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Dear P,

You’re 14 months old this week and the changes are coming faster than I can keep up with them. All over the house are little notes to myself about the new things you’re doing and learning. Of course, now that I want to commit them to a monthly post, I can only find a few.

First, I want to tell you that I’m sorry I haven’t taken you to get your portraits done as religiously as I did with your sister. I had hers done every three months until she was a year. You? You’ve had them done twice. BUT in my defense, I’ve taken at least a gigabyte of photographs of you with my own camera and someday, hopefully this decade, I’m going to do something beautiful and creative with them.

This month your personality, though always charming and mischievous, has really started to blossom. When your daddy and sister leave in the morning, you run to the foyer and start waving furiously at the door after they close it. And today, after daddy closed the door, you said “Ba ba.” Though you say a handful of words, that was the first time you’ve ever said “bye bye” and I was the only one to hear it!

Now, instead of just giving me an open-mouthed kiss on my cheeks or mouth, you now do this suction kind of thing so a kiss feels like a light little hickey for a moment. Just knowing that you want to show me affection with a kiss melts my heart into a puddle of pink goo. I love that we are so attached!

When you’re upset, you call me by saying “Muh muh” but when you’re happy and settled, it’s more like “Mahhhh” or a slow, lilting “mahhh mahhh” that sounds like a little sigh of contentment.

When I sing the verse of “Rock a Bye Your Bear” that goes “la la la la laaaaa,” you sing it back to me, but with out the melody. You always respond positively to music, which thrills your Daddy to no end.

Your climbing skills have also exploded this month and you excel at taking years off of my life with your antics. The other day your sister had the ladder out so she could get on the top bunk of her bed with her friend. Imagine my surprise when I heard you giggling and went in there to find you on the top bunk. You were so pleased with yourself and with being up so high. I humored you and let you explore but made sure to follow your every move so I could catch you if you fell over the side. It’s no longer even surprising to find you sitting on the end table these days and pretty soon, I expect I will find you on the dinner table, as well.

Your deep and abiding love for Bootsy, our cat, is still going strong. Whenever he is within three feet of you, you will make a point to walk up to him, pat him on the back and keep going. You also continue to lay yourpatio.png head on him to show him affection and in turn, he patiently tolerates all your patting, head rubbing and squeals of joy, which is why we all adore him so much.

Your appetite is a force of nature in it’s own right. I don’t when or why but all of a sudden, I cannot feed you enough and anything I have MUST be shared with you. I’m happy that you will eat anything your limited teeth will allow but sometimes I honestly wonder if you have a tape worm or something. You were never as hungry as you suddenly are now. Some of your favorite things are Amy’s [tag]Organic[/tag]as the spinach and feta. You also like Annie’s organic cheese crackers, Goldfish, Cheerios, Yo-Baby yogurt and applesauce.

You now have 8 teeth and 2 molars with the other two just starting to bulge through your gums. I’m glad to see those big old chompers, as they explain a lot of fussiness on your part. But during those times when you’ve not been fussy, you express your happiness and approval by clapping your hands with great delight. Of course, we all find this terribly charming and fall all over ourselves trying to please you so we can be rewarded with “the clap”

Your affection for your sister continues to grow by leaps and bounds. You always followed her around but now you spontaneously hug her and climb on her, doing your signature head rest/rub that indicates how much you love her and the feeling is clearly mutual. That my [tag]children[/tag] love each other means everything to me. I hope you two will always be close.

I [tag]love[/tag] you, my darling [tag]baby[/tag] boy, more than words could ever express. To say that I am attached to you would be an understatement. I inhale you, wishing I could envelop you inside me and hold onto you forever. I crave you when you’re not with me and I lament daily that I cannot keep you this little.

Always know that you are loved beyond measure…


• You have to see these photos. They’re so awesome that they look fake but they’re not! They are what’s called HDR (high definition range) rendered from 3 photos of the same scene, taken at different exposures. It’s way cool.

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