I could care less if they end up getting picked on for not having some “in” thing that is appalling. I saw little bras in JCPenneys last weekend too – not padded, but definitely a little “old” for my 10 year old!!!

  • buttercup says:

    Padded bras for 6 year olds is outrageous. I’m incensed.

  • Binkytown says:

    Who approves these ideas? Have they no soul? WTF!?

  • shpprgrl says:

    We were bra shopping for my kiddo and I saw some lightly padded bras. I almost freaked out. My kiddo with boobies? NO WAY! (yes, I’m screaming!) Inappropriate with a capital I.

  • Plunky(Deb) says:

    Um, by the time I have children, I feel like I am going to have to lock my girl in a closet.

  • I’ve seen so many posts about this kind of stuff lately. Is it getting worse? Or are people just now noticing? I just don’t understand what would ever possess a company to make products like these. I seriously can’t believe people buy them. But apparently they do.

  • J says:

    I refuse to buy my daughter any Bratz doll merchandise- and when she received some for her birthday we exchanged it. The dolls look like hookers and I personally would like my daughter to play with non-hooker dolls.

    Padded bras for 6 years old is obscene. It’s like the A&F Kids tee shirt for little girls a couple of years ago “So many boys so little time.” Disgusting.

  • UGH!!! says:

    UGH..on the “Toddler-Pageant Kids”….I just come to realize that if you don’t like the game…Don’t Play it!!!!

    On the “Padded Bras”….
    My 4 year old Niece wears a size 6x and she WILL NOT Be getting one of these Padded Bras, not that she is asking for one!! I understand that there are pre-teen girls that are this small (going through changes)that might would get one but why should they?? They should have to hide and stuff there bras like most girls did when I was a Pre-teen,lol!! And there is Wonder “What is wrong with the world today”??!!

    Just MY Honest Opinion!!

  • jen lemen says:

    just saw these in target yesterday (washington dc, usa) and could not believe it. the best medicine for target would be if they collected dust on the shelves and every manager heard a personal objection from a loyal customer.

  • linda says:

    it is really worrying to see these kinds of things that are on the market these days aimed at young girls. even the dolls are all skankily dressed and now to make PADDED, LACEY bras available just makes me want to throw up.

    i’m sure paedophiles are happy about this new line of bras for 6y.o. though *BARF*

  • Elena says:

    What is the point in a bra if the child has yet to go through puberty? It’s as if the world is trying to rid themselves of childhoods. This is serious pedophilia going on right here, I’m sure that both companies are losing a lot of money. If they aren’t, it’s a sure announcement that the world has been consumed by pedophiles… depressingly enough. Why don’t we just start making children sex dolls (that start at 6 and continue up to ages 13 and 14!!! how great!!!) too for men 18+ to purchase at their nearest sex supply store? Prices start at $17.99!!!

  • Justice says:

    This is sooooo stupid. It is simple if you don’t want your kid to wear a bra yet don’t let them but do not criticize other parents if they do let their kids because some kids need it. I know at age 10 (almost 2 years ago) I did. So don’t you dare call my mom a bad parent because you are too then. So just SHUT UP!!!!!!!

  • Izzy says:

    Your mother let you wear a PADDED bra at age ten? Seriously?

    In any case, I think you missed the point here, my young friend. We are not talking about ten year olds who are developing and need bras. We\’re talking about PADDED bras for six year olds. There\’s a BIG difference and if you don\’t understand that right now, which I doubt you do because you sound a bit immature, you will if you ever become a parent. Now go outside and play.

    • Jennifer says:

      Stumbled across this while searching for what age clothes to buy for my 5 year old next year. I can’t believe people are so upset by bra’s in size 6. Be upset by those pre-teens who need a bra and are too in the dark to wear them. I wore a patted bra starting about age 8 and that was 30 years ago. In the winter I usually wore an undershirt as well. I agree we do not need to sexualize children but if your chest is flapping around under your shirt that is not modest. All the woman in my family have started there periods by 9 and been full height and there adult bra size by 11. My daughter is starting to wear a size 6 she doesn’t need or want a bra right now but if she does I won’t hesitate to buy one. I bought underwear a few years ago for some underprivileged 4th grade girls for back to school. I bought underpants, t-shirts and basic white bras and didn’t even think twice about it.

      Just for grins
      my mom has a picture of me playing outside in my super girl underoos in the snow one christmas and it is none to modest either. Makes me blush

      • IzzyMom says:

        I see where you’re coming from but I believe you’ve missed the point entirely.

        There’s a big difference between 9 yr old 4th graders and five and six year olds. A lot of nine years olds are beginning to develop. Of course a bra is warranted.

        What six year old do you know that has a “chest flapping around”? (If you do know one, they need to see a doctor and be treated for a condition called “precocious puberty”)

        What six year old needs SEXY underwear and bras? Please…explain this to me.

        Bras are for actual breasts so unless a girl has them, what exactly is the point other than to dress up like you are much older than you are, thus further encouraging the sexualization of children.

        As for Underoos, those are cute and age appropriate for the sizes in which they are available. This discussion, however, is NOT about undershirts OR Underoos. Again, there’s a big difference between undershirts (my own daughter wears those to stay warm at school) and sexy padded bras for kids for six year olds.

    • jackie says:

      Dont be rude to her. I wouldn’t like somone calling my parents bad, she just misunderstood you. Don’t push her aside like that.

  • Sami says:

    I own 2 lingerie stores and this isn’t right, cute, just DUMB…

  • jamie says:

    Okay, i myself play with Bratz(Im 12) and i agree that the bra’s are crazy but the dolls are not… not through my eyes. I’ve been playing with bratz sense 2end grade and i love them. I love some of they’re outfits and i do agree that some of them are kidding… well you know the word(s)im thinking of… but i really dont think it should have a strong impact on your children, not sayin gthat you raise your child bad to anyone out there, but if you raise your child to NOT follow the crowd and don’t care what people say and stop looking up to the damn media…then this percentage can go down. Yeah it can be hard because kids, i know, can get confussed with you saying dont follow the crowd .. it can seem like your saying don’t do this and this, and I know im 12, so why listen to me, but thats another thing ADULTS are believe not listening to what your kids have to say not letting them have a different opinion from yours, NOT letting them be what they want… so “izzie mom” i think you should do a blog on what kids have to say.

  • Izzy says:

    Thank you. “Jamie” for your insights. I do appreciate hearing from someone in your age group. But, there are inherent limitations to the degree of understanding you can have for my situation. You see, I have already been a kid so I know a little bit about that. But you? You’ve never been a parent.

    So…please come find me when you’re in your thirties and trying to raise kids in this shithole of a world and perhaps we’ll have some common ground, no?

    Izzy’s last blog post..Truthiness in Blogginess

  • Ugggh says:

    Man. This is my pet peve. I only started when I was 11 and I hated it. Kids should only start when they need too. Not when they want too. 4-6 year olds are way too young for these things. And now their enhancing it with characters! UGH! *Gag*

  • sorttyy says:

    Ok, My daughter is 7 (turning 8 next week) and she has small boobies. They neeed to be covered with something no?! She has been asking for a bra since she was about 5 years old, and so I got her those traning/sports bras from Lasenza Girl she has one padded bra from her aunt, and she wears it a lot, but thats because she is very developed for her age, and she likes to pretend she is grown up. I mean, we have a next door neighbour who is 11, and she doesnt even wear a bra, yet she rlly needs to because it is her stage in life, where she needs one. I dont want my daughters chest flapping around, with buys looking at her boobs. Its just wrong. So therefore I think that bras from 7 years old and up are a good idea

  • Cinthia says:

    Exactly! I have 3 daughters . their ages are: 12, 8, and 6. My 6 yr old wears undershirts because she wanted to wear them. although, padded bras for her age group is horrible!, My 8 year old, also wears sprt bras with usually and undershirt on top,and I need to get my 12 year old to actually wear padded bras every day, because she hates them, but she needs to wear them. I mean, honestly padded bras for KIDS SO YOUNG?? IS WRONG! If my Kayla (6 yr old) ever wanted a padded bra at this age, I would tell her no, because its wrong. My 12 yr old Sabrina , needs to learn that she needs to wear a bra, but she is the rebel of the family, and she says that it LOOKS better without a bra on. I mean.. I hate it that my child is like this, I have always taught her that looks dont matter. She has always wanted to wear short skirts and tights tops, but its not good, and shes only 12 yrsold! she says that not wearing a bra would SHOW more. I came here, because I rlly need help for my daughter. .. Do you have anything to help me?

    • Maria says:

      Thats exacly what i think.Its not appropriate for 6 year olds wearing padded bras.As you get older you develope

    • Hitharr says:

      You need to tell her that that is awful… the 12 year old i mean. I would understand if she didn’t like to wear a bra because she felt uncomforterable and self consious about it and she just wanted a sports bra. Try starting your 12 year old off with those soft cup almost sports bra ones.

  • ReikiTech says:

    Yeah i noticed it was buggy also, the pages here load very slowly. I suppose it happens sometimes with servers

  • Maria says:

    Im 8.I know I shouldn`t be on here ,but bras are fine for 8 and up.Not padded.Sports bras.I have breast that flop around all the time!My mom wont let me wear them!

  • Jonathan says:

    I truly can’t get enough of Amish Cooking.
    They’ve had a lot of time to perfect their craft, that’s for sure!

    Amish Friendship Bread Starter Recipe

  • jackie says:

    i think girls shouldn’t be wearing bras until they have breast. I dreaded having breast. (i actully for awhile tried to make my chest look flatter by wearing a bunch of sports bras)I don’t think its healthy, girls shouldn’t be wearing somewhat tight clothes yet, they should be foot loose and fancey free. I didnt get an actually bra until i was in 6th grade. (i developed pretty quick). Unless that girl developes early, if its a nine year old who is developing that early get her a bra. Just because shes young to be developing that quick, dont put her through the embarassement of having her boobs flap around!

  • zeg says:

    I am 13 years old, and I just started to wear a bra this year(seventh grade). I have a 6 year old sister, and I am horrified at the idea of her wearing a padded bra, which I do not even wear, because I don’t need to. On top of it all, the padded bras for the 6 year olds are marketed with Bratz dolls, which I think are the most disturbingly proportioned, and the most promiscuous. I think everyone should contact the companies, Target Australia, and Bratz to complain about this.

  • dee says:

    For teens i think its more appropriate if they wear training bra instead padded wire, push up etc. sadly some companies often sell not appropriate tween age bra. so thats why my friend makes tween bra for this reason as she couldnt find anything good and started a website with them, called http://zinkyzoo.com sorry for the link, but I thoguht it was ok for the subject.

  • Salshilie says:

    Some girls grow faster than others. Hence the reason for “padded-bras”. Maybe it’s an ethnic thing maybe your kid’s don’t develop but I sure know I did when I was younger. It’s better to wear a padded-bra than the be developing and for it to be seen through a shirt no matter what color it is and to control the movement.

    That way the girl is comfortable and still nothing is shown. A thin layer of pad is not sexualizing or hurting her. It’s actually helping her from being EMBARRASSED. Is her comfort suppose to be sacrifice to satisfy some prudes out there that think padded-bra on developing girls is the devil? I can’t understand why people would even complain about something like this when young boys are now being told it’s “Okay” to wear mommie’s clothes or carry purses. Even by this old 2006 dated article.

  • Wendell says:

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